8 Proven Benefits Of Curry Leaves For High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension if one of the most diseases that experience by half of Indonesian people. This is a common sickness in Asia. Therefore, some people start to look at benefits of curry leaves for high blood pressure. Not many people feel familiar with curry leaves.

Usually the famous one is curry food as traditional food from India. But curry leaves might rarely heard and do related with the food. Hence, to bring an enough information, below is some details about the leave.

Curry leaves are the shiny, dark green, aromatic leaves. It comes from a tree of the citrus fruit family. The leave can release a deliciously nutty aroma when fried in hot oil. It is a native from India and Srilanka. Therefore, people in those countries use the leaves for the dishes. Making it the famous common food called curry.

In Indonesia, the plant is hard to cultivated. Only along Sumatra island that this plant might be found. However, curry is a famous food too in this country. Hence, to create an original flavor of the curry, usually they use curry pasta provided in the market. It is not common to add the curry leaves itself into the dishes. Furthermore, it also not common to use curry leaves for hypertension.

1. Maintain Blood Pressure

It might not common that curry leaves is good to manage the blood pressure. Therefore, consuming the extract can help to manage the blood pressure in the stable level. This will lead to avoid the risk of getting hypertension. Hence, it is an alternative to choose when having risk of increasing blood pressure.

A frequent consume of the extract will help to calm down the blood pressure and manage it to keep stable everyday. This is the same benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control that works to manage blood pressure too.

2. Reduce Blood Pressure

Another benefit is to help on reducing the blood pressure. Still relate with the first benefit above, this extract can also reduce the blood pressure. Not only maintain the blood pressure level.

But it can benefit people who has hypertension to get cured through frequent consume of the leaves extract. Therefore, it the tension can reduce, it can relief the blood pressure.

3. Maintain Blood Circulation

As it can manage the blood pressure, it can maintain blood circulation too. The capability of managing the blood pressure level will keep the blood circulation become stable too. Therefore, it good to avoid the blood cod and automatically maintain the cholesterol level inside the blood cells.

This can bring to avoid the body of further risk of any diseases relate with bad blood circulation. Mainly to the nerve and the brain. This can help to avoid the possibility of brain nerve damage. This is the same health benefits of dodder seed that manage a better blood circulation too.

4. Avoid Headaches

Another benefits of curry leaves for high blood pressure is including to avoid the headaches. It is common that people with hypertension symptoms experience headache. This is due to increasing blood pressure can lead to the head tension too. Therefore, it will bring headache and the pain nerve react of it.

5. Regenerate Blood Cells

The curry leaves extract also can help to regenerate the blood cells. To avoid the high blood tension, it will stimulate the blood cells to eliminate the bad blood and replace with a new good blood cell.

It can help to avoid damage in the blood circulation and maintain the blood pressure level in stable condition. This is the same health benefits of baby’s breath that can stimulate the regeneration of new blood cells too.

6. Stimulate Blood Hormones

Consume curry leaves extract also good to manage the blood hormones. If the body produce a better blood hormones circulation, then the blood cell can work optimum.

Specially to bring a better supply of oxygen level into the brain. This is good to maintain the brain nerve and brain function too.

7. Avoid Heart Attack

People with high blood pressure risk will lead to heart attack risk too. It is common to happen as a complication effect when the blood pressure is suddenly increase.

Therefore, by avoid hypertension, it will avoid heart attack possibility to be happen. This is the same health benefits of green beans that able to avoid heart attack too.

8. Maintain Cardiovascular

A benefit of controlling the blood circulation will bring a good control of cardiovascular too. This is as mentioned previously. That curry leaves extract will able to manage cholesterol level in the blood. Therefore, it will manage the HDL and LDL level inside the blood flow become stable.

Since an increasing in the HDL level will be dangerous for the body condition. This can lead to the blood cod which can lead to various diseases. Hence, consume the curry leaves can help to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. This is the same health benefits of salmon rolls that can help to avoid the possibility of stroke diseases too.

How to Prepare Curry Leaves for High Blood Pressure Treatments

Prepare an extract from curry leaves is not difficult. There are few steps to follow if want to produce a homemade curry leaves extract.

  • First, find some curry leaves and cleanse it.
  • Then heat some water in a pan.
  • If the water boiling, put in the curry leaves and wait for several minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and wait for few minutes.
  • After that strain the water into a pot. Add some honey or lemon for more flavor in the extract.
  • This homemade extract is ready to serve in a cup.
  • The best is to have it in the afternoon. To bring an overview on the benefit, below are some benefits of curry leaves for high blood pressure.

Those are several benefits of curry leaves for high blood pressure. Consume the curry food might be danger for the health. But routine consume of curry leaves extract can help to reduce the blood pressure.

Therefore, this alternative can be try as an option. If making the extract is not easy, then try to buy the extract capsules which provided in the drug store or any medical store around.