11 Amazing Health Benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology

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foot massage and reflexologyHealth benefits of foot massage and reflexology are now in each region. The price offered by each service also varies from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah. Reflexology is a practical and useful method of combat. There are many benefits of performing foot massage and reflection either directly or indirectly

The benefits that you can get by doing foot massage and reflexology for health are as follows:

  1. Eliminate aches in the legs

If you experience aches in the legs, try to do a foot massage. Foot massage techniques can eliminate sore after a day of activity. Because the stiff muscles can be relaxed again

  1. Eliminate cramps and tingling

Cramps and tingling often occur to anyone. This is because the lack of blood supply in the area of tingling and the presence of muscles that shocked resulting in cramps. Cramps and tingling usually occur in the legs. One way to eliminate it is by doing a massage

  1. Maintain bone health and leg strength

Regular reflexology helps maintain bone health and leg strength. Quality of health and strength of your feet will be better especially on the knee and joints after a massage

  1. Healed sprained legs and bruised from impact

Foot massage and reflexology are also able to heal sprained legs and bruises. However, to note is only a mild sprain that can be cured with this massage. for more severe cases, you can visit the doctor for further examination. Indeed, you may want to know more about health benefits of foot massage and reflexology.

  1. Relaxing tense leg muscles

Muscles can be tense under certain circumstances such as fatigue, stress, and disease. Usually, muscle tension will cause a tremendous pain. To ease it, do massage

  1. Provides comfort effects for the whole body

Not only the feet, your whole body will feel a comfortable effect after doing foot massage and reflexology.

  1. Make the body fresher

This is a positive effect of foot massage and reflexology. This can happen because the body becomes more relaxed and relaxed

  1. Smooth blood circulation

Smooth blood circulation in health benefits of bean sprouts will affect the supply of blood and oxygen throughout the body will be more optimal. Thus, the body will become more healthy, fresh, and fit

  1. Prevents anemia

This is closely related to the smooth circulation of blood. Symptoms of anemia that can be prevented include frequent dizziness in symptoms of low blood pressure, weakness and fatigue, and a lackluster listless face. 

  1. Prevent various chronic diseases

Foot massage and reflexology is usually combining with acupuncture and acupressure techniques. The combination of several techniques is proven to prevent some diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, gout in health benefits mango leaves, diabetes, high cholesterol, and also dizziness

  1. Good for maintaining a healthy body

This is because the inner body is already in a balanced state. So that optimal body health can you feel


To perform a foot massage and reflexology, come to a special place to provide the service with a professional massage expert. Because the foot is a gathering place several important nerves that if wrong handling will be bad for the body