13 Incredible Health Benefits of Xigua Fruit

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Xigua fruit is a kind of fruit like watermelon (read about health benefits of watermelon and cantaloupe to understand more) which comes first from South America, even the biggest country which produce this fruit in a very large number is China. In mandarin, Xigua means watermelon.

Physically, Xigua is imitate watermelon from its color which are red and yellow, what makes this fruit become so tasty is because it has a few seeds inside, so because of that reason, Xigua also well known as non – seed watermelon.

Non – seed watermelon is a product of advance plantation technique (genetic engineering) which beneficial enough for the farmer because the society commonly love those kind of fruit to be consumed, not only because of it’s so tasty, but also the health benefit that this fruit offer in order to protect human body.

Read the passage below to know lots of health benefits of Xiagua fruit

The fruit cultivator also suggest that they has not found the bad things comes from plant this fruit because Xiagua has a very strong self maintenance and not easy to be infected by fungi. Thus, these are the health benefits of Xigua fruit:

  1. It will prevent people from any symptoms of dehydration

Non – seed watermelon are classified as fruits which high contain of water. As we know, water is definitely a basic necessity for human’s body in order to keep hydrate. If people get lack of water, there will be so many diseases that will come and threaten human body. For example pale and unhealthy skin, hair will easy to fall and body will feel so weak and don’t get ready to start the day with incredible energy.

  1. it will decrease blood pressure as it’s so good to be consumed for people with hypertension

Non – seed watermelon will works effectively to decrease blood pressure, because Xiagua contain so much beneficial mineral like potassium and magnesium that will help the blood to control the blood pressure.

  1. Boost strong immunity of human

Other than mineral, non – seed watermelon also rich of vitamins inside, and one of the vitamin is Vitamin C. Vitamin C in non – seed watermelon can give high contribution to boost human immunity, because as we know that in order to prevent our self from immune related disease is by consuming vitamin C, having strong body immunity will prevent us from being vulnerable from any damage and disease.

  1. it will enhance the quality of gastro – intestinal system ( digestive system )

What’s more health benefits of Xigua fruit? As common fruits, non – seed watermelon also contain fiber inside. One of very clear benefit of fiber is to enhance human’s digestive system and prevent any disease related to gastro – intestinal system. It will prevent people to get diarrhea, constipation, and decrease the risks to get hemorrhoids. Also read about Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

  1. in order to maintain the health of human’s renal system

Watermelon can fulfill the necessity of people toward water because watermelon is one of very watery fruits. Consuming watermelon can decrease the risks of human to get any disease and disorders on their renal (for example urinary tract infections, renal stone, and others). Consuming watermelon also need to be balance with drinking mineral water (at least 1,5 L a day or around 8 glasses)  Also read about Health Benefits of Yellow Watermelon

  1. to keep body being moist and rejuvenate human’s skin

Non – seed watermelon contain high number of lycopene inside, with those lycopene substance it can help human to keep healthy and prevent dangerous UV light to be absorbed to skin while people do so many activities outside. 

  1. to prevent people from cancer disease

In order to prevent cancer, people need to consume any substance that beneficial to boost the growth and rebuild the damage which happens in human’s tissue. One of the substances can be found on lycopene substance which have in a large number inside non – seed watermelon.  Also read about Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

  1. to maintain the cardiac health

Cholesterol is one of the most dangerous substances that can threat people’s life by having more than normal level inside human’s blood, create blood clot and worsening the circulation of blood to carry oxygen and nutrition for vital perifer organ. Lycopene inside the non – seed watermelon can help protecting the body from bad cholesterol so it can highly protect body’s damage that cause by free radical.

  1. to create glowing and healthy skin

As a fruit that highly contain vitamin A and vitamin C, it will be a great combination of substance that helps body’s skin to grow healthy and glowing like most woman expected. Because by eating 3 slices of non – seed watermelon (Xiagua fruit) every day, it will give a good effect toward human’s skin and amino acid inside the fruit also contribute more to heal any wound faster.

  1. to prevent people from diabetes

Xiagua good to be consumed for diabetes patients because it can give full sensation toward people’s stomach, and also Xiagua classified as a fruit which low sugar and calorie. More than that, it will help people to prevent obesity which can lead to prevent any disease with obesity as its risk factor. Also read about Benefits of A Vegetarian Diet for Diabetes 

  1. to prevent early aging

Any vitamins, mineral, and aging inside the Xiagua fruit can help human especially women to prevent earlier aging due to free radical, collected dust and bacteria inside their pores.

  1. to prevent asthma and any respiratory tract disease

It’s a kind of good news for people who likely experienced short breathing because watermelon or Xiagua can prevent short breathing and any symptoms of respiratory disease that will lead to asthma. High contains of vitamin C will help watermelon to effectively boost human immunity and prevent any disorder in respiratory system.

  1. to prevent any kind of inflammation symptom

inflammation process inside human’s organ can cause any dangerous disease. Choline inside the watermelon fruit (include Xiagua) found very essential to maintain the balance of body’s muscle, to give relax sensation on body and skin, repairing brains memory and help the nerve signal to create a good cognitive function. Also read about Health Benefits of Arnica

  1. it’s one of natural sources of collagen

Collagen is one of prominent substance that necessary for human’s body to keep the elasticity of skin, vitamin C in watermelon also can help absorbing all of water necessity and maintain the health of skin cell.

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Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of Xigua fruit that you can try. It may be a rare fruit in your country but it’s so healthy.