10 Super Health Benefits of God’s Crown #1 Asian Herbal

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god's crownGod’s crown plants are usually used as ornamental plants only. Many people do not know the benefits of this plant. However, some people know it but do not use it as a drug because they think this plant is poisonous. So it is dangerous for health. In fact, the health benefits of God’s crown contains good nutrition for the body, such as:

  • Alkaloids
  • Polyphenols
  • Flavonoids

From these nutrients, you will get many health benefits if you consume them in the right way, namely:

  1. As a natural detoxification

Detoxification is needed by your body. Because not all toxins can be removed from the body perfectly. The trick is to boil a few leaves, then drink the water once a week. Toxins will be excreted through feces, sweat, and urine. Or you can also try health benefits of drinking dandelion root tea

  1. Ward off bacteria

This plant also serves to ward off bacteria that can cause disease in your body. Because this plant contains alkaloids that act as anti-bacterial. Related article: health benefits henna leaves

  1. As an anti-virus

Not only able to ward off bacteria, alkaloid in god’s crown also serves as an anti-virus like echinacea health benefits. This is very good for your body because some diseases are caused due to viruses that enter the body

  1. Improving the immune system

Improved immune system, will affect the health of the body increases. Your body will not get sick easily if your immune system is good. This is because this plant contains saponin substances that can improve the immune system like health benefits of artemisia annua

  1. Increase vitality

Saponin substances also serve to increase the vitality of men and women like health benefits eating bean sprouts. The trick is to boil the dried fruit of God’s crown, and drink an hour before you have sex with your partner

  1. Lowering blood sugar

For diabetics, this plant is very nutritious, especially the fruit. Prepare 5 pieces of God’s crown, thinly sliced, boiled with water as much as 5 cups, wait until half. Drink 3 times a day

  1. Smooth blood circulation

Circulation of blood smoothly then the distribution of nutrients throughout the body will also run optimally. That way the whole organ will be healthy. The content of flavonoids in this plant is good for blood circulation. 

  1. Increase metabolism

Flavonoids are not only able to smooth blood circulation. But it is also beneficial to increase the body’s metabolism

  1. Anti-inflammatory

In addition, flavonoids can also be used as an anti-inflammatory. For those of you who are experiencing inflammation of certain organs, you can make this plant as a natural remedy without side effects

  1. As an allergy remedy

Allergies can be caused by various things. The way to prevent allergies is to stay away from things that can trigger allergies arise. Or you can also use god’s crown as an allergy remedy. Because this plant contains polyphenols that are able to treat allergies naturally


Health benefits of God’s crown does have a good property for your health. But you must be careful in consuming it. Do not consume the seeds, because the seeds of this plant contain toxins that would harm your health.