11 Nutritional Health Benefits of Oncom (Indonesian Fermented Food)

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Oncom is an Indonesian product made of peanut (groundnut) with solid waste of tapioca, or you can also read benefits of tapioca, and solid waste of soybean. Furthermore, it also sometimes combined with coconut press cake, which all of the ingredients being fermented well.

There are two types of oncom and they are red oncom and black oncom. Surprisingly, that utilizes by product is high of nutritional content. As well as its nutritional content, it equipped with many health benefits. Here are some health benefits of oncom:

  1. Boosts metabolism

Some people have been believed the benefit of oncom to boost immune system. Since then, it also fight many diseases. Furthermore, it is linked with the nutrients contained in oncom such as protein and carbohydrates, or you can also read health benefits whey protein.

  1. Protect digestive system

Some people tend to know the benefit of oncom to protect digestive system since it contains rafinosa and stakhiosa. Furthermore, it also prevents some digestive problems like diarrhea, or you can also read how to prevent diarrhea. Those problems may affect the digestive system because the bowel movement doesn’t work well.

  1. Acts as energy source

Protein and carbohydrates in oncom are also great for energy source. Furthermore, when the body has more energy, then it probably lead to the strong immune system. To those who are having many schedules, it is recommended to consume oncom to make you healthier.

  1. Clears blood

Oncom has the ability to clear blood because it has retinol and rerinoat acids. Those two substances increase blood circulation in the body as well as prevent inflammation on acne or pimples. The conditions often happen when the body is having bad blood.

  1. Reduces cholesterol

Fiber is a nutrient in oncom that is useful to reduce cholesterol or control it, or you can also read health benefits of fiber. Consequently, people with high of cholesterol can consume it often and moreover, it will promote healthy heart. The health of heart can you get when the body is having normal cholesterol.

  1. Improves brain function

One of the health benefits of oncom is to improve brain function. The nutrients such as iron and phosphor in oncom can improve the function of brain including as the preventing of dementia or related condition.

  1. Supports the growth of bones

Phosphor may improve the growth of bone, while it can be found in oncom. Oncom will support the growth of bones and furthermore it is recommended for any age especially those who are still growing.

  1. Promotes teeth health

As well as oncom can support the growth of bones, it also promotes teeth health. It is another benefit of phosphor to protect the health of teeth.

  1. Reduces the risk of thrombosis

Thrombosis is case of sudden death caused by blockage in the blood vessels due to blood clots in the veins. Studies have shown the benefit of oncom to reduce the risk of thrombosis because it prevents the blockage in the blood vessels.

The other health benefits of oncom are:

  1. Prevents flatulence
  2. Reduces the production of aflatoxin toxic

The health benefits probably as same as other Indonesian foods, or you can also read health benefits of organic tempeh.