10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Golden Rice

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Golden rice is one of the food that been developed in food industrial technology. It is a variety of rice. It develops to biosynthesize the content of beta-carotene which is the main source of vitamin A. The development of golden rice is through some genetical engineering to supply African and Asian countries which experience with vitamin A deficiencies. Therefore, it is developed to gain the health benefits of eating golden rice. Since there are many benefits vitamin A during pregnancy.

Like most of the other rice variety, it is easy to planted and grow. The different only to the leaves that can naturally produce addition of three beta-carotene genes. By consuming golden rice, it is another solution for vitamin A deficiency. The same benefit when consuming carrot. Since the health benefits of carrot leaves is including to supply with vitamin A for a healthy eye.

There is no specific information on nutritional facts of golden rice. Some only mention that 1 cup of golden rice (100gr) will contain 343 calories, 1gr of fat, 77gr of carbohydrates and 6gr of protein. There is no specific information on the content value of vitamin A. But for sure, it is highly content. This value is based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Below are 10 health benefits of eating golden rice:

1. Rich of Vitamin A

As mention previously that golden rice contains beta-carotene. This is the main source of vitamin A. Therefore, golden rice is known for rich of vitamin A. Compare with other rice variety, it has the biggest number of vitamin A content.

2. Improves Vision

Since it is rich with vitamin A, it helps to improves vision. Vitamin A is good to improve the macula of the eyes. It improves the eye muscle to perform better. Therefore, vitamin A can help to develop the vision in children. It also help to avoid vision degenerative in elderly.

3. Avoid Eye Disease

Another health benefits of eating golden rice is to avoid from eye diseases. The vitamin A is the natural way to improve the health of the eye. Therefore, the common disease such as cataract and glaucoma in elderly can be avoided.

Furthermore, it optimized the optic nerve from any  eye disorder. It avoid macular degeneration and result a sharp and central vision. The same benefits of honey for eyes that can help to avoid eye diseases too.

4. Strength Immunity

The golden rice can also help to improve the body immunity. It help the immunity restore. Therefore, it can help the body to avoid diseases from bacteria or viruses infection. Furthermore, it help to supply a good nutrition needs for the body. So that body metabolism can work properly.

5. Prevent Measles

Some research shows that vitamin A in the golden rice capable to prevent measles. There are no specific explanation on how the rice can be effective to cure measles. Except that the vitamin A and the anti-inflammatory will works to fight measles infection. But further study shall be developed to proven this issue.

6. Prevent Gastrointestinal Disease

Another health benefits of eating golden rice is to reduce gastrointestinal distress. This is usually leads to upset stomached and diarrhea. Hence, the digestive metabolism is not working properly. By consuming golden rice, it will supports an easy digestion system and optimize the bowel movement.

Therefore, it is beneficial to the gastrointestinal system. Golden rice is a mild astringent which restore intestinal mucus. This will help to soothe and relieve the gastrointestinal symptoms.

7. Maintain Cholesterol

The benefit of golden rice including to maintain cholesterol level in the blood. It can help to avoid cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attack. The same health benefits of  freen beans that can lower down the LDL level.

8. Reduce High Blood Pressure

The health benefits of eating golden rice including to reduce high blood pressure. Therefore, it is a good therapy for those who have problems with the blood pressure. By managing the blood pressure means to avoid various complication disease related with blood pressure.

9. Anti-Oxidant

The rice can also works as an anti-oxidant. It helps to prevent the negative effect of free radicals. It also helps to avoid early aging signs. Therefore, it can produce a younger healthy look appearance. The same health benefits of almond tea that a good source of anti-oxidant too.

10. Avoid Mall Nutrition

In some countries, such as Africa and Asia, it is bringing benefit to avoid mall nutrition in children. Therefore, the golden rice is developed to help with the mall nutrition condition of the children in poor countries. Since lack of nutrition has been the number one killing in poor countries such as in Burundi.

Recommended Intake of Golden Rice

The way to consume golden rice is the same way as any other rice variety. Here are some steps that may give you an overview how to prepare a golden rice:

1. Take some grams of golden rice. One serving cup usually is around 100gr. Rinse it with water to clean the rice. Strain the water and wait for a minute.

2. Boil some water. Usually 100gr of golden rice will need 250ml of water.

3. Put in the rice. Bring the water to a gentle simmer over medium heat. Once the water is simmering again, turn the heat down to low. Continue cooking for 18 to 30 minutes.

4. Once the rice is quite firm, turn off the heat. Leave it for 15-30 minutes, then the golden rice is now ready to consume.

Side Effects of Golden Rice

There is not much information on golden rice side effects. There are only some precaution shall be made when consuming this rice, including:

1. Too much consuming the golden rice can be over supplied of vitamin A. The same way when you eat too much carrot. This will lead to a change to the skin pigment color. Which is turn to a little bit yellow.

2. Diabetic patient suggested to avoid consuming the golden rice. Since it is high in calories and carbohydrates. Therefore, replace it another carbohydrates source which low in calories such as potato.