All Unexpected Benefits of Mimulus For Anxiety and Health

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mimulusEveryone has their own anxiety. Starting from mild to severe. For example fear of heights, floods, public speaking, and so forth. Among the anxiety, there are some anxiety that makes the sufferer becomes miserable. Because their activities are hampered by the anxiety. The way to eliminate it is by undergoing treatment. Both natural and chemical treatment. One treatment naturally is to use mimulus. Or you can try the benefits of gaba supplements for anxiety

Mimulus is a medicine to overcome fear and anxiety about things like darkness, fear of public speaking, fear of certain circumstances, etc. Mimulus is used as a medicine for people who are generally nervous, embarrassed. Mimulus can help bring a sense of courage to face something that is feared. Mimulus grows in wet soil. Naturally found in western North America. Read more about mimulus guttatus medicinal uses

Everyone can use mimulus to overcome anxiety, from adults to children. Some people also use health benefits of humidifier. Even animals can also. Mimulus will not have any side effects even to overdose. Because using mimulus as a treatment for anxiety is a herbal way. Read more about herbal. So there will be no side effects. In fact, the use of mimulus can also be coupled with the use of other drugs. You may also read more about drugs

How to use mimulus for anxiety

How to use mimulus for anxiety is very easy to do for anyone. You need to know that each type of mimulus has different functions. So, adjust to your needs. What you want to heal from yourself. To see what type of mimulus you need, you can first survey yourself. At least 4 weeks before you choose it.

  1. Combine mimulus

Choose the type of mimulus that matches what you need. Then put each two drops into a container of 30 ml of water. Add vinegar as a preservative. And put it into a bottle for easy use.

  • Inhale mimulus

Another way that you can use is to drip the mimulus as much as 2 drops and inhale it periodically throughout the day. You can also add it to your drink like tea, coffee, or juice.

  • Dripping on the tongue

For a very urgent condition, you can also directly drip mimulus on the tongue by 4 drops. Do it periodically until your situation gets better.


As for the dose, for adults drink 4 drops from bottles as much as 8 times a day for chronic diseases. However, if the disease is acute, then drink 4 drops every 30-60 minutes once. Slowly return to the initial dose if the situation shows a change for the better.

Using benefits of mimulus for anxiety will have a positive effect on patients for at least 6 months of treatment. This method is a bit long, but changes will occur slowly.


Adding more doses does not mean it can cure the disease more quickly. If your illness is getting worse, consult a doctor for dosage and handling.