15 Unknown Health Benefits of Bitter Almond Essential Oil

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Almond tree is come from Western Asia and North Africa. Today the tree is cultivated widely up to Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. The almond fruit can be harvested and roasted to consume. While the essential oil is also can use in several ways. There are many health benefits of bitter almond essential oil which has been proven. Therefore, the almond trees is popular not only for food, but also for an essential oil.

Almond oil bitter is very light and normally used in aromatherapy massage. It can easily have absorbed by the skin. Furthermore, the oil is rich in almost all the vital nutrients. Therefore, it has been in use since ancient times. The oil is varying in taste, flavor and smell. Hence, the purest and nicest quality is indeed pricy. But it shall be processed via roasting and leaching to remove the toxicity.

The almond tree can grow up to eight meters. Furthermore, the tree has simple leaves, red color flowers and velvety drupes fruits. While the crushed kernels is the main ingredients to result the essential oil. The powdered fruit is then distilled to yield 1% of the essential oil.

There is no specific information on bitter almond essential oil nutritional value. While the main chemical components of this oil are benzaldehyde and hydrocyanic (prussic acid). Since it contains some deadly poisons, therefore, it should be used with some care. However, below are health benefits of bitter almond essential oil:

1. Anti-Bacteria

This essential oil is benefit as an anti-bacteria. Therefore, it is good to eliminate germs. It can help to avoid bacteria infection. Furthermore, it can keep a healthy body by eliminating bacteria disease from our body. This is the same health benefits bathing dettol soap than can perform as anti-bacteria too.

2. Avoid Fungal Infection

The use of this oil can avoid fungal infection. This is a good solution to avoid fungal in the skin. Mostly in the feet area. Therefore, by applying the oil, it will help to eliminate fungal grow in infected area.

3. Kills Intestinal Worm

Small amount of the oil will benefit to kill intestinal worm. It shall be use with cautions. Since the oil is also poisonous. Therefore, ask the medical practitioner when using the oil for intestinal area.

4. Sedative Effects

The toxic content of glycoside amygdalin in bitter almond oil can affects nerves. This can make people insensitive to any sensation, even pain. Furthermore, this induces numbness and anesthetic effects.

5. Anti-Depressant

It renders vitality to various sensory organs. It also helps to strengthening the body. Furthermore, it help to avoid stresses.

6. Effective Purgative

The oil can cause frequent loose motions and vomiting. Therefore, it can use as an effective purgative. Be caution for the dose since it should be very low and mild. Otherwise, it may have severe adverse effects.

7. Anti-Cancer

The oil also known as an anti-cancer. It can help to avoid the cancer cell to grow. Furthermore, it help to stimulate a good cell to replace a cancer cell. The same benefits of curcumin that can act as an anti-cancer too.

8. Promotes Urination

When apply the oil in very small amounts, the body tends to throw it out through frequent urination. This can help to lose weight and relaxes the body. Therefore, it is good to promote urination.

9. Maintain Healthy Skin

It can use as an effective emollient, smoothing and softening lotion for skin. Through its consistent use, this can prevent flaking, ageing, chapping and cracking of skin. Therefore, it will help to maintain the skin. This is the same benefits of lavender for skin.

10. Maintain Healthy Hair

The oil is widely use for composition in hair products. It help to strength the hair. Furthermore, it benefit to shine the hair. Therefore, it is common to use the oil as hair conditioner or hair tonic. It smell good in the hair.

11. Moisture Hand and Feet

The oil can be used as an lotion that can help to moisture the hand and feet. It will protect the feet skin from drying. Therefore, it is common to apply in the hand skin too.

12. Moisture Lips

The oil can use as a lips moisturizer. It can help to keep the lips shiny and moisture. Therefore, it can avoid the lip skin to breakout.

13. Anti-Inflammatory

Another health benefits is an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, the oil can be use to soothe inflammation. This is the same health benefits of mangosteen seeds.

14. Maintain Healthy Nail

The almon oil can also use for maintaining a healthy nail. It can use as a moisturizer for nail. It will strength the nail. Furthermore, it can result a glowing nail.

15. Anesthesia

It can use as anesthesia for medicinal use. However, it shall apply externally for local anesthetic purposes only. Ingestion for total anesthetic purposes can lead to fatality.

Recommended Intake of Bitter Almond Essential Oil

There are some ways to gain the health benefits of bitter almond oil as below:

  1. The oil can be use as aromatherapy purposes. It can directly diffuse in an open air. There are many brands selling the aromatherapy oil and it is quite easy to get.
  2. The oil can be use as a complete moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin from deep inside. Therefore, it is highly used as an ingredient in cosmetics.
  3. This oil can be used as the base ingredients for hair conditioner or tonic.
  4. It is also use as an eye make-up remover.

Side Effects of Bitter Almond Essential Oil

There are some side effects of bitter almond essential oil. Therefore, some cautions shall be made when using the essential oil. This side effects is as below:

  1. Since hydrogen cyanide is a deadly poison, therefore an extreme care should be taken in in using the oil for internal and external applications. Watch the instruction carefully since an overdose can be dangerous.
  2. It should not give to babies, children, the elderly, or seriously ill people since it contains harmful ingredients.
  3. The oil can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, pregnant woman shall avoid to use the oil.
  4. Lactating mother shall avoid the oil since the poison can affect the breastmilk.
  5. The medicinal uses of the oil are restricted to external applications.

For an internal applications shall done in very low doses. A slightly excessive amount can be dangerous.