10 Health Benefits of Clay Soil – Internal and External Use

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Probably not in million years you consider to eat soil. Not only it sounds so strange but common senses will state that soil is not something you should eat. However, some studies have found some health benefits of clay soil which has the same meaning that considering eating soil and dirt may have some benefits for human health. Well, before you start eating dirt, learning more about some facts of clay soil is the best move. Besides, for its health benefits, there are still more ways to use it instead of eating it.

What Is Clay Soil?

The uniqueness of clay compared to other types of soil is its ability to absorb minerals and water in large amounts. The result is while being hydrated clay soil will expand immensely. Clay soil is produced naturally as a product of volcanic activities and influenced by both physical and chemical environmental activities over long periods of time. There are no two types of clay soil that are identical and the source of clay soil identifies the materials found in the clay soil. It means, when it comes to the health benefits of clay soil, the list could be vary based on from where the clay soil obtained. However, there are some general abilities that found in clay soil which have been proven to be beneficial for human health. Regarding its use in medication, for over centuries, clay soil has been used traditional remedy from American’s Indians, African tribes up to Australian’s Aborigines have been using clay soil in various ways both externally and internally.

Medical Properties Found in Clay Soil

As mentioned above clay soil is excellent source of minerals due to its ability to absorb natural minerals. Though there are some studies that stated eating clay soil may have positive effects but if it is too strange, you could consider using it externally instead of internally. The list below will tell you more about the health benefits of clay soil which some of them may be strange but already proven scientifically.

  1. Treats Skin Problems

Clay soil is one of the options of natural and affordable face mask if the option like the benefits of chocolate face mask is too expensive for you. Mix clay soil with water, apply it to skin and then let it dry. Clay soil has function to bind bacteria and toxins found in the skin. Some dermatitis problems could be treated naturally using clay soil.

  1. Solution to Digestion Problems

The ability of clay soil to absorb minerals is actually beneficial for human health in some ways. If you consume it, clay soil could help some digestion problems by absorbing heavy metals, binding harmful gut bacteria and other types of toxins from digestive track to be washed off from the system.

  1. Promotes Weight Loss

Through animal studies, there is possibility of clay soil to promote weight loss. The reasons why clay soil may be possible weight loss solution is because it could act as body detox, contains all the health benefits of probiotics and prebiotics for the gut and then it is also containing some alkaline substances for pH balance.

  1. Natural Body Detox

As mentioned above, one of the amazing ability of clay soil is its ability to absorb minerals. Heavy metals are the other types of minerals that could enter human body through foods. The heavy metal could accumulate in the body and causes several health issues. Clay soil could absorb it to be washed off from metabolism.

  1. Stops the Growth of Cancerous Cells

Some lab studies have found out the possibilities of clay soil in killing cancerous cells especially cancer cells in colorectal cancer type and how to prevent cancers naturally. While other studies showed, clay soil has positive effect toward cells suffered from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

  1. Immunity Booster

The reason why clay soil is great immunity booster is due to its ability to kill bacteria. Clay soil could bind bacteria and deprive it from getting oxygen and nutrition. That’s why clay soil is an excellent and the most natural solution to eliminate harmful bacteria from metabolism.

  1. Kills Harmful Bacteria and Viruses

As mentioned above, there are a lot of harmful bacteria and viruses that could enter your body system. Clay soil is effective to be used externally but it is also super effective to be used internally to kill bacteria and viruses from internal organ due to its ability to absorb water and enter your body through skin and pores.

  1. Supports Respiratory Health

One of the viruses that could cause respiratory problems is adenovirus. Through lab studies, clay soil is able to kill this virus. Though it is not fatal for adults but could be dangerous for infant because it could affect immunity system as well. Further studies required to support the claim that clay soil may help in reducing the symptoms of asthma.

  1. Promotes Oral Health

The ability of clay soil in binding harmful properties is applicable for oral organs as well, especially for the health of teeth and gum. To maintain oral health, mix clay soil with water to be used as a rinse. You could combine the health benefits of brushing your teeth with baking soda and then rinse by using water mixed with clay soil for optimal result.

  1. Purifies Tap Water

Some research studies have found out that when clay soil is mixed with magnesium, the combination could act as water natural purifier.

Cautions of Clay Soil

From the list of health benefits of clay soil mentioned above some of you may be considering to really eat clay soil. However, giving yourself some thoughts about the cautions of clay soil is really important to avoid all the side effects that may occur when you use clay soil both externally or internally.

  • Clay soil has special ability to absorb minerals as well as heavy metals. Unlike minerals which have a lot of health benefits, heavy metals could be harmful for human body.
  • In little dosage, clay soil could be beneficial for human health but in large amount could cause disruption in the digestive system.
  • You should aware that not all types of clay soil could be consumed. There are still possibilities of being contaminated by dangerous compounds, so you should get clay soil from reliable merchant only.
  • Clay soil should be avoided by women during pregnancy both internally and externally use because even through external use, minerals content still could be absorbed by skin and enter human body which could endanger the fetus.

Clay soil is one of the amazing natural substances with a lot of health benefits. Though for some people, the fact of eating soil sounds strange but considering it as part of natural remedies or prevention care toward several health conditions is still recommended. However, discussing your plan of taking clay soil as part of medication with your doctor is still strongly required.