7 Health Benefits of Nasturtium Leaves (#Holy For Beauty)

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Nowadays, natural and herbal remedy is no longer becoming an alternative option, in some case it is even recommended due to some factors. This kind of solution mostly used as first aid because sometimes the home remedy is the only first aid available even in the most emergency situation.

People should think fast to use whatever available in their house and in the environment around them, that is why learning about what kind of stuff you could use as home remedy is somehow important because you should have a plan B when hospital or doctor is out of reach.

One example is nasturtium leaves. It is one of the flowering plant which easily found as garden plant due to its unique shape of the leaves (almost round) and the bright and beautiful color of the flower. What you should know is that this plant is very beneficial for health too that you could use as herbal medicine. And then all parts of  this plant is edible, from the leaves, flowers and the seeds are consumable. So, nasturtium plant has culinary purpose too, you could turn the leaves and flowers into delicious salad or herbal tea.  Below are some health benefits of nasturtium leaves that might surprise you:

  1. Natural Antibiotic

Antibiotic has a lot of functions in fighting a lot of disease. In minor case like sore throat or infection nasturtium leaves can be used as home remedy solution, so you could save your time and energy to see your doctor just to deal with them. What you need to do is just go to your back yard garden, pick some nasturtium leaves and eat them. Eat one leave per hour; your sore throat will be drastically reduced.

  1. Promoting New Blood Cells Formation

Nasturtium LeavesIn much more serious case like blood disorder, using nasturtium leaves as part of herbal treatment is highly recommended because years of experience and recent studies found that nasturtium leaves is very effective in promoting the formation of new blood cells in the body.

  1. Containing Antiseptic Properties

Well, plants that contained antiseptic properties is a must plant you should have in your garden. Why? Because there are a lot of benefits of antiseptic because it has function as antibacterial and antimicrobial which highly recommended for first aid solution to heal wound.

  1. Natural Source of Expectorant

Expectorant is a substances that probably you hear often from cough medicine advertisement. That’s true, the main function of expectorant is to relieve cough. So, instead of taking cough medicine, why don’t you consume nasturtium leaves as herbal tea to help you getting rid of the cough? It is actually a more delicious way to fight cough especially in the cold or rainy days.

  1. Hair-growth Stimulation

Nasturtium plant is not only beautiful to see but also rich of beneficial properties. One of the benefits of this plant is as natural hair treatment. Thinning hair might be not as serious as it sound but for women, this condition is a worst nightmare. It can be proven by how much money they will spend for healthy hair. Applying the paste of nasturtium leaves in your scalp could help stimulate the capillaries and enhance the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen in your scalp. Good circulation means good hair growth.

  1. High Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of vitamins with super powerful benefit of health. Due to high vitamin C, consuming nasturtium leaves help you treating minor cough, chest cold and flu. Those benefits have been believed since ancient times and have been proven in this modern time.

  1. Good for Skin

As mentioned above, nasturtium leaves are containing antiseptic properties which could help you fighting bacteria effectively. Use it as mask could help you getting rid of acne from your face and the vitamin C contained in this flower plants could make the look of your skin fairer and balance the tone of your skin.

Those are 7 health benefits of nasturtium leaves that you should know. They are more than good reasons for you to start planting this plant in your garden. Is it hard to plant? Well, not at all, surprisingly the poorer the soil, the bigger the flower would be. However you have to make sure that the flower plant gets enough sun light and water. The best thing of nasturtium plant is this flower plant is coming in more than 50 varieties and all varieties are coming in beautiful and bright color.

Some popular varieties are like Alaska Scarlet, Alaska Raspberry, Troika Orange, Troika Cream, Canary, Empress of India, Tip Top Apricot and Strawberry Cream. So you could combine several varieties in one flower bed for the amazing look of your garden. One important thing you should take note when planting nasturtium is don’t transplant it because it is not easily transplanted. What are you looking for? It is beautiful, beneficial and edible.