10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Camel Urine

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camel urineSome time ago, the virtual universe scene with videos showing that drinking camel urine can help overcome health problems. In fact, there are some figures who are famous enough to show how to mix camel urine and camel milk and then drink it. For those who believe it has the view that in the urine camel there are many beneficial substances that can cure cancer and other serious diseases.

In addition to ammonia and urea which are common substances found in urine from different types of animals as well as human urine, saline levels in urine camel are 10-fold compared with other urine.

To consume health benefits of camel urine is usually mixed with camel milk, this is to disguise the unpleasant taste if consumed in the form of pure urine. With the right portion in consuming it, some of the benefits that can be obtained from taking camel urine are as follows:

  1. As an alternative medicine

It has been a long time since people in some parts of Asia and Africa made camel urine as an alternative medicine to treat all diseases. In consuming it to avoid unpleasant smells as urine in general, people usually mix it with camel milk so it smells disguised.

  1. Blood thinner

In a study of tissue samples in a cup, the urine camel was found to have the ability to block excessive platelet production. It works the same way with antiplatelet drugs, aspirin, and clopidogrel that has been widely used by the general public. Blood clots are very harmful to our souls. Many deadly diseases arise due to blood clots such as stroke due to rupture of the blood vessels and other problems in our cardiovascular system.

  1. Eradicate cancer cells

Other studies have also shown that urine camel works well to minimize cancer cells. This experiment was conducted on tissue samples, so no studies have been tested directly on humans.

  1. Curing chronic hepatitis

Arab or Middle Eastern residents have long believed that camel urine and camel milk are able to treat a variety of serious health problems. in addition to cancer also chronic hepatitis disease can also be cured.

  1. Treating tumors

In a study conducted by Dr. Fatin Khorshid suggests that a lyophilized urine camel (removal of water by sublimation and converting to gaseous form) can stop the growth of tumor cells being planted into experimental animals. Or try health benefits fig leaves

  1. Treating health problems caused by fungi

Camel urine is also based on research has a fungicidal or antifungal effect in health benefits of kamias and does not give a negative impact.

  1. Keeping the cells in cancer survivors remain healthy

In addition to having the function of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Experiments on the tissue portion of the lungs of patients affected by cancer showed also camel urine able to keep other cells from being damaged by cancer cells.

  1. Overcoming skin diseases

Camel urine efficacious in treating skin diseases in benefits of ginger for skin such as ringworm, tinea, and abscesses and ulcers both dry and wet.

  1. Deadly germs or disease-causing bacteria

External use of camel urine as in the skin area is clinically believed to kill germs that attack the disease in health benefits ginger milk. A study conducted by Dr. Rahmah al-Uyaani showed that a rabbit infected with bacteria in the large intestine, after being given a camel urine recovery process is quite clear and significant when compared with the provision of other drugs.

  1. Boost immunity

Camel urine also contains a number of healing factors such as antibiotics. This is because there is a good bacteria content, salt, and urea in the urine camel. Camels are animals with a good immune system, always ready to fight fungi, bacteria or viruses. Or try health benefits of whisky


The claims that health benefits of camel urine have a positive impact on human health with a variety of research evidence, all of which have never certainly had an equally positive impact if tested directly to humans. This is because as urine in animals or humans, it is a waste of metabolism that is deliberately removed because it contains various toxic compounds. But consumption in small doses will not have a serious negative impact on our body. According to WHO (world health agency), camel urine is prohibited for consumption because it causes the spread of MERS virus (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) or Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome.