11 Powerfull Benefits of Indian Frankincense for Inflammation

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The sound of the benefits of Indian frankincense might be something rare to many people. However, amazingly this actually has been used for hundred years to threat various inflammation. Mainly in their origin country, where the Indian people actually use the plan not only for frankincense, but also for various health treatment too.

The Indian frankincense actually comes from the gum resin of the Boswellia tree bark. This tree is naturally grow in India, including up to Pakistan area. Therefore, finding this tree is an easy thing in this countries. Through the knowledge of Ayurveda medicine, many of Indian people use this resin as herbal alternative of various diseases. Mainly it best for threat the inflammation. Available in various products, the medicine can be used as a capsules, powder, tablets and even an extracted oil.

Benefits of Indian Frankincense

If want to know further on the benefits of Indian frankincense, see below several points related with it.

1. Anti Inflammation

The frankincense has been known for hundred years in India to deal with various inflammation. It has an anti inflammation capability through the boswellic acid inside the ingredients. Furthermore, it also contain analgesic properties that good to deal with the pain. Therefore, the frankincense is good to cure the inflammation symptoms. This can also be found when using the health benefits arnica that works to be an anti inflammation too.

2. Reduce Arthritis

The anti inflammation capability will work to reduce various symptoms. Including one of the worst inflammation disease is arthritis. Therefore, many people start to believe the power of Indian frankincense in reduce the arthritis symptoms. Furthermore, it also help to reduce the swollen and including to reduce the pain caused by the inflammation.

3. Avoid Osteoarthritis

Another advantage of the frankincense is to avoid the possibility of having osteoarthritis. This is commonly happen in elderly where the bone mass is start to loss and fragile. Therefore, this treatment is another herbal alternative to avoid the symptoms. The same way as the benefits of turmeric for bones that also works to help avoid osteoarthritis diseases.

4. Treat Ulcerative Colitis

Some research found that the frankincense also good to treat ulcerative colitis. This is a diseases that can cause inflammation inside the intestinal bowel. Therefore, it will produce pain and sore inside the colon area. Through a daily usage of the frankincense, it will help to soothe the pain and help to manage a healthier intestinal.

5. Avoid Skin Inflammation

The anti inflammation capability also works to threat another various inflammation. Including to deal with skin inflammation such as eczema. This benefit will help to manage a smooth and silky skin and produce a healthier skin surface condition. The same way as the benefits of kombucha tea for skin health natural treatment that works to avoid skin inflammation too.

6. Reduce Acne

Not only good for skin inflammation, the benefits of Indian frankincense including to reduce the possibility of acne appearance. As one of the skin inflammation symptoms, acne will usually produce pain and itchiness. Through avoid the acne appearance, it will also help to manage a healthy and beautiful skin face too.

7. Manage Respiratory

Another advantage of the frankincense also to manage a better respiratory system. It is believe that the content of the Indian frankincense will help to ease the breath and optimize the respiratory works. This is the same health benefits onion tea that also help to manage a better respiratory system.

8. Reduce Bronchial Asthma

Through a good respiratory system, it will automatically works to reduce bronchial asthma. Therefore, it also good as a natural treatment that will ease the breathe system of asthma syndrome. Furthermore, it will help to manage the allergies too.

9. Avoid Crohn Diseases

Some research also find that the frankincense will work to avoid crohn’s diseases symptoms. This diseases almost similar with ulcerative colitis. But apparently crohn diseases can easily spread out the body. Through frequent consume of Indian frankincense, it will manage a fasten relieve of this symptoms. The same way as the Bulgarian yoghurt health benefits that also work to avoid the diseases too.

10. Help Rheumatic Syndrome

Using the frankincense will help to reduce rheumatic syndrome too. It can works effectively to avoid the joint pain and help to manage a healthier joint condition.

11. Skin Treatment

Another benefits of the frankincense also to help as an anti aging for the skin. However, further improvement and evidence still needed to prove this capability, including to avoid wrinkle and any finelines.

How to Use Indian Frankincense

There are several ways to use this herbal medication. The modern way to gain the benefits of this frankincense is through a medical capsules that produces from extracting the resin by several medical pharmacy. However, Indian people prefer traditional method by consume the powder. Therefore, this treatment can be done through consume the capsules or drink the mixed powder. Furthermore, the capsules might available in the drug store around the world. But the powder might only specifically provided in Indian countries. Below are some dosage for several treatments:

  • To threat osteoarthritis consume 100-250mg daily.
  • To threat ulcerative colitis consume 300mg three times daily.
  • To threat bronchial asthma consume 900mg powder daily.
  • The essential oil can be apply to inflame area daily.

Side Effects of Indian Frankincense

Not only good to treat various problems, the frankincense also bring several unwanted side effects. Therefore, it is better to check on below lists of possible effects before using this treatment.

  • People with allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin or swollen body shall avoid using the frankincense. Including those that experience sudden nausea and vomit after using the treatment.
  • A pregnant woman shall avoid using the treatment since there is no evidence on the safety of using Indian frankincense during the pregnancy. Therefore, it possibly bring miscarriage or affecting the fetus.
  • Avoid using the treatment together with medical prescription. Since it might interfere the work of medical medicine and erase the benefits.

Those all the benefits of Indian frankincense together with the possible effects. Therefore, make sure to wisely choose the treatment according to the current condition. Herbal alternative might be a good natural option. However, in some case medicinal is also important to choose to. Hence, it is better to consult first before decide the best treatments to cure the diseases.