20 Health Benefits of Argan Oil – Beauty Secret from Morocco

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Morocco is well known for its tasty Middle East style of cuisines. Not only that, the name Morocco which is derived from Arab word which has literal meaning as the ‘place the sun sets’ has a lot of secrets you should reveal and one of them is argan oil.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is originated from Morocco because the argan tree which kernel used to make argan oil is endemic to this sunset country. Argan oil is consumed as a dip of bread or used as drizzle in pasta or the traditional cuisines well known in Morocco as couscous. However, aside from being used in foods or cooking, argan oil is also used for cosmetic purposes and well known worldwide for its health benefits for skin and hair. Today, argan tree is commercially cultivated in Morocco due to its health benefits.

Nutritional Values of Argan Oil

As mentioned above, argan oil is used for foods or cooking in Morocco but worldwide, argan oil is commonly used for skin or hair treatment due to its amazing health benefit of vitamin E content found in argan oil. Not only that, argan oil is also containing fatty acids, carotenes, phenols and squalene that make argan oil is more resistant than olive oil toward oxidation. To learn more about the health benefits of argan oil the list below will give you more information.

  1. Natural Solution to Acne

Acne is not a fatal condition and how to prevent acne and pimples naturally is not always easy but argan oil is proven to be effective as natural solution to acne because it contains anti-microbial agents to help killing the bacteria while the vitamin E will help accelerating the healing process.

  1. Fights Dermatitis

In some cases, dermatitis could be a serious condition but just simply applying argan oil to your skin could help fighting dermatitis naturally and effectively.

  1. Prevents Premature Aging

There are a lot of factors that could lead to premature aging but whatever they are applying argan oil regularly to your skin could help preventing it.

  1. Reduces the Worst Effect of UV Rays

Unprotected skin could be exposed with the worst effect of UV rays. Applying argan oil regularly is not only moisturizing your skin naturally but also protecting it from the worst effect of UV rays.

  1. Solution to Wrinkles

Argan oil contains saponins, specific compound that could help improving skin appearance by removing wrinkles caused by premature aging.

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammation properties found in argan oil could help relieving conditions like rheumatics and arthritic because argan oil contain specific compound well known as triterpenoids.

  1. Great for Digestion

Pepsin is important enzyme that could help improving the digestion process and argan oil contains some active compounds that could increase the production of pepsin.

  1. Fights Cancer

Free radicals are the root of cancer. There are a lot of natural ways of how to prevent cancers naturally and by applying argan oil which is rich of antioxidant to your skin regularly will be able to reduce the risk of skin cancer caused by free radicals.

  1. Prevents Stretch Mark

During pregnancy, a lot of mothers are giving up about stretch mark, for them it is so unavoidable. Well, it is actually not true, argan oil is safe to be used even during pregnancy to help preventing stretch mark.

  1. Solutions to Split Ends

Split ends occur when your hair is too dry. The solution is actually quite easy as long as you know how to keep your hair moisturized. Applying argan oil is highly recommended in this matter due to its fatty acids content that will keep your hair healthy and shiny.

  1. Protects Your Hair

If you are a kind of person who are styling your hair regularly, applying argan oil will help reducing the damages caused by heat styling and chemicals used for hair styling.

  1. Treats Hair Loss

Applying argan oil to your hair regularly could help preventing or even treating hair loss. Just like the health benefits of fish oil for hair loss, massaging argan oil to the scalp will help stimulating the blood circulation to reduce the risk of losing more follicles due to its amazing fatty acids compound as found in fish oil.

  1. Natural Overnight Hair Conditioner

Everyone wants to have healthy hair but chemical contents in shampoo and other hair treatments are only worsening the condition. Using argan oil as overnight hair conditioner could help repairing the damaged hair naturally.

  1. Heal Cracked Feet

Cracked feet on your feet are not only uncomfortable for you but you should avoid it as well. Argan oil is excellent skin moisturizer to help reducing the cracked feet and then healing it completely.

  1. Good for Nails

What do you know about the health benefits of vitamin e oil for nails? Well, the high level of vitamin E found in argan oil is great to promote strong nails and maintain the health of cuticle. If you have pool nails, just applying argan oil regularly will progressively improve their health.

  1. Excellent Lip Balm

Cracked lip is not only annoying but also super painful. Just keep a bottle of argan oil in your purse and apply it regularly to your lip will help dealing with cracked lips excellently.

  1. Natural Body Moisturizer

If you are so depending on the chemical-based body lotion perhaps it is the time to replace it with the natural one and argan oil which contains antioxidants and vitamin E will make sure your skin is fully protected.

  1. Treats Razor Bumps in Men

Razor bumps in men could be really uncomfortable and the anti-inflammatories and vitamin E found in argan oil coule help treating razor bumps naturally and effectively.

  1. Natural Skin Scrubs

Mixing argan oil and brown sugar will make them excellent and natural skin scrub to help exfoliating the dead skin cells to reveal the true beauty of your skin.

  1. Skin Toner

You could use natural green tea bag that soaked in boiled water. Let it to room temperature and then mix it with essential oil and then argan oil. You could use it as skin toner, natural and free from dangerous chemical.

Cautions of Argan Oil

The amazing health benefits of argan oil should not blind you from the cautions that may occur when you are consuming or using argan oil. The list below is the cautions of argan oil you shouldn’t take for granted.

  • Since argan oil is made of the kernel of argan tree, those who are allergic to several nuts varieties should avoid using or consuming this oil because the same allergic reaction will occur.
  • This type of oil is quite expensive outside Morocco, so you should make sure to buy the product made of argan oil from the respective or reliable supplier only.

So far there is no specific case reported regarding the side effects of argan oil but if you are careful enough and take the two things mentioned above seriously, you don’t need to worry anymore about the side effects or cautions of argan oil, instead you could enjoy all the health benefits of argan oil because this type of essential oil is miracle for your family.