9 Health Benefits of Purple Loosestrife for Medicinal Treatments

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The health benefits of purple loosestrife might only known by several people. As one of the beautiful flowery plants, not much people understand that this plant are benefit to keep several medical condition to be optimum. However, several people that familiar with the benefits use this flower as a herbal remedy for several health problems.

There are several interesting facts about this plant. It usually grow in some wet habitats such as the marshes and riverbanks. Therefore, no wonder if it can find among the wild grasses. It easily grow from one single root and usually flowers around June and August. The flower have purple color, quite tall with some long green leaves. It is nature from UK and Scotland. Therefore, it is not really easy to get the flowers around Asia countries.

Nowadays, due to the benefit of the flower, people usually use it as an extract tea or even a herbal oil to deal with several diseases. Therefore, it is  difficult to find the flower, the extract can easily find in the drug store. Furthermore, as a wild flower, this can easily grow in the backyard. However, to plant the flower it needs perfect weather such as in Europe. Making this flower is difficult to grow in the tropical countries.

Nutrient Contents  of Purple Loosestrife 

There are not much information on the nutrient content of this flower. Specially each extract product will have different contents. However, it is generally known that the loosestrife content various components such as acids, anthocyanin, vitexin, narcissin, pectin and tannins. It contain several minerals that good for various body health. For further health benefits of purple loosestrife, see at below points:

1. Anti Oxidant

The flower is famous as a good anti oxidant source. It will help to avoid the free radical effect due to air pollution around us. Furthermore, it can fight the UV light effect into the skin. This is the same health benefits of black tea and lemon that can help as a natural anti oxidant too.

2. Anti Inflammatory

Another advantage of using the extract tea of the flower is including to help as an anti inflammatory. Therefore, it is suitable to reduce the sore throat pain and any inflammation effects. Furthermore, usually it can soothe the swollen inflame area and help for a fasten inflammation recovery.

3. Anti Aging

As the flower is a good anti oxidant, it is also a good way to manage as an anti aging. Therefore, the loosestrife is another choice to deal with wrinkles and finelines. Furthermore, it can help to keep a younger appearance in face and body. This is the same health benefits bancha tea that can act as an anti aging too.

4. Anti Cancer

Consume the extract tea of the flowers also believe can help as a natural anti cancer. Mainly for skin cancer and uterine cancer. However, this benefit shall need further research to prove that the flower will help to avoid the possibility of worst cancer growth in human body.

5. Anti Diabetic

Another health benefits of purple loosestrife is also to help as an anti diabetic. This will help to reduce the blood sugar level and maintain the sugar level for diabetic persons. Therefore, it is a good way to manage diabetic and avoid high blood sugar raise up. This is the same jackfruit benefits for diabetes that can help to avoid diabetic too.

6. Anti Dermatitis

The extract oil of the flower believe can help with various dermatitis symptoms. This can work effectively to cure any acne in the skin surface or any eczema that irritating the skin. Therefore, it is a good way to manage a healthy skin condition and soothe any dermatitis diseases.

7. Anti Ulcerous

Consuming the extract tea can help to bring a healthy ulcerous. Therefore, it is a good natural treatment for people with ulcerous problems. Furthermore, apply the extract oil to the ulcerous can help to soothe down the pain and irritation. This is the same health benefits of mushroom that can help to deal with ulcerous symptoms too.

8. Anti Diarrheic

Another benefits of the flowers including as an anti diarrheic and to treat various digestive problems. Therefore, it is one of the good solutions to avoid the possibility of upset stomach or avoid heartburn. It can improve intestinal movements and help with better nutrient absorption. Furthermore, it can bring an optimal digestive metabolism to help soothe the diarrheic symptoms. 

9. Anti Bacteria

Loosestrife also known as a good anti bacteria. Therefore, consume the extract tea can help to avoid bacteria infection and lead to avoid various bacteria diseases. This can benefit to maintain the body health and keep the body wellness. This is the same health benefits of asparagus soup that can help as an anti bacteria too.

Cautions And Recommendations

The flowers bring many advantages, but in the other side it also have several effects that needs to consider. Therefore, it is suggested to seek at below recommendations before decide to frequently use the extract tea or oil:

  • Avoid to consume the extract tea or using the extract oil when having allergically symptoms such as itchiness, redness skin, swollen body or even nausea and sickness. It can means that the body is not strong enough to receive the effect of the plant ingredients.
  • Consume proper portions to avoid the harmful side effects such as poisonous or sickness.
  • People with several medical conditions shall consult with the doctor before decide to combine this herbal medication with the medical prescription. As it can interfere the result and not lead to any better health condition.
  • Avoid consume too much portions for people with lower blood sugar or blood pressure, since it can cause the body condition dropped down and may lead to unconscious.

Those all the health benefits of purple loosestrife including the side effects when using it too much portions. Therefore, make sure to recognize the health condition before consuming the extract tea. Or it is better to do consultation with the caregiver or medical practitioner first before put on the extract as daily medication.