10 Health Benefits of Purple Sticky Rice Are Revealed

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Have you ever consumed purple sticky rice? Purple sticky rice is a glutinous rice that have a purple color. Who would have thought that this type of rice actually have a lot of nutrition and benefits that are useful for the body. Here are the explanations of them

Contents of Purple Sticky Rice

Purple sticky rice have a very useful content of nutrition. Besides that, purple sticky rice is also believed to have other compound contents such as anthocyanin which is a natural antioxidant compound that have a primary function to protect the purple sticky rice plant form the ultraviolet radiation light. Here is some information of nutrition content in 100 grams of purple sticky rice in various conditions, which will be explained on the table below.

Table 1. Nutrition Content in Purple Sticky Rice per 100 grams

Nutrition ContentTotal
Energy356 kcal
Protein7 gr
Fat0,7 gr
Carbohydrate78 gr
Calcium10 mg
Phosphor148 mg
Iron1 mg
Vitamin A0 IU
Vitamin B10,2 mg
Vitamin C0 mg

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Table 2. Nutrition Content of Steamed Purple Sticky Rice per 100 grams

Nutrition ContentTotal
Energy181 kcal
Protein4 gr
Fat1,2 gr
Carbohydrate37,3 gr
Calcium9 mg
Phosphor144 mg
Iron1,7 mg
Vitamin A0 IU
Vitamin B10,06 mg
Vitamin C0 mg

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Table 3. Nutrition Content in Pounded Purple Sticky Rice per 100 grams

Nutrition ContentTotal
Energy360 kcal
Protein8 gr
Fat2,3 gr
Carbohydrate74,5 gr
Calcium10 mg
Phosphor347 mg
Iron6,2 mg
Vitamin A0 IU
Vitamin B10,24 mg
Vitamin C0 mg

Thus, let’s learn about the health benefits of purple sticky rice here! 

Benefits of Purple Sticky Rice

Purple sticky rice is widely known by the people to be used as a natural cure of diabetes. Diabetes is an illness that happens due to the inability of the body to produce insulin inside blood nor inability of the body to use insulin effectively. The presence of this illness can be seen from the high level of blood sugar.

Usually, diabetes is caused by the lack of sport, bad lifestyle, smoking or high level of alcohol consumption, obesity, to hereditary factors.

Beside as a natural medicine for diabetes, consuming purple sticky rice have some good benefits such as:

  1. As Food Ingredients

Purple sticky rice may not be well known to be used as a direct consume food like the other types of rice. However, purple sticky rice can be processed into many different kind of foods that are as interesting as the other foods such as purple sticky rice porridge, tapai purple sticky rice, bugis purple sticky rice, purple sticky rice martabak to purple sticky rice sponge cake. You may also read Health Benefits of Lettuce

  1. As a Reserved Food for the Body

The high energy and carbohydrate content on purple sticky rice can make you feel full much longer since this food can be used as a reserved food that might be needed at times by the body. You may also read Snail Health Benefits

  1. Help Maintain Skin’s Health

Purple sticky rice can be used to protect the moisture of the skin like the other type of rice since it has the traits to cool down the skin and make the skin looks smoother and brighter. The way to feel this benefit is to use it as a scrub or face mask in order to lift some dead skin cells and replace it with new skin cells.

  1. Help Prevent Anemia

The iron content in purple sticky rice can help you to prevent illness such as anemia. You can make a use of this by consuming purple sticky rice once in a while for like two to three times in a week.

This is due to iron that is also contained in the purple sticky rice can be useful to produce hemoglobin in the blood system that is very much needed by those who suffer from anemia.

  1. Help Maintain Brain’s Health

It is said that consuming purple sticky rice can help the brain function to stay well and useful for the cognitive growth and brain development. Based on an existing research, lack of phosphor inside the body can risk cognitive problems and neurologist problems that can be resulted in alzheimer and dementia.

  1. Help Maintain Bones’ and Teeth’s Health

The content of phosphor and calcium on purple sticky rice can be useful to help protecting the health of bones and teeth. Phosphor and calcium have an important role in making the bones and teeth stronger, even the lack of phosphor can cause osteoporosis on adults.

  1. Help on Wounds’ Healing Process

Consuming purple sticky rice can help the body to have enough protein that it needs to make the body do the process of wound healing or even regeneration of the cells inside the body.

  1. As antioxidant

The content of antioxidant in purple sticky rice can be helpful for the human body to maintain the body’s stamina and cure several kinds of illness.

Besides, the content of antioxidant can also be useful to avert free radicals and help the body to prevent the growth of cells inside the body that can cause cancer or tumor. One more thing, antioxidant is very helpful to prevent premature aging on people.

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How to Prepare Purple Sticky Rice

Sometimes, to help decrease the level of blood sugar, it needs expensive assistance and medicines. But now we should worry no more because you can use natural medicines from the purple sticky rice.

Here is the way to get the health benefits of purple sticky rice:


  • Pure purple sticky rice without any mixture, wash it clean
  • Table spoon and star fruit glass
  • Sufficient amount of hot water

How to make the potion:

  • Add 2-3 table spoon of purple sticky rice into the glass
  • Brew the purple sticky rice with a glass full of hot water, close the glass and let it cool down (takes about an hour long)
  • Drink the brewed purple sticky rice water three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening before eat
  • Let the grounds of the purple sticky rice to stay in the glass and use it for the next brews about two times
  • After the blood sugar is starting to come back to normal, you still can consume the purple sticky rice brewed water for two times a week to maintain the stability of your blood sugar level.


This was the information that we can deliver about the health benefits of purple sticky rice. Although it is not widely known, you are urged to get used to consume the purple sticky rice that is rich with benefits after reading this article. Thank you for reading and we hope the information will be found useful for you.