Benefits of Curry Leaves for Pregnancy – Every Mom Should Know!

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Most of Pregnant Mother Problems 

Kimberly from Kentucky, USA shares her worries with us for her 7-week pregnancy. “Not only have I had to deal with the morning sickness and constant nausea, now I have to deal with the diarrhea like a combo packet for real. I planned my weeklong meal with certified nutritionist and sure there isn’t a single thing in my meal that may cause me allergy though it’s a common woe, it leaves a disruptive week trailing behind this experience.

I can’t sit way too long, but standing made my back ache and not an option as well. I have to work, but going to the bathroom for the 5th time in the past 2 hours lagged my productivity. It seems like everything I do, is wrong. Everything I do, cause me and my baby in pain. I didn’t mind the annoyance. But the nutrient… How could I give my child a good nutrient if all I did was throwing it on the closet bowl?”.

Do you feel the same, or even experienced the same thing with what Kimberly had experienced? well, though some of you might experience it worse than Kimberly but the symptoms, cause, and remedy can be treated the same. the loose and watery feces, and frequent bowel movement are the common symptoms of diarrhea. and the expecting mother often finds it on the first trimester of pregnancy. it usually short lived and not something to cause a distress. but if the diarrhea followed by vomiting, nausea, and slimy excrement will need further preventative action to avoid further complication and please contact your doctor if you feel these stamps. and drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

we already said the disclaimer, now let’s dive into the main issue. these common diarrhea usually caused by the hormones. Utah department of health website stated “… the body produces large volume of pregnancy hormones that work to relax and slowing down the gastronomical tract. this enables the fetus to better absorb the nutrient it needs.” contrary with the advantages it gave, the side-effect for the mother or a frequent gastric annoyance and bowel movement that made your day a bit busier on the toilet.after the whole identifying and diagnose, now let me introduce you to the amazing curry leaf to expel all your problems in the safest way!

pregnant women are more fragile to various chemical and medication. but this leaf with magnificent fragrance will definitely help you expel that bowel monster to have a more comfortable day without diarrhea ghosting after your day. but, why does it have to be curry leaf? let me break it down to you about the benefits of curry leaves for pregnancy.

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Origin of Curry Leaves

Curry leaf was originally found in India. it’s all over the country, but due to the massive globalization, I’m sure you can find it in the local market or in the exotic herb shop. Curry leaves looks like bay leaves quite the similar in termsogf color, size and shape although they smell aren’t resemble each other at all.

Curry leaves are used as flavoring in various dishes due to its curry fragrance and hints of citrus, but in terms of herbal medication, you can use it whether it’s fresh, dried, or you can use it with its current condition then chop it, slice it or ground it. you can use it almost in every condition. that’s why, for this time around, you will be adding it directly to the liquid that we will give you the recipe later.

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nutrition fact of of curry leaves and health benefits 

serving size : 1 leaves (0.5g)
calories : 0.1 kkal
Dietary Fiber : 0.4 %
Vit. A : 0.5%
vit. C : 0.1%
Iron : 0.1%
Calcium : 0.1%

wait a minute, you might see the nutrition table above, but there’s more to discover in this amazing leaf. this leaf with amazing fragrance actually has a crucial benefit for you as well as your baby. the percentage of folic acid and iron, two nutrients that can enhance the baby development are a lot in this curry leaves.

a handful of curry leaves, which is varied from 7 – 11 piece contained 0.3 milligrams of folic acid and about 25 milligrams of elemental iron.

And these amounts are 70% of the recommended intake of the pregnant mothers in order to avoid puerperal sepsis, preterm birth and maternal anemia. you can seek the other source of folic acid and iron ROM your pregnancy milk or supplements. so not only it will cure your discomfort, it will supply most of your daily nutrients as well. a perfect deal offer, right?

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How curry leaves work for pregnancy? 

There are various benefits of curry leaves for pregnancy but how exactly this magical leaf actually cure your diarrhea? Curry leaves main action actually control bad cholesterol (LDL, HDL) but they’re good for the digestive system and cures diarrhea. Curry leaves prevent the diarrhea by using it’s carbazole as anti bacterial to clean up your intestines.

the carbazole made a selection of cleaning the bad bacteria, such as E. Coli, Salmonella and campillobacter, though it usually didn’t bother you, but being pregnant with hormones that keep making your bowel tract to loosen the nutrient so your baby will easily absorb it,these bacterial worsen the process and by eliminating these bacteria with curry leaf’s carbazole, you will get an instant remedy that you could feel the difference quickly.

Carbazole aren’t the only good chemical contained by curry leaves. Alakaloid as anti-inflammatory fix your ephitelium (the wall of the intestines) after being destroyed by the hormones and the bacteria. the alkaloid works by supplying alkaloid serum to yourintetines, it’s also unleash the blood circulation that might be blocked due to the irritation from gastric activity.

These actions result absorptive ephitelium so your faeces won’t be too loose and watery and stop the widespread destruction your digestive system experience. this curry leaves alternative medicines are the best for you since the active ingredient in diarrhea tablets are attapulgite that WHO (world health organization) recommend to avoid because it’s could be acting like laxative that cause constipation and risks your pregnancy as well.

have I mentioned that curry leaves major action actually control the bad cholesterol? Well, now I’ve mentioned it. you need to control your cholesterol level as well because according to Dr. Khanum from journal of ethicopharma said “the fat concentration.. will increased by 30% when you’re pregnant”. the thing is, most mothers in America usually suffer from acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP). and , you are exposed to this danger by 30% more as well. but consuming curry leaves in recommended daily intake will work the wonder to avoid AFLP and supply the nutrient to your baby as well. Because of its high-fiber and rich of it. A and B, now AFLP won’t be something to put your concern about.

Curry Leaves Recipe

recipe for the pregnant mother to expel the diarrhea

40gram of curry leaves
10 gm of cumin
1tsp of honey
a glass of warm water

How to:

1. Finely grinds the curry leaves and cumin seeds.
2. Brew it in a glass of water, strain.
3. With the solution, add A teaspoon of honey.
4. Drink once a day, four times a week

Recommendation Intake and Caution

The curry leaves are magnificent indeed and there are many benefits of curry leaves for pregnancy. but be careful! Curry leaves are rich in carbohydrate which can spike your glucose level if consumed in massive amount. So in the example: if you eat 450gm of refined carbohydrates with handful fresh curry leaves (45 leaves), your glucose concentration in the blood will increase extremely. Moreover, it’s worsening your lipid profile (HDL, LCL, etc.). So the safest portion you can consume in a day is 10 leaves for daily servings.

so this is the end of our curry leaves discovery. did anything change after you follow our advice? or did you experience other symptomps? please let us know in the comment section below. we will discuss it together!