15 Legendary Health Benefits of Golden Monkey Tea (#1 Chinese Tea)

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When we talk about tea, the first comes to mind might be the Japanese tea. It is just like the Japanese green tea with its Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea. But don’t you remember that china is also a country which praises the grace and almighty of tea? Well, china also has some famous tea products. One of the famous teas from china is the golden monkey tea.

It is famous for its legendary health benefits of golden monkey tea. Golden monkey is a variant of black tea with a hint of golden brown color when it is dried perfectly. It is said that the tea named after monkey as it used to be picked by a monkey from very high place.

Some others said that the name monkey comes after the leaves of the tea which looks like monkey paws. One thing that makes this tea different from the other tea is that golden monkey tea only uses the buds and the first leaves of the plants.

Nutritional Information of Golden Monkey Tea

We can obtain the legendary health benefits of golden monkey tea as it contains abundance of antioxidants. The antioxidants mainly come from the flavonoids. In addition, golden monkey black tea contains no risky substances such fats, cholesterol, carbohydrate, and protein. It makes the tea comes as zero calorie tea which is less risky for our health. However, the tea contains some beneficial minerals such as:

  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

The Health Benefits of Golden Monkey Tea

When the other black teas are identical to have bitter taste and intense brewing color, golden monkey black tea is different. Golden monkey tea is famous for its clear yellowish brewing, with slightly sweet taste.

Many people say that golden monkey has the sweetness of honey or caramel and the smoothness of chocolate. Added with the health benefits of golden monkey tea, it will be very good to have tea every day. Here are the health benefits you can obtain by a regular consumption.

  1. Reduce the risk cancer

The only reason why golden monkey is very good to combat cancer is the antioxidants property of the tea. The antioxidants are able to fight free radicals as the main factor of cancer growth. People are easily exposed to free radicals as the unhealthy diet and lifestyle they go through every day. In addition, the anti-inflammatory property in the tea is able to combat the growth of tumor.

  1. Strengthen immune system

This hairy tipped tea has some beneficial properties such anti-inflammatory property and anti-bacterial property. It gives the tea a big role to improve the immunity. So, you drink this tea regularly to improve your immune system and avoid the growth of any diseases.

  1. Reduce cholesterol

different from the common green tea, golden monkey black tea is known to be low in epigallocatechin and high in theoflavins and thearubigens. It makes the tea is excellent in reducing the bad cholesterol or LDL within the blood. Further, the consumption of this tea may also prevent some cardiovascular related diseases such strokes and coronary heart.

  1. Reduce the risk of heart diseases

A research was conducted in Saudi Arabia and concluded that people who drink 4 cups of black tea per day may have reduced the risk of heart diseases by 50%.

In addition, a study in US stated that black tea is able to normalize the blood vessel functioning. Therefore, consuming black tea is very good to prevent stroke and heart attack. As golden monkey is also a black tea, golden monkey tea is also good to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

  1. Relieve stress

As we know, drinking tea is very good to relieve stress. This is the reason why we always given a cup of tea in the end of the reflexology session. Well, the tea is able to add the Health Benefits of Chinese Foot Reflexology  for relaxation.

  1. Relieve headache

There are two main factors of headache. The first is inflammation and the second is stress. In this case, golden monkey tea is able to offer the antidote to those problems. Therefore, it is good to drink the tea first for your headache instead of taking medicine.

  1. Lose weight

This is the benefit ladies would love to pursue. Well, just like the Indian Tulsi tea with its Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea for Weight Loss Plan, golden monkey tea also has the same benefit. It is effective to remove the exceeding fats in the body and aid the weight loss.

If you drink golden monkey black tea for weight loss, it is suggested to drink the tea right after the meal time, 3 times a day. Don’t forget to work out as it will boost you weight loss plan.

  1. Boost energy

Although the tea is known to be fewer calories, it does a good job in energizing our body. It is possible as golden monkey black tea is able to boost metabolism process in the body. This way, the tea is able to instantly metabolize foods and provide energy for our body.

  1. Good for skin

The antioxidants in golden monkey tea are not only good to prevent cancer. It can also present the health benefits of golden monkey tea for skin. The antioxidants are effective to slower the process of aging, so that it is able to prevent the sign of aging such wrinkles, dark spot, and dull skin.

So, drink at least two cups of tea to maintain your supple and youthful skin. Just like the Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Skin Whitening, drinking golden monkey black tea can also improve your skin tone.

  1. Promotes healthy bones

The content of minerals such calcium and phosphorus in golden monkey black tea is able to maintain healthy bones. The minerals do a good job in improving the strength of the bones. Not only good for bones, the minerals in the tea are also good to improve teeth health.

More Health Benefits of Golden Monkey Tea

  1. Stimulate better circulation
  2. Good for teeth
  3. Improve nervous system
  4. Control blood sugar
  5. Improve sleep quality

Recommendation Consuming Golden Monkey Tea

The legendary health benefits of golden monkey tea can be obtained from a cup of good brewed tea. To make sure you brew the tea properly, first, you should prepare the boiling water. Place a handful of loose golden monkey tea into a cup. Add the boiled water to the cup and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Drink the tea 2 to 4 cups daily. For more variation, you can add some other natural ingredients to the golden monkey tea. You can add ginger or cinnamon to enhance the taste and aroma. Or else, you can also combine the tea with the other kinds of tea such oolong tea, white tea, or green tea. This way, you will have such a refreshing tea with amazing taste and fragrance.