Health Benefits of Morning Glory Flowers (#1 Effective Home Remedy)

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Morning glory is a flower of which the name well represents the appearance. The beautiful bloom in blue, ink, and purple shades give us the representation of glory in the morning. Talking about the physical characteristic, morning glory is a twisting vine with beautiful petals. And just like the name, this flower bloom by the morning sunshine.

Most people adore morning glory flowers’ aesthetic property. However, morning glory is not just praised for its classic beauty, but also for itspowerful health benefits of morning glory flowers. Find out more about the health benefits of morning glory flowers on this page.

Nutritional Information of Morning Glory

The thorough clinical research on morning glory nutrients has not been carried. However, botanists found that the flower possess amazing abilities which are credited to the excellent nutrients in it. Here are some of the values found in morning glory flowers:

  • Aspartic acid
  • Arginine
  • Cysteine
  • Tropine
  • Pseudotropine
  • Alkaloids
  • Resins
  • Fat
  • Volatile oil
  • Phytosterol

Therefore, it is no wonder that morning glory, which is also the symbol of unrequited love, own the excellent benefits for some health problems.

The Health Benefits of Morning Glory Flowers

There are many health benefits of morning glory we can get by consuming this trumpet shaped flower. The beneficial part of morning glory is not only the petals. The flower seeds are also beneficial for health. Here are the health benefits:

  1. Combat stress

Most of the morning glory flower species are originated from America. However, it is can be found everywhere now. Even Chinese is one of the countries which massively use morning glory flowers as the herbal remedy in their traditional medication method. One of the usages of morning glory flowers is to combat stress. It has such a calming effect which is suitable to alleviate the symptom of stress.

  1. Antibacterial agent

Although morning glory flowers are known as the herbal remedy just like the Health Benefits of Bougainvillea Flowers. But don’t think you can only take them as medicine. You can also consume them as side dish. Just stir fry the flowers and eat them for your meal time. It is known to have excellent antibacterial property. It is effective to fight Escherichia coli and Candida Albicans.

  1. Good for diabetes

Chinese herbalists not only rely on morning glory flowers to fight bacteria. They also believe on the ability of morning glory flowers to regulate blood sugar. Therefore, it is good for them who are in high risk of diabetes or already diagnosed with diabetes. You can also have the natural anti-diabetic effect from Health Benefits of Guava Leaves for Diabetes.

  1. Treat insect bite

Most of the consumption of morning glory flowers is taken orally. However, do you know that this flower can also be used as topical medicine? Well, you can crush fresh morning glory flowers and use them as topical treatment to treat insect bite. The health benefits of morning glory flowers to treat insect bite firstly found among Native Americans. Then, a certain study supports that morning glory flowers are effective topical treatment for spider bite.

  1. Good for skin

Besides the ability of morning glory flowers in treating insect bites, this flower is also excellent to be used as the treatment for skin problems. It is able to effectively treat dermatitis, just like the Health Benefits of Argan Oil . Morning glory flower is not only able to deal with the common dermatitis, but also the stasis dermatitis.

  1. Relieve cough

The consumption of morning glory flowers is known to be helpful for cough. It is possible since morning glory flowers have the ability to get rid of the mucus, so that it enhances the cough recovery process. Therefore, morning glory might be one of the recommendations of herbal medicine to relieve cough. It is just like Health Benefits of Onion Tea.

  1. Treat stomachache

Morning glory flower is used as the traditional medicine for stomachache. People in china has been using this bird inviting flowers to relieve stomach problems, including bloating. It is also is as one of the ingredients in Chinese herbal remedy to deal with health problems caused by pinworm.

  1. Improve brain power

The consumption of morning glory within the recommended dosage is able to improve brain power. It is possible when morning glory flowers play their significant role in giving brain stimulus, so that it supports the cognitive function of the brain.

  1. Reduce swelling

The other method in consuming morning glory is by process the flower into herbal tea. Consuming morning glory as herbal tea is effective to reduce swelling or edema because of the excessive body fluids. The tea optimizes the excretion of the fluid and quickly relieves edema. You can also combine these flowers with the other kinds of tea such as golden monkey tea and have the addition Health Benefits of Golden Monkey Tea .

  1. Treat arthritis

In gaining the health benefits of morning glory flowers to treat arthritis, you can both taking the flower orally or topically. Both usages will give the quicker effect for your joints pain. Drink them as warm morning glory to reduce the pain and apply the crushed fresh flowers topically to boost the recovery process. 

The other health benefits of morning glory flowers are:

  1. Treat muscle cramp
  2. Scrofula
  3. Epilepsy
  4. Antifungal property
  5. Pain killer

Precautions in Using Morning Glory Flowers

The morning glory flowers are known to be beneficial. However, it is better if you limit the consumption or the usage of morning glory flowers, even for the medicinal purpose. It is possible since this flower contains compound alkaloids which sometimes perform hallucinogenic effect.

The excessive intake of this compound may show harmful effect. In spite of this hallucinogenic effect, the consumption of morning glory should not be used alongside the use of prescriptive medicine for depression.

The consumption of morning glory should be avoided by pregnant women as it may harm the pregnancy. It may lead to uterine contraction which further causes miscarriage. Someone with heart disease history should also avoid morning glory as it is harmful for cardiovascular health. Among all the morning glory species, the Korean morning glory is known to be the most dangerous and poisonous as it contain highest alkaloids.