10 Amazing Tibetan Massage Health Benefits

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tibetan massageMassage has long been known as a powerful traditional medicine for curing diseases. One of the famous traditional massages is Tibetan massage health benefits. Tibetan traditional massage is known as Kunye. Kunye has long been a tradition of Tibetan people in maintaining their health through traditional massage therapy.

Kunye is derived from two syllables, ie Ku which means oil in health benefits of oil massage and Nye which means massage. So Kunye is the massage that uses oil. Oil commonly used is olive oil because it has been proven to have a very good content for the human body.

Tibetan massage has a variety of benefits to maintain a healthy body, such as:

  1. Prolong life

Of course, this massage can extend a person’s age. Because, during benefits of during full body massage, many parts of the body that get the benefits directly. In addition, blood circulation becomes smoothly so that the body becomes healthier. If the body is always healthy, it is not impossible that someone will have a longer life.

  1. Stimulates blood flow

Doing Tibetan massage can make the blood flow smoothly. Because when massaged there are some parts that are touched directly and help widen the blood vessels. Smooth blood flow makes people healthier.

  1. Rigid muscles relax

It is certain that when doing a massage then the stiff muscles will become weak again. This is very useful for those who are very tired after doing all day activities. In order for them to return fresh and vibrant.

  1. Helps overcome sleep problems

For anyone who has trouble with sleep or called insomnia, can do health benefits of Thai massage therapy. Therefore, this massage can make the body become relaxed. So that sleep quality can increase.

  1. Smooth digestion

Another benefit that can be obtained by doing health benefits Ayurvedic massage is digestion becomes smooth. Because some nerve points that are massaged stimulate digestion performance to be better.

  1. Moisturize the skin

This health benefits foot massage and reflexology can also moisturize the skin because it uses olive oil. As we know that olive oil contains many benefits for the body especially the skin.

  1. Overcoming fatigue

Someone who feels tired or tired can do this the massage to restore stamina. Because this massage can make the body become more relaxed.

  1. Good for mental health

Not only good for physical health, but this massage is also beneficial for psychic health. People who do massage will feel relaxed and also calm. Rigid muscles become weak so the tension will not happen. This condition is very positive for mental health.

  1. Sharpen the vision

Doing massage in the area around the head and face is believed to sharpen eyesight. This is because the nerve points associated with the eye are maximized.

  1. Increase stamina

This is related to if the massage then the whole body becomes more relaxed and tense muscles become loose again. This condition affects the increase of one’s stamina.


Conducting Tibetan massage health benefits is good for health. But more important is to maintain diet and lifestyle to get the maximum quality of health.