17 Health Benefits of African Black Soap (#1 African Beauty Secret)

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Black African soap is composed by some beneficial natural ingredients. No wonder we can get many health benefits of African black soap. We can also say that black African soap is a secret weapon for African beauty tips as it contributes many things to the beauty of African women and even men. Not only the benefits for beauty, it also has many beneficial values for the body’s health.

Although the soap is native to West Africa, especially from Ghana, we can also have this soap in any other countries, including America. However, the Black African soap produced outside Africa may include some artificial ingredients and it doesn’t reduce the health benefits of African black soap, as the artificial ingredients play nearly the same role compared to the natural ingredients.

Beneficial Value in African Black Soap

The health benefits of Black African soap are credited to the following natural components such as:

  • Banana is not only reputable for a healthy breakfast fruit with its Health Benefits of Banana For Breakfast. Ripe banana along with the peel is also the significant composing material of Black African soap. it is included for its antioxidants, protein, folic acids, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium, and vitamin C. banana is also well known for the beneficial values for beauty  in Benefits of Banana Soap.
  • Cocoa pods contribute the good amount of antioxidants along with some anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coconut oil has been widely recognized for its Benefits of Using Coconut Oil. In this case, coconut oil also acts as natural skin moisturizer which kicks the production of collagen.
  • Besides coconut oil, black African soap also employs palm kernel oil as it contains beneficial fatty acids, lauric acids, and vitamin E for our skin.
  • Shea butter which commonly included into skin care product can also be found in African black soap. It supplies fatty acids to ensure you have your silky smooth skin.

The Health Benefits of African Black Soap

Knowing that Black African soap composed by some undoubtedly beneficial ingredients for our skin, we can’t be worried of properly use the soap and have the health benefits of African black soap. Here is some health benefits of black African soap you can get:

  1. Clean skin

Just like the other soaps, Black African soap is able to thoroughly clean our skin. but different from the common chemical soap, black African soap will not leave your skin dry as it composed by the beneficial essential oils such coconut oil, pal oil, and Shea butter.

  1. Good for all skin type

The essential oil in Black African soap is able to restore your skin’s natural moisture. Therefore, it is very good to be applied on dry skin. But it doesn’t mean that the soap is not recommended for oily skin. It won’t make your skin greasy. Instead, it will help the oily skin to control the sebaceous gland.

  1. Gently exfoliating

Not only moisturizing, this soap is able to well exfoliate your skin. The ability is presented by the grainy particle in this raw unrefined soap bar. So, applying Black African soap on your skin may help you remove the dead skin cell effectively.

  1. Fight acne

The ability of Black African soap to fight acne as one of its health benefits is contributed by the tandem of coconut oil and palm oil in the soap. It is possible since coconut oil provides the vitamin E and capric acids which help balance the skin pH and calm the inflamed skin because of acne. In addition, the palm oil owns the lauric acids which help clean the skin thoroughly. As we know, the clean skin will have the less risk in getting acne. 

  1. Reduce wrinkle

The cocoa pods and banana peels from the soap are able to provide you with the excellent antioxidants. It will halt the process of aging and inhibit the occurrence of wrinkles and dark spot as the sign of aging. So, start applying this soap before you start aging to make sure it works well.

  1. Brighten skin

The regular application of black African soap can also help you in brightening your skin. it is because the soap inhibit the hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, acne, and aging. The health benefits of black African soap in brightening your skin are mainly credited to the cocoa pods with the good amount of antioxidants.

  1. Remove scars

Sometimes we sick of the dark scar because of acne and injuries on our skin. Some of us feel desperate to remove the scar. But don’t worry. We can remove the scar quickly by using black African soap. Some of the ingredients in black African soap possess a good amount of fatty acids. It aids the cell regeneration, so that it removes the scar quickly.

  1. Maintain healthy scalp

Black African soap is also beneficial for hair and scalp as it has the Benefits of Washing Hair with African Black Soap. The frequent use of shampoo, lots of hair styling products may not be good for your scalp health.

To prevent the problem, you can lather the black African soap, apply it on the scalp and let it permeate the scalp for 10 minutes, give a smooth massage, and rinse thoroughly using water with apple cider vinegar which also present you with the Health Benefits of Water and Apple Cider Vinegar.

  1. Reduce stretch marks

Stretch mark may be caused by pregnancy, puberty, bodybuilding, and the change of body shape. But we know that it is very difficult to remove it. Some cases of stretch mark even require a surgery to remove it. However, the regular use of black African soap may help you reduce the mark eventually.

  1. Treat rosacea

Rosacea is the condition when the blood vessel dilated and displays a swollen redness on your face. In this case, the essential oil in black African soap effectively reduces the inflammation and prevents further infection.

The other health benefits of black African soap are:

  1. Prevent hair fall
  2. Fight dandruff
  3. Treat sunburn
  4. Treat eczema
  5. Treat insect bites
  6. Treat wounds
  7. Anti-fungal property

Precautions in Using African Black Soap

Aside from the health benefits of African black soap, you should be cautious on the side effects of the soap.  As the soap is commonly packed in raw unrefined blocks, it is better to not directly apply the soap onto the skin. The unrefined soap may cause some stinging effect when directly applied into the skin.

To minimize the effect while getting the health benefits of African black soap, make sure to rub into the wet soap and create lather in your hands. Rubbing it onto your skin, and leave it for about 30 seconds and rinse with cool water. Dry your skin and make sure to apply your favorite lotions or moisturizer afterward.

In addition, if you have hypersensitive skin, try the soap on your upper arm first, before applying on your face to make sure there will be no allergic reaction arises.