6 Health Benefits of Shiny Bush (Powerful Herbal Plant)

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Shiny bush or pepper elder has long tradition in folk medicine and as a food item. This herb commonly found in shaded place all over Asia and the Americas. Although its initial use is mainly for decoration, nowadays it also used as a food source, because the leaves are edible, either raw or cooked.

Meanwhile, as a traditional medicine, Shiny bush has gained its fame thanks to its contribution in treating diseases, such as abdominal pain, acne, fatigue, etc. Almost every part of the plant have health benefits and have been used as a traditional medication, with the leaves being the most prominent. It has been cultivated in many countries for the sake of its medicinal properties. (See also : List of Citrus Fruits and Vegetables)

Let’s see the nutritional value of Shiny bush before we jump to the health benefits :


After some researches and studies have been performed, scientists indicate that Shiny bush can be a potential source of protein, minerals, energy, and other micronutrients. This is due to high level of Carbohydrates, calories, and other substances found in Shiny bush.(You may want to read : Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables for Elderly)

See the complete list below for more details (all values are obtained from 100 g Shiny bush) :

  • 8.33 g Moisture
  • 10.63 g Protein
  • 3.24 g Lipid
  • 46.58 g Carbohydrates
  • 31.22 g Total ash
  • 258 kcal Calories
  • 6977 mg Potassium
  • 483 mg Calcium
  • 119.3 mg Iron
  • 53.92 mg Sodium
  • 12.59 mg Zinc
  • 3.10 mg Copper

Based on the list above, we can conclude is a good source of dietary fiber and iron. (See also : Health Benefits of Drinking Vegetable Broth)

Now, let’s check out the health benefits of Shiny bush :

1. Used to treat gout and arthritis

A herbal tea or decoction made of Shiny bush’ leaves is a traditional medicine for gout, arthritis, and other articular diseases or disorders related to joint. (Also read : Benefits of Ginger for Asthma )

2. Used to treat urinary system problems

In Philippines and some Asian countries, Shiny bush made into herbal tea or consumed as a decoction is believed to treat urinary or renal diseases. This is done by decreasing the level of uric acid in the body. (You may interested in: Health Benefits of Urine Therapy)

3. Treat fever, wounds and skin problems using the roots and the leaves

The roots of Shiny bush are often used to decrease the heat of fever. While the leaves is used as a remedy for external wounds and scars, and also assist in skin treatment. Other aerial parts is used to treat external skin problems as well, such as acne and boils.

4. A herbal medicine to treat cough and other respiratory problems

In Guyana and the Amazon region, the people there used Shiny bush to surpress cough, and to relieve asthma-related symptoms. It also prevents other respiratory diseases. (Also read : Benefits of Orchids Flower

5. Used to lower cholesterol level

This is particularly occurs in Brazil. Shiny bush is said to helps lower the cholesterol level, thus reduce the chance of getting heart attack, stroke, and other heart-related diseases. (You may interested in : Health Benefits of Coconut Flower Nectar)

6. Used to stop bleeding 

In Bolivia, Indian tribes used the whole Shiny bush plant to stop the bleeding or hemorrhage. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Eggplant for Diabetes)

Other noteworthy health benefits of Shiny bush are :

  • Cures headache, fatigue, abscess, colic, and rheumatic
  • Used as a diuretic for urinary problems, and emollient to soften the skin.


Although there is no evidence of toxic behavior yet, patient with allergy or hypersensitivity should stay away from this plant and its kin to avoid getting asthma-like symptoms according to some researches.