10 Health Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock #Unexpected

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Do you ever to sleep use a hammock? Because of its lightweight and easy-to-use stuff, many people choose hammocks as they travel for adventure.

However, not just for traveling adventure, hammocks can also be installed in your home. You may see the hammock most often when you go to the beach. What are the health benefits of sleeping in a hammockWe will give you an answer that will make you try to sleep in a hammock.

  1. Beneficial for insomnia

Research conducted at a University in Switzerland states that hammocks have a function to make the body become more relaxed so that in some cases can also cure insomnia. So, for those of you who often have trouble sleeping, there is nothing wrong if you try to use a hammock.

  1. Makes sleep more comfortable.

You definitely know about the Health Benefits of Sleeping. Imagine if you are sleeping in a hammock, swinging and feeling a gentle breeze, very comfortable isn’t it? Sleeping in using a hammock is believed to support the brain work while sleeping so that sleep becomes more soundly. If you sleep with hammocks, it will also help you to forget all the worries and can reduce stress levels. This is one of the important benefits because there are so many Health Risks of Stress

  1. Perfect position for sleeping

Besides Benefits Of Exercise For Bone Health, sleeping with hammocks also brings benefits to your bones. Sleeping in a hammock makes the spine and head position in perfect position. In addition, the position of the hammock swing also makes your body is not too pressing so that this sleep position will reduce pain in the back.

  1. A comfortable place to study

Some people choose hammocks as a favorite place to read. Check here to know about Benefits of Reading Book. If you are one of them, the benefit you will get is an increase in brain function to move so that the learning process becomes more efficient.

  1. Substitute tent

If you like traveling, you are familiar with the use of tents. However, there are some people who complain when using a tent. Besides the tent is heavy, you also have to find the most fitting position to put the tent. For example, you should choose a flat, not skewed, cleaned ground of stone and roots when making it the foundation for making a tent. This is more complicated than if you just use a hammock. Hammocks are very light. You are also easier to choose the place where the hammock can be hung, So you will get more rest time.

Other than that, if there is rain, you who use the tent will take pains to clean it. Sleeping using a hammock does bring many benefits for you. If you use hammocks, you do not need much time, because hammocks are easy and fast when they are installed. Just bind webbing and create a node from one tree to another tree. Hammocks can be installed anywhere. For example, hammocks can be installed in boulders, indoor and outdoor, but still, need to pay attention to the area and its safety.

  1. Free from malicious threat

Still, in its function as a substitute for tents, there are other benefits you can get if you using hammocks while traveling. If using a tent, some people are worried about the threat of spiders, snakes and lizards’ tails. However, for those of you who choose to use hammocks while traveling, you do not have to worry about those things.

  1. Good effect on body health

According to the researchers, we need a deep sleep because this can affect a better recovery. When a person sleeps deeply, that time our body improves itself by restoring energy, repairing tissues and muscles, and improving the immune system. So, sleeping in a hammock makes us sleep deeply or soundly, which automatically affects the health of our bodies. Look here to know more about Health Benefits of Deep Sleep

  1. Make you smarter

Michel Muhlethaler, professor of neuroscience at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland, has said that certain brain waves are directly related to memory. So, sleeping in a hammock can improve your concentration and memory because sleeping use a hammock can increase that brainwave.

Another health benefits sleeping in a hammock :

  1. A recent study shows that if you sleep in a hammock, it can make us sleep faster. This is due to the emergence of brain waves in adults as it appears in babies who are so fast asleep.
  2. For those of you who do not like to tidy up the bed, you will definitely be happy to use a hammock because it does not need to bother tidying it.

Where is the right place to hang a hammock?

Because there are several health benefits of sleeping in a hammock, you can use it not only outside but also in the house. If you want to use a hammock at home, make sure you hang a hammock in a position that closes to the window. This position will help you to feel the sun when you want to relax during the day.

Or, if you do not have enough space in the house, you can choose to hang a hammock in the living room area or in the bedroom.

The hammock motif should also be considered when installing it at home. Choose the appropriate hammock motif with the location where you will hang the hammock. The hammock motif that you choose can brighten your room.

How is the right way to hang a hammock at home?

If you do not want an installation that requires drilling that can damage the wall, you can hang it on a strong enough pole.

Use special hangers that are usually sold in place of household appliances to install hammocks.

Things you need to consider when installing a hammock:

  1. When installing a hammock, try to form 30 degrees. This position will make your body can relax.
  2. The height of the hammock should be no more than 50-75 cm above the ground. This height helps us not to bother when climbing the hammock.

Most people like to use hammocks when they are recreation to the beach, rest while enjoying the warm sunshine and accompanied by the sound of waves.