Unpredictable Health Benefits of Hookah

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hookahFor people who really like smoking in health risks of smoking, hookah name must be popular. Health benefits of Hookah is one of the alternative ways of smoking that some say more has a positive benefit than conventional smoking. The hookah circuit is simple enough, composed of a hose for smoking, a partially filled water glass tube, and a pipe and tobacco in health benefits of organic tobacco holder on top. When many countries ban smoking in health benefits of not smoking 1 month in public spaces, Hookah is practically increasingly popular because of its large size is unlikely to be used in public spaces or while on the go. Hookah is suitable for use in enclosed spaces such as cafes. In North America Hookah is so popular, many young people are using hookahs instead of cigar or cigarettes. Hookah also has other names like shisha, narghile, argileh, huble-huble and Goza.

In contrast to cigarettes in health benefits of cannabis leaves or cigar rods that generally hang almost pure tobacco material with the addition of other chemicals. Hookah is not only tobacco but there is a juice of fruits as a flavor and allows any benefit to be involved. And the most distinguishing is the presence of water in Hookah that is not found in stem type cigarettes. Some hookah users also use the scent of chocolate or mint to make it more fun to smoke tobacco smoke from the hookah.

The benefits here are when compared to cigar type or stem cigarettes and also the view of active smokers against it. We collect from several sources in the form of smokers’ testimonials about the benefits of smoking tobacco through hookahs.

  1. Reduce stress levels

Unlike cigarettes whose composition is only tobacco in health benefits of quitting smokeless tobacco or some cigarette brands add it with mint leaves. Hookah is very varied, you can add other ingredients that can make the maximum relaxation. You can add chocolate powder, strawberries, apples, and other fruits. The smells and flavors they produce end up not as monotonous as stem cigarettes. That way your goal of smoking to eliminate fatigue will be achieved.

  1. Have fewer toxic levels

The existence of the tube at the bottom of the hookah filled with water has more value than the common cigarettes. Water is a substance known as a natural filter against all kinds of toxins. Before the smoke from our tobacco suction, he will pass through the water. In some cases, there will be some water-soluble toxins that minimize the negative effects of toxins on cigarettes.


Although there is a water content that can minimize toxins, the facts show that smokers health benefits of hookah more in the amount of smoke than smokers smoke cigarettes. So it will be the same amount of toxins that enter the body even greater tendency. plus the appearance of smoke from hookah tobacco resulting from the process of burning charcoal. The process of charcoal burning actually increases the number of toxic substances that are formed and known to many substances such as can cause the emergence of cancer cells. Most dominant are lung cancer, bladder cancer, and oral cancer. The use of the hookah suction tool alternately also allows the spread of various infectious diseases.