7 Great Benefits of Lorazepam for Anxiety – Medical Use

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Lorazepam is a type of medication with the purpose of relieving anxiety. It is categorized as benzodiazepines (a well-known group of drugs). Even though it has reputation as a drug, it is not entirely narcotic or illegal. Scientists discovered that lorazepam may have positive effects in relieving panic attack or anxiety.

In other words, lorazepam have some properties and special compounds that capable of changing the mood, but it would not make you high or hallucinated though. Beside to treat anxiety disorders, this drug apparently has way more than that.

Based on track records, it has been used to treat difficulty in sleeping, seizure, acute coronary syndrome (used in conjunction with other meds), and so on and so forth. But, in this writing we will be focusing on benefits of lorazepam for anxiety disorders. OK, so, to lighten up the readers a bit about anxiety we will give some brief explanations.

According to mental health experts, anxiety is a condition in which the inner peace is greatly disturbed by some unknown thoughts, fear of something, or panicked by certain situation. The person may have difficulty in maintaining a calm, relaxed behavior.

To sum it up, they’ll look like they constantly in fear of facing some unknown danger or upcoming situation. (Recommended : Benefits of Kalonji for Depression) OK, without further ado, below are information about the benefits of lorazepam for anxiety :

Chemical Composition and Properties of Lorazepam

Skilled medical experts have discovered some useful substances which lorazepam are made of. These substances are said to effective againts anxiety disorders and other mental health disorders.

Some of the substances found are (in the Ativan’s lorazepam) lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, polacrilin, magnesium stearate, coloring agents (indigo carmine and tartrazine), polyethylene glicol, propylene glicol, and benzyl alcohol. Also, the experts found that lorazepam has muscle relaxant, sedative, anticonvulsant, amnesic, hypnotic, and anxiolytic properties. (See also : Benefits of Banana for Constipation)

Alright, here the benefits of lorazepam for anxiety :

1. It possesses anxiolytic properties

Lorazepam as a medication has been purposely made for anxiety disorder treatment. Of course, it is obligatory for lorazepam to somehow possess anxolytic properties. According to drugs experts, Anxiolytic is a term used for medication or intervention that hinder the effect of anxiety.

Using lorazepam for anxiety is an effective and quick move for short term treatment, because its relieving effect begins quick. This is common for anxiolytic drugs, as they are always used in most medical treatments. The methods of using lorazepam for anxiety are via IV injection, intramuscular, transdermal, or through the mouth.

2. It is very useful as premedication

One of the best benefits of lorazepam for anxiety. Up to this day, lorazepam has been used as premedication and proven to be very useful.

For instance, lorazepam is given before the patient undergo a surgery or medical procedure to reduce the amount of anesthetic (painkiller) used, to reduce the anxiety of the patient (knowing that he/she is about to experience a lot of pain), to increase compliance, and to induce amnesia of the procedure (thus the patient would forget the whole procedure). (Also read : Benefits of Banana for Bodybuilding

3. Lorazepam is used to produce anxiolysis

Another good benefits of lorazepam for anxiety. As one of benzodiazepines as well as psychoactive drugs, lorazepam is used to form anxiolysis medicines. Anxiolysis medicines has been used by many medical instances to treat anxiety disorder and other anxiety related symptoms.

Based on scientific researches, lorazepam or benzodiazepines as anxiolysis is quite effective againts anxiety or panic disorder in patients. Hystorically, lorazepam has been prescribed by many doctors for specific purposes, such as anxiety. Other anxiolysis medicines include xanax, barbiturates, lectovam, librium, klonopin, tranxene, valium, dalmane, serax, restoril, halcion, carbamates, antihistamines, opioids, and antidepressants.

4. Lorazepam as sedative has relaxing and calming effect

Based on drugs experts’ report, one of the reasons why lorazepam is useful as anxiety problems premedication and medication is its relaxing and calming effect on a anxious and panic patient after they are consumed. It is also does not take much time to get the effect to work.

Hence why lorazeopam has been referred as short term treatment sedative. Based on pharmacists’ comment, lorazepam is one of instant treatment of anxiety disorder and has been included as a prescribed medication to treat anxiety and similar disorders.

5. Lorazepam acts fast in relieving anxiety

Another great benefits of lorazepam for anxiety. Compared to other methods in reducing anxiety, lorazepam is faster in giving relaxing effects to person with anxiety problems. Well, that means the patient basically being “drugged” but not in negative way, similar to other prescribed drugs, such as anesthetic, opioids, morphine, etc.

These group of drugs usually given to patient prior to surgery or other medical procedure, with purpose of relieving the patient’s anxiety and to get the procedure done without significant difficulties or interruptions. (Recommended : Health Benefits of Indian Borage

6. It eases your trouble in sleeping because of anxiety

Well, it is scientifically proven that lorazepam provides many benefits for anxiety, this is one of them. The researchers found that, if consumed in correct dose, lorazepam not only can treat anxiety, but it also solves trouble in sleeping, which is called insomnia in medical subjects and possibly related to anxiety.

Well, it rather makes sense, because usually a person may have difficulty in sleeping if he or she has anxiety or always panicking. A person need to feel relaxed to be put to sleep. A lorazeplam pill is said to make sleeping easier, similar to common sleeping pills you can buy in the counter. (You may want to read : Benefits of Purple Amethyst)

7. It can reduce agitation

Based on researches, lorazepam can also reduce agitation. This is possibly due to relation between agitation and anxiety. They are still related, because both involve panic, or fear or unknown upcoming situations, or the patient may feel nervous. Lorazepam also has relaxing (calming) effects, so the agitated person will get more relaxed, depend on the dose given.

Cautions in Using Lorazepam for Anxiety

As one of prescribed drugs, it is very important to note that lorazepam has many adverse effects and may cause harm to certain indiduals. It’s strongly advised againts consuming lorazepam (ativan) in a large dose. Consume only in proper dose and consult doctor to avoid side effects.