10 Amazing Jackfruit Leaves Benefits for Diabetes

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jackfruit leavesJackfruit is a fruit that has a distinctive taste and aroma and is so popular in several Asian countries such as Indonesia and Bangladesh. Due to the distinctive aroma and flavor, jackfruit is often used as an additional ingredient in the manufacture of some types of wet cakes. But you know, that not only the fruit that has many benefits but jackfruit leaves benefits for diabetes also has a myriad of health benefits for our bodies, especially for diabetics.

Many ways to consume jackfruit leaves safely and also remain delicious. But the simplest is to make it in the form of tea. Some of the nutrients in jackfruit leaves are:

  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor

From the nutritional content found in jackfruit leaves, there are many health benefits that will be obtained especially for you diabetics.

  1. Treating diabetes

Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and has infected most people in the world. this disease is dangerous because it is very easy going complication to other chronic diseases. Consuming jackfruit leaves regularly in the morning and certainly without added sugar, will greatly help restore the pancreas’s performance in producing the hormone insulin. Insulin is what will keep blood sugar stable.

In addition to being a super food for diabetics, jackfruit leaves also have several other properties.

  1. Prevent cancer

The high antioxidant content in jackfruit leaves is very good to ward off free radical attacks that can lead to the emergence of cancer cells.

  1. Treating cancer

Not only preventing cancer, consuming jackfruit leaves as much as 3-5 times a day proved to effectively reduce the growth of cancer cells and even kill it.

  1. Improving the immune system

Jackfruit leaf is also believed to increase the body’s immune system. So that the body will not easily attack by various diseases.

  1. Treating the wounds

Blend the jackfruit leaf and apply on the part of the injured body will be able to help the process of wound healing quickly in health benefits of soursop leaves. This herb has been practiced in various circles of the past community mash maintained its tradition until now.

  1. Launch breastmilk

For those of you women who are breastfeeding the baby, the jackfruit leaf can be a solution when you have problems not smooth your production breastmilk in health benefits of breastfeeding. Decoction of jackfruit leaf has been tested can help launch acetate.

  1. Treating boils

Jackfruit leaf is also suitable for external medicine. Apply jackfruit leaves that have been pounded to the boils, then the ulcers will be treated.

  1. Lowering fever

Traditional medicine often uses jackfruit leaves to deal with the fever problems in health benefits beets.

  1. Good for healthy bones and teeth

The high calcium content in jackfruit leaves is very good for maintaining bone health and teeth.

      10. Maintain body health

With a variety of important nutrients found in jackfruit leaves, then automatically your body will be maintained health in benefits of full body massage.


To get maximum benefit from jackfruit leaves benefits for diabetes, it is advisable to process it by boiling it together with water until it turns dark green. Cooking water can be immediately drunk in warm conditions. This will make the nutrition in jackfruit you can take maximum benefit.