7 Fresh Benefits of Guava Leaves and How to Use Guava Leaves for Pimples

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The benefits of guava leaves and how to use guava leaves for pimples are common things that already known by many peoples. The nutrient content of guava leaves bring this item beneficial for the face surface health. Furthermore, it even work best for avoid and taking care of pimples. This is why many people try to make a homemade mask from guava leaves to make sure the face surface is always healthy and get no inflammation such as acne and pimples. If want to know more on the benefits of guava leaves and how to use guava leaves for pimples, take a look further on the articles below.

How to Use Guava Leaves for Pimples

Some people loves to make a homemade mask from guava leaves, since it is effectively reduce acne and avoid pimples. Making a homemade mask from this leave is actually quite easy. For the details check on below lists:

  • Choose several fresh guava leaves and rinse it well.
  • Cut the leaves into pieces and put some water.
  • Blend the leaves and the water until it smooth and watery.
  • Add additional honey to get more result.
  • Put in a small bowl and apply to the cleanse face once a week to avoid pimples or daily for three days to cure acne.

Benefits of Guava Leaves 

Wearing guava leaves face mask will bring many advantages, mainly for them that have problem with pimples and acne. Below are several lists of advantages that show the benefits of guava leaves for pimples.

1. Anti Oxidant

Guava leaves contain high anti oxidant that will benefits for the skin surface. It will not only help to avoid any pimples but also to fresh the face and works as a good anti aging too. This is why guava leaves is a good ingredients for face mask. The same health benefits of schisandra berry that also works as a natural anti oxidant source.

2. Soothe Inflammation

Another benefit is to help soothe any possible inflammation that happen in the skin surface area. Therefore, it can be a good way to manage pimples and avoid acne. It even can help to cure the early stage of some acnes in the skin. This is the same benefits of indian frankincense that will help to soothe inflammation that normally happen during acne.

3. High Vitamin C and E

Apparently guava leaves contain high vitamin C and E content. Therefore, it will manage to supply this vitamin for the skin and help to manage a healthy skin surface in longer periode. This two kinds of vitamin usually works well to present a better skin face look.

4. Avoid Bacteria

The leaves also will manage to help avoiding any bacteria content. This is usually the main cause of pimples and acne. By eliminating the bacteria, it will help to manage a better skin face condition and away from any possibility of experience pimples and acnes. The same health benefits of fingerroot that works to avoid bacteria infection too.

5. Detoxification

Not many people may aware that the benefits of guava leaves and how to use guava leaves for pimples will manage them to take care the skin face and to detox the condition. Therefore, it will flush the toxin from the skin face pore and let the face looks healthy away from any pimples.

6. Smooth and Silky Skin

Wearing guava leaves mask will also result a smoother and silky skin surface condition. It bring a good recovery for the face with acne problems. The same benefits of red wine for skin health that works to smooth the skin too.

7. Reduce Swollen Area

The guava leaves mask also treat a swollen face due to the acne symptoms. Therefore, it will lead to fasten cure too. The same health benefits of waakye leaves that works to reduce any swollen too.

Recommendation of Wearing Guava Leaves

Even the leaves can manage to bring a healthy skin surface, it is important to understand that some side effects might happen in some people. Therefore, make sure to pay attention on below recommendations:

  • Avoid wearing the guava leaves mask if experience any itchiness and swollen face. It might a symptoms of allergy to the content of the leaves.
  • Avoid the mask from your eyes area to avoid any possible eye irritation. Furthermore, make sure to rinse the mask well.

Those all the benefits of guava leaves and how to use guava leaves for pimples. The nutrient inside the leaves bring many benefits for the skin surface, mainly for the face. Therefore, choosing this herbal plant for alternatives to make sure that the face will look better is a good option to get. However, make sure to treat this in frequent times to get the maximum result. Otherwise, it might not able to bring a fasten result as expected.