10 Hidden Health Benefits of Blue Oyster Mushrooms

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It is common to know about the enoki mushrooms, but not with the health benefits of blue oyster mushrooms. This is quite normal, since there are many other types of mushrooms that not really known in the world. While mushrooms species can be thousands around the world. Each country might have specific types of mushrooms growth in the countries. Making it difficult to understand very well on the mushroom species.

Blue oyster mushrooms have specific dark blue color that really beautiful to look. But behind the beauty, there are magnificent benefits. Therefore, even the mushrooms are rare, people are looking for it. While this mushrooms needs more air to grow well. Means that cultivate the mushrooms need perfect humidity and air temperature.

The mushrooms not only delicious to cook, but it is believe can bring various advantages. To consume this mushrooms is quite easy. It can be cooked as soup, baked or fried. More over, it is available all the year around. Making this mushrooms is quite easy to find and get.

Nutrient of Blue Oyster Mushrooms

One cup of blue oyster mushrooms might contain several nutrients. Including vitamin D, which is the most nutrient content in the mushrooms. It also contain anti oxidant agen, protein, fiber, potassium, vitamin B and also folate acid. Furthermore, it content niacin and some milligrams of iron.

Benefit of Blue Oyster Mushrooms

There are several health benefits of the blue oyster mushrooms, including below:

1. Anti Oxidant

Such as another mushrooms, this one also a source of anti oxidant. This is good in manage the effect of free radical pollutions. Mainly from UV light that possible to end up with skin cancer, or from motor vehicle air pollutant that can damage the respiratory system. Through a good content of anti oxidant, it can help a better cells growth and throw the possibility of bad cells. This is the same health benefits of starfruit that can work as an anti oxidant too.

2. Maintain Cardiovascular

Another advantage of the mushrooms is to maintain the cardiovascular health in the body. Through frequent consume of the mushrooms can help to manage the cholesterol level inside the blood flow. Furthermore, it will help to avoid the fat blocking and blood cod. Therefore, it can manage to avoid the possibility of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack or stroke symptoms.

3. Avoid Blood Pressure

Consume the mushrooms believed can help to manage the blood pressure. Furthermore, it will help to lowered down the pressure. Therefore, it is good for people with hypertension. Since it will manage a healthy blood pressure and keep it low as necessary. This is the same benefits of curry leaves for high blood pressure that works to manage the blood pressure too.

4. Avoid Anemia

The mushrooms contain iron that is good for stimulate the red blood cell formation. Therefore, it can manage a healthy blood that will help to avoid the possibility of experience anemia. This can lead to a healthy blood conditions.

5. Avoid Diabetic

Another health benefits of blue oyster mushrooms for the blood is to avoid the possibility of high blood sugar level. it can help to manage the blood sugar level. Furthermore, it will optimize the body metabolism in creating energy which help for optimum blood sugar release. Therefore, it will be beneficial to avoid the symptoms of diabetes. This is the same health benefits of red rice for diabetics patient. 

6. Anti Cancer

As an anti oxidant, this mushrooms will also work as an anti cancer too. Therefore, it will benefit to break out nutrient absorption from cancer cells. Furthermore, it will stimulate the cells to regenerate quickly. This is a good news for cancer patient. Since it can manage to bring hope of reducing the cancer effects into the body. However, this shall subjected to further study.

7. Brain Health

The mushrooms contain enough vitamin B that help to stimulate the brain function. Therefore, it is a good choice to put this ingredients in one of the meal menu. By consume the mushrooms, the brain can work effectively and keep healthy. This is the same health benefits of goat meat that works to optimize brain health too.

8. Better Growth

To consume blue oyster mushrooms will help to bring a better growth in children. Therefore, this menu is suit for given to children for the body development. The content of nutrient is good enough to support children development. Therefore, providing the mushrooms into kids menu is a one good choice.

9. Avoid Dementia

As mentioned before that the vitamin B inside the mushrooms will optimize the brain function, here the mushrooms also benefit to avoid dementia. By giving proper nutrition into the brain, it will help to improve memory too. Therefore, the possibility of early dementia symptoms can be avoided. This is the same health benefits of oncom that works to avoid dementia too. 

10. Strength Bones And Teeth

The mushrooms also contain several milligrams of calcium which can benefit to maintain a healthy bones and teeth. It will help to avoid the osteoporosis symptoms including bones fracture. Therefore, it can manage to keep a strength bones and also teeth too.

Cautions And Recommendation

There are several cautions which need to consider before consume the mushrooms. They are as below:

  • The mushrooms may contain poison. Therefore, make sure to cooked it in proper way and make sure it higiene and not raw.
  • It is possible to create allergically symptoms such as redness, swollen mouth, itchiness, rash, or even nausea and sickness. Therefore, avoid consume the mushrooms if those signs happen.
  • Too many portions might bring toxin to the body. Therefore, only consume in proper function.
  • People under some medical treatments suggested to avoid eating the oyster mushrooms. Otherwise, it can interfere with the medical prescription from the medical practitioner.

Those are all the health benefits of blue oyster mushrooms for various medical problems. The important thing is to consume the mushroom in normal portions. Therefore, it will add no side effects after that. Plus, the health will keep optimum along the time.