10 Super Benefits of Arrowroot Powder in Soap

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soapBathing is a fun activity. The most pleasant thing after bathing is the fragrance that comes from the soap we use. Soaps of various forms, there is solid and also there is a liquid. Its function also varies. In general, the content of soap has a chemical content. But did you know that soap that contains arrowroot powder is a safer soap? At least, you need to know in advance the content of the benefits of arrowroot powder in soap, namely:

Besides as a bath soap, other benefits you can get if using arrowroot powder are:

1. As a smallpox drug

The natural content of arrowroot powder is useful as a medicine for smallpox. You need to know, smallpox is one disease that requires special handling. In addition to being contagious, smallpox can also leave marks on the skin if not handled properly and properly

2. For ulcers and cuts

Arrowroot powder is not only used as a mixture of natural soap alone. But it can also treat ulcers and wounds. Some of the natural ingredients in arrowroot can speed the healing process

3. As a moisturizer

This is because the water content in the arrowroot is very high. This water content is good for moisturizing the skin. Besides this way is an economical way, surely using arrowroot as a moisturizer is safer than using a chemical moisturizer

4. As a baby powder

Arrowroot powder can also be used as the baby powder. Because this flour has a soft and smooth texture. And comes from nature. So safe for baby skin is still sensitive

5. Helps digestion and bowel movements

If you have problems with your digestion, you can use arrowroot as the solution. Because this flour can give a mild laxative effect so that you will avoid digestive problems

6. Maintain acid and alkali

Keeping acid and alkali in the body is important. The body is too acidic will lead to susceptible to disease. The calcium chloride content present in arrowroots can help maintain the balance of acid and alkali in the human body

7. Easy to digest

Compared with other types of starch, arrowroots are more easily digested. In fact, this flour is also safe for consumption by infants

8. Gluten free

This is good news for those of you who have a history of allergies to foods containing gluten. This flour can be used as a substitute for wheat flour and staple in making bread

9. An antidote

You can also use arrowroot powder as an antidote. The trick is to apply directly to the wound or insect bites

10. Useful in pregnancy

Arrowroot is a good source of folate for pregnant women. Folate works to prevent the occurrence of neural tube defects and congenital malformations


Although this soap is natural, you should consult your dermatologist first if you want to use the benefits of arrowroot powder in soap. In order not to happen things that are not desirable