14 Amazing Health Benefits of Bacopa Herb

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bacopaHave you ever known bacopa? Bacopa is a plant originating in Southeast Asia. Usually, this plant is used as a traditional medicine. And this has been used since thousands of years ago. Bacopa herb is one of the traditions that exist in India and Ayurveda. It is grown in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal, and India.

The content of the health benefits of bacopa plants are as follows:

  • Saponin
  • Alkaloids
  • Nicotine
  • Hersaponin
  • Herpestine
  • Cucurbitacin
  • Plantainoside

How to use

Bacopa herbs can be consumed in various ways. You can use it with a drink like tea, juice, or also directly attach it to the body. All things that do not concern the efficacy of bacopa itself.

Based on the above content, the benefits you can get if using bacopa herb are:

  1. Increase concentration

Bacopa herb is often used as an herb to increase concentration on a person. Because bacopa contains anxiolytic. The trick is to make bacopa as tea and drink it.

  1. Being an anti-depressant

Bacopa can regulate serotonin and dopamine in humans. Both of these components serve as a mood regulator. By using bacopa, stress or depression can be overcome.

  1. Treating colic

Abdominal pain can be experienced by anyone. However, if you are abdominal pain, do not rush to consume chemical drugs. You can use a natural way that is by using bacopa as a traditional medicine to overcome stomach pain.

  1. Overcoming headaches

In addition to abdominal pain, bacopa can also be used to treat headaches. Of course, it is safer than the use of chemical drugs. This plant is also very easy to come by. You can use it anytime and at an affordable price.

  1. Drug for anemia

Anemia is a disease caused by a lack of red blood cells. So anemic patients will look pale and lethargic. To overcome this, people with anemia need to consume foods that contain high iron. In addition, it can also use bacopa to treat anemia.

  1. Natural laxatives

Can’t left the feces is a problem. Because if not immediately right will determine another problem. Because, feces are dirt that must be removed by the body and should not be left linger in the intestine. To overcome this problems, try to use bacopa as a natural laxative.

  1. Being diuretic

The problem that can be overcome with bacopa is diuretics. Diuretics are diseases that cause difficult urination because there is clumping. Consuming bacopa can solve this problem

  1. Drugs for diabetics

Diabetics or high blood sugar levels can consume bacopa as a medicine. Diabetics also need to maintain food intake for adequate nutrition. In addition, exercise is also important to do.

  1. Relieve cough

Coughing is indeed a serious disease. But can disturb our daily activities. To relieve cough, you can use bacopa herb. Because the existing content in bacopa can help speed up the healing process.

  1. Offer a fever

High fever for several days can be a sign of a more serious disease. To lower the fever, can take drugs that have been given by the doctor, give health benefits of scent leaf, or by consuming bacopa ingredients.

  1. Anorexia therapy

Bacopa herb also has long been known as an herb that can be used for patients with anorexia. In addition to cheaper prices with chemical drugs, bacopa is also easy to obtain. Read more: health risks of anorexia nervosa

  1. Overcoming swelling

To deal with swollen parts of the body, you simply stick a few bacopa leaves on a swollen body like benefits of bay leaves. Bacopa leaves have a warming effect, so swelling can quickly deflated.

  1. Treating arthritis

Meanwhile, to treat arthritis, you can make juice from bacopa leaves. Although it feels a bit uncomfortable, but this herb is very effective to treat arthritis in hemp oil benefits for arthritis.

  1. For diarrhea

Just like arthritis, you can also make juice from bacopa leaves to diarrhea. Because, if diarrhea can not properly can cause more serious problems for you.


Health benefits of bacopa herb is not recommended for thyroid sufferers. Because consuming bacopa herb can increase thyroid hormone. Other side effects that may arise are blockage of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the secretion of the stomach and intestines.