6 Amazing Banana Benefits for Skin Mask and Natural Beauty

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Banana is one of the most popular fruit in the world. It can be found easily almost everywhere, except area with freezing temperature e.g. antarctica, north pole, and mountains. Banana is also one of the most consumed foods, and has been common ingredient in many cuisines. Banana is commonly known as exceptional source of potassium, according to food experts. It has fairly good amount of vitamins and antioxidants.

Interestingly, banana can be used for cosmetic purposes as well. It has been used traditionally to maintain skin health. One of methods of using banana for skin health is making skin mask from it. It is true that crushed bananas benefits for skin mask. Its high nutritive contents contains benefits for various skin problems and can improve skin conditions. It is easy to make a banana skin mask. All of these will be explained in the following parts of this writing. So, continue reading.

Nutritional Value of Banana for Skin Mask

Banana is not just a food, it also has many benefits for skin health. This is possible due to banana’s nutritious nature. Here is the list of nutrients in banana fruit (per 100 g serving size) :

  • 317 kJ energy (89 kcal)
  • 22.84 g carbohydrates
  • 12.23 g sugars
  • 2.6 g dietary fiber
  • 0.33 g fat
  • 1.09 g protein
  • 0.031 mg thiamine (B1)
  • 0.073 mg riboflavin (B2)
  • 0.665 mg niacin (B3)
  • 0.334 mg pantothenic acid (B5)
  • 0.4 mg vitamin B6
  • 20 μg folate (B9)
  • 9.8 mg choline
  • 8.7 mg vitamin C
  • 0.26 mg iron
  • 27 mg magnesium
  • 0.27 mg manganese
  • 22 mg phosphorus
  • 358 mg potassium
  • 1 mg sodium
  • 0.15 mg zinc
  • 74.91 g water

How to Make Banana Skin Mask?

You can make a skin mask from crushed banana mixed with lemon extract. Crush the banana using a mixer/blender (don’t pour in any water), then add lemon extract. Mix them once again. Apply the mixture on the face with brush or any area that need treatment.

Here are the banana benefits for skin mask :

1. Banana can act as natural skin moisturizer

The first banana benefits for skin mask. Due to its high water composition, banana can be used as a skin mask to rehydrate skin. Thus, banana skin mask can keep skin from drying. It is easy to gain this banana benefits for skin mask.

Crush the banana using a blender to make it smooth. Then, apply the crushed banana on face using make up brush or bare hand. Leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. Then wash the skin mask with clean water. The skin will look fresher and feel smoother. You can also add one tablespoon yogurt and a vitamin E capsule into the mixture. This tips also appears in health benefits of ylang ylang

2. Banana skin mask helps make skin texture smoother

Another great banana benefits for skin mask. Who does not want a smooth and moist skin? A hydrated and fresh skin represents someone’s skin health because a dry skin will make someone look ill. A balanced moisture in the skin is a key to natural fresh look. There are many manufactured skin care products in the form of skin moisturizer, but there are chemicals in their ingredients, which is too risky for long term use.

A banana skin mask is a good alternative natural skin care to fabricated face mask. Banana is believed to give smooth texture to formerly rough skin. This is due to above average amount of vitamin C inside banana fruit. Another banana benefits for skin mask is no side effect guaranteed, because it is completely natural and harmless for skin. There are also natural skin care alternatives in benefits of extra virgin olive oil for weight loss.

3. Banana skin mask helps treat irritating acne problem

Other good banana benefits for skin mask. Acne may be caused by bacterial infection or infiltration by dirt through skin pores. Acne, especially the ones that appear on the face, may cause anxiety, itch, or discomfort. Other causes of acne include excess oil level in the skin or by hormones. Luckily, banana skin fask can be used as traditional treatment for this acne problem.

Banana possesses antibacterial activity, which is effective againts bacteria, the culprit of acne. Banana skin mask can be used either to prevent or treat acne. To make banana skin mask for acne, follow these steps :

  • First, crush banana with a blender/mixer.
  • Then pour one tablespoon honey. Mix them all.
  • This banana paste should be applied on face using make up brush.
  • Wait until 20 minutes.
  • Wash your face with clean water.

For the best results, apply banana skin mask every night for a month. 

4. Banana skin mask helps improve skin complexion

One of useful banana benefits for skin mask. Skin natural color and brightness might be damaged if exposed to UV rays. On top of that, the skin might lose its brightness and gets darker. Regular use of banana skin mask can help restore the skin natural color and brightness. Indeed, if you get special treatments from beauty clinic, you can improve skin complexion. But, it is not bad idea to try natural treatment at least once health benefits white gourd.

5. Banana skin mask helps maintain skin elasticity

Skin that is elastic and not loose is a sign of beauty and youthful appearance. As we grow older, we might want to maintain our skin elasticity as long as possible. A banana benefits for skin mask. Why? Because banana contains vitamin C, which can help body internal organs to produce more collagen. More collage means more youthful appearance and prolonged skin elasticity. It is that simple.

An elastic skin will make skin look fresh and boost confidence. In addition, maintaining elasticity means no signs of premature aging. This is further explained in health benefits olive leaves tea.

6. Banana skin mask helps reduce oil in oily face

Excess oil produced by sebaceous gland in the skin epidermis layer may cause acne growth and oily face. Oily face may ruin someone appearance. Therefore, reducing excess oil produced inner skin can be very important depend on the person health benefits of xigua fruit.

Cautions in Using Banana for Skin Mask

Before using crushed banana as skin mask, make sure it’s high quality banana. Consult beautician for further explanation of banana effects on skin.