List of Herbs Starting with N and Health Benefits

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Each plant has its own secret and since ancient time, people are working so hard to find all those secret to be used for their benefits. Today, when traditional and modern medication are working together, more secrets were revealed and some the lists of herbs starting with N and health benefits below have been part of your daily diet without knowing about their amazing health benefits.

  1. Napa Cabbage

Napa cabbage is green vegetable native to Asia region and commonly used as the main ingredient of Korean’s traditional kimchi. Health benefits of Napa cabbage are excellent calcium source so it is good for bone health.

  1. Narcissus (Paper Whites)

Due to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, narcissus is traditionally used as first aid to insect bites. Moreover, this flower is highly effective in treating some skin conditions. Some studies also conducted about the possibility of this flower to fight Alzheimer and ascaris.

  1. Narra Leaves

Based on some animal studies, narra leaves are highly effective to reduce blood sugar level and prevent the development of cancerous cells. Since ancient time, narra leaves have been well known as remedy to kidney stone.

  1. Naseberry

Naseberry is commonly found in Asia region. Aside from its medium size, this fruit comes from the same family as berry fruits. As excellent source of fiber, naseberry is good for digestion and as rich vitamin C benefits this fruit is also good for immunity system.

  1. Nasturtium Leaves

Not a lot of people aware about health benefits of nasturtium leaves aside from its unique appearance of the leaves. Actually, this plant contains potent antiseptic properties that could act as anti-bacterial agents.

  1. Navajo Tea

Compared to other herbal tea, Navajo tea is excellent source of flavonoid and super helpful to treat urinary tract infection.

  1. Nectarine

Nectarine is one of the fruits that are rich of fiber. This fruit is also quite high in calories content and carbohydrate. In other words, this fruit is excellent energy booster.

  1. Neem Leaves

What do you know about the benefits of neem leaves for diabetes? Some studies have conducted to prove that it is true this plant could help reducing blood sugar level.

  1. Nemophilia

Nemophilia is also well known as Baby Blue Eyes a flowering plant commonly made into essential oil. Some studies stated that essential oil made of nemophilia is able to increase intimacy due to its ability to enhance sensitivity.

  1. Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is more than just an herbal drink. In a cup of nettle tea you could enjoy its antioxidant content, some essential minerals and also its antibacterial effects to fight infection.

  1. Nicotiana (Tobacco Plant)

Nicotiana is another name of tobacco plant which is well known for its negative effect as part of main ingredients of cigarette. Aside from that, nicotiana contains some potent anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Niger Seeds

Niger seeds are excellent source of some essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium and potassium. That is why Niger seeds are traditionally used to treat insomnia.

  1. Nigerian Cherry Fruit

Aside from its tasty flavour, people have aware of the health benefits of Nigerian cherry fruit which is rich of calcium so it is good for bone health and maintain oral health such as teeth and gum.

  1. Nigerian Pepper Fruit

Not a lot of people know that health benefits of Nigerian pepper fruit are including reducing the growth of prostate cancer and generally good to maintain liver health. This fruit is also good to treat diabetes by helping controlling the blood sugar level.

  1. Nigerian Plum

Due to its amazing vitamin C content Nigerian plum is excellent for immunity system and maintaining skin health. The phenolic and flavonoid content are also excellent to reduce bone loss.

  1. Noni Fruit

Aside from its strange look, noni fruit has a lot of medicinal properties that are beneficial for human health. Traditionally, nony fruit is used to relief headache due to its anti-analgesic properties. As rich of vitamin C noni fruit is also excellent immunity booster.

  1. Noni Leaves

Aside from noni fruit benefits, the leaves are also containing some medicinal properties. Traditionally, noni leaves are used to treat bloating in children.

  1. Nopales Cactus Plant

Nopales cacut plant is edible but not everyone knows about its health benefits. In Mexico, this type of cactus plant is available in the form of fresh and canned. Some studies conducted to find out about the possibility of this cactus to fight cancer because this cactus plant is packed with antioxidants.

  1. North American Ginseng

There are a lot of varieties of ginseng and North American ginseng is one of the varieties well known outside Asia region. Health benefits of north American ginseng are good to treat some respiratory problems, lower blood sugar level, treating ADHD and inhibit the development of cancerous cells.

  1. Num-num

Num-num is the local name for fruit plant well known as Natal plum. This fruit is rich of vitamin C and pectin so this fruit is excellent to boost immunity. Traditionally the sweet sour flavour of the num num fruit is perfect to be made into jam.

  1. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is part of spice that easily found used in Asian cuisine especially to cook meat. Traditionally, nutmeg is used to treat light cold, sore throat and light fever. When nutmeg is drank as herbal drink is good to overcoming insomnia and promote a good night sleep.

  1. Nymphea (Water Lily)

Nymphea is another name of water lily, one of the flowering plant easily found for its beautiful flower. Aside from that, not a lot of people know about health benefits of water lily that are not only able to cure blood cough but also prevent diarrhea up to dysentery.

It is not easy to find the list of herbs starting with N and health benefits perhaps because some herbs are better known by its own local name. However, the list above is enough to give you some insight knowledge about some herbs that are easy to find around you but contain a lot of amazing medicinal properties for home remedy or traditional medicine.