10 Top Health Benefits of Australian Native Foods

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australian native foodsIf you are a food lover, you can try the health benefits of Australian native foods. Australian specialties offer a delicious flavor and an attractive appearance. Based on research, Australian native foods contain several nutrients as follows:

Of course, the nutrients above have a good impact on your health. there is a lot of Australian food that you should try.

  1. Kangaroo Meat

Not only can beef that can be eaten and provide benefits to the body. In fact, Australians also consume kangaroo meat. Currently, kangaroo meat became one of the culinary that is popular in Australia. This meat contains low fat but high protein content. And contains omega 6 is good for health

  1. Lime caviar (finger lime)

Lemon juice has a unique flavor if eaten. This fruit has an oval shape with the flesh resembles a bead. This orange is also a part of complementary to all foods, especially seafood

  1. Spinach warrigal

Warrigal spinach contains high antioxidants. However, this spinach contains oxalates that are harmful to the body. If you want to consume it, you should soak it in boiling water for 10-15 seconds before consumption

  1. Lemon Berry

Lemon berry is one of Australia’s popular products to foreign countries. The taste of this fruit is sweet and the aroma is like lemon. Lemon berry oil is usually used in shampoo and soap products. While the leaves are used for food seasonings

  1. Quandong fruit

Quandong fruit is almost similar to peaches. This fruit is famous for its that can be used as a medicine. Quandong fruit contains high vitamin c. And usually processed into various cakes, sauces, and jams

  1. Forest tomato

One of Australia’s staple foods is the tomato forest. Forest tomatoes grow in desert areas and have a red color with a small shape. Lots of species of forest tomatoes are grown. However, not all forest tomatoes can be consumed

  1. Snowberry Fruit

The Snowberry is shaped like a snowball with its red ends. This fruit has a sweet and crunchy taste. It is suitable as a companion ice cream. However, this fruit is very difficult to cultivate

  1. Sea celery

Sea celery or sea parsley is usually used in salads. In addition, these vegetables are also used for soup or as a food decoration

  1. Macadamia peanuts

Australia is the world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts. This bean has a hard skin but the meat is very delicious. To consume it, you can eat it directly, marinated, baked, or pounded to be processed into food

  1. Sea Asparagus

This plant is found on the southern coast of Australia. Asparagus has a salty taste with crisp and crunchy texture. One type of vegetable is a source of calcium and iron. In addition, vitamin A is also present in this plant


To benefit a lot from the health benefits of Australian native foods, consume them regularly