20 Health Benefits of Black Tea and Lemon #1 Antioxidants Source

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Lemon tea is a kind of beverage combining tea, or commonly the black tea, with lemon shot. This beverage is acknowledged for its refreshing effect. Besides, it can also present the health benefits of black tea with lemon.

For your information, both ingredients of the beverage are already known for their own health benefits. Black tea which comes from the fermented camellia sinensis leaves can give you antioxidant boost. Meanwhile, lemon is known for its superiority in presenting vitamin c for our health.

As we know, tea also goes very well with fruits and the other natural ingredients. The combinations of two will never go wrong for your health. You can take an example for tea and cranberry with its Health Benefits of Green Tea and Cranberry.

We also know Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Rice as it present the health benefits. Besides, lemon is also possesses many beneficial value for health. Just consuming water with lemon slices give you a boost immune system as it present Health Benefits of Water with Lemon Slices or the Health Benefits of Lemon Ginger Water  to lose weight. How about the combination between black tea and lemon? What are the health benefits of black tea with lemon you can obtain? Read up and you’ll find the whole answer.

Nutritional Information of Black Tea and Lemon

From a cup of black tea with added with some lemon juice we can get the following beneficial value:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Thiamine
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Caffeine
  • Theaflavins
  • Catechins

The Health Benefits of Black Tea with Lemon

The combination between the two healthy natural ingredients will undoubtedly give you the amazing health effect for your body. Here are the top 20 health benefits of black tea and lemon .

  1. Relieve cough

Drinking a cup of warm black tea with lemon is definitely a good idea for your cough. It helps you eliminate the mucus and boost the recovery process. In addition, drinking this tea when you sick will give you such a calming and soothing effect for your mind which is good for your recovery.

  1. Soothe throat

The anti-inflammatory property owned by black tea with lemon will enable you to relieve your sore throat. It will effectively reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain because of the inflammation.

  1. Improve immunity

The combination between black will present you with the quality as antiseptic. It is able to fight infection within the body, and further improving immune system by. This way, the regular consumption of this beverage may counter some infection and illness.

  1. Control weight

Both tea and lemon are good in fighting fats. Therefore, drinking black tea with lemon after meal may be a good idea as it quickly dissolves fats and turn it into energy. This way, there will be no fats blocking which may lead to obesity.

  1. Good for cardiovascular system

Not only good in controlling weight, the ability of black tea with lemon in binding fats are also beneficial for the cardiovascular system. As we know, fats may lead to some cardiovascular diseases such coronary heart, strokes, and heart attack. Therefore, the regular consumption of this beverage may prevent you from developing those diseases.

  1. Flush toxins

Both caffeine in black tea and lemon juice are able to increase your urine. This way, you can quickly remove the toxins and the unwanted material from your body through urine.

  1. Increase iron absorption

Iron is one of the minerals plays important role in the body. Iron aid the repair of body tissues and improving immune system. In this case, the regular consumption of iron may increase the iron absorption from your foods.

  1. Prevent neurodegenerative diseases

The antioxidants from the health benefits of black tea with lemon are effective to fight free radicals which may cause some diseases, including the neurodegenerative diseases. In this case, adding lemon to your black tea may be beneficial for aging people as it is able to prevent the neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

  1. Prevent cancer

Both tea and lemon have also been proven effective to prevent cancer. it is possible since the antioxidants in both ingredients are considered to be the most powerful antioxidants to inhibit tumor growth. So, why don’t you change your morning coffee with black tea and lemon? Both are high with caffeine needed to give your day a kick.

  1. Prevent kidney stones

Besides the effectiveness in inhibiting tumor growth, antioxidants from black tea with lemon are also able to prevent and dissolve kidney stones. The health benefits of black tea with lemon to prevent kidney stones also contributed by the diuretic property in this beverage.

  1. Lift up mood

The combination between caffeine content with the refreshing taste and pleasant aroma will definitely lift up your mood in an instant time. Drink the tea in the beginning of the day or in the middle of your work stuck to boost your mood and have a nice day.

  1. Prevent depression

Stress from your boring routine and tight working deadline? You may need some doping to prevent you from getting depression. In this case, black tea with lemon may give you a hand. Regularly drink black tea with lemon shot on it provide you with caffeine and antioxidants which are good for you mental and physical state.

The other health benefits of black tea with lemon are:

  1. Prevent diabetes
  2. Improve skin health
  3. Improve bones health
  4. Maintain healthy digestion
  5. Lower high cholesterol level
  6. Aid oral health
  7. Treat diarrhea
  8. Reduce puffiness

Recommendation in Consuming Black Tea with Lemon

You can have the health benefits of black tea with lemon only if you avoid using sugar in it. Well, you know that tea are basically has its sense of bitterness. But this is the reason we combine tea with lemon. Lemon spice up the taste and add such a refreshing scent on your tea.

But if you worry about the bitter taste of tea, you can add honey as the natural sweetener. In addition honey will also give Health Benefits of Honey  for you. Besides sugar, you should also avoid milk or creamer for the tea. You know it tastes very good with them.

But those additions will only add some more fats which may ruin the amazing health benefits of black tea with lemon. And if you are in medication, you may need to consult the doctor before consuming this beverage, since black tea contains caffeine which might interfere with the functioning of some medicine. About the recommended intake, it is better if you limit your consumption to a cup or two daily.