Surprising Benefits of Playing Sudoku for Brain Health

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Do you love playing games? What kind of games do you love to do? Is it playing basketball, soccer, or playing card with your friends? In this article, we will talk about Sudoku which is known as the good game for brain health. It is a game of logic, problem-solving and spotting patterns. Consequently, it turns out that Sudoku can help promote people’s cognitive abilities and gives the satisfaction of accomplishing a difficult puzzle. Indeed, this game is very good for those who need mental stimulation. Hence, to give you more information, here we list the benefits of playing Sudoku for mental health below.

1. Improves Memory

It is known that playing Sudoku is good for improving the memory health. It is based on a research done at Trinity College in Dublin found that mental stimulation over puzzles like crosswords and Sudokus can help ward off the decline in brain function. By playing Sudoku, then it will allow your brain to improve memory and logic work together. They enhance when you try to memorize the numbers and figuring out the next number as well. Then, playing Sudoku is such a good way for people who have problems in loss memory. Not only for that, playing Sudoku is recommended for elders as well. You can also check on Benefits of Watching Grey’s Anatomy for Mental Health

2. Promotes Brain Cells

The next benefit of playing Sudoku for brain health is to promote brain cells. This one is linked to a research conducted by The University of Edinburgh in the UK shown that Sudoku can trigger “survival genes” in the brain that normally lay dormant. As the consequence, it will promote the brain cells live longer and resist disease, strokes, and the effects of drugs. Besides, research was done by Oxford University has shown that Sudoku can help generate new brain cells. Such the great benefits, right? You can also check on Health Benefits of Beets for The Brain

3. Promotes Thinking Skill

One of the benefits of playing Sudoku for brain health is to promote thinking skill. You can get this benefit while you practicing your logical thinking process when you are solving a puzzle. Indeed, playing Sudoku will train your brain and improve your thinking skill. You can also check on Health Benefits of Playing Games with Preschooler

4. Keeps Your Mind Sharp

As described before, you know that Sudoku can give a positive effect to the brain health. Indeed, this game makes your mind sharp. It allows your brain to exercise. Not only for that, Sudoku can help you to make the right decision and take an action with less hesitation. You can also check on Health Benefits of Board Games in The Classroom

5. Boosts Concentration

Many people feel so hard to concentrate. This is happening caused by many reasons including problems in life, lack of sleep, and bad lifestyle. To deal with this problem, there are several ways to do. One of them is by doing exercise for a brain to keep it sharp and healthy.

Then, the greater benefit of Sudoku for brain health is the way to boost concentration. It cannot be denied that when you play this game, you have to concentrate and think about how to fill in the blanks. As a matter of fact, Sudoku let you think strategically and solve problems creatively. Therefore, if you want to boost concentration and focus, having Sudoku as the game option is something that should be taken into account.

6. Makes You Happy

To achieve happiness, many ways can be done. For the example, creating good moments with lovely ones and sharing stories with them. Another way can be done by playing games. Indeed, playing games can make you happy as it is enjoying and relaxing. It turns out Sudoku does the same way. You can play this game with friends, families, and colleagues. Also, if you are a parent, then you can play this game with your child. It will make the bound and create the happy environment as well. Not only for happiness, but it also promotes logical problem-solving skills and helps your child feel a sense of accomplishment.

7. Reduces Risks of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a chronic disease that attacks the brain. At this point, people try to find out the right treatment for this diseases. Consequently, it is shown that playing Sudoku can help to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s. This is due to the brain training and exercise when the game is on. It will improve memory and concentration as well. Thus, this will give you the ability to think, learn, and remember as well as preventing the risks of brain problems. In addition, to keep the healthy brain, you need to consume healthy foods such as blueberries and strawberries, green leafy vegetables, fish, poultry, and beans. By doing an exercise for the brain and eating healthy foods, you will cut the risks of Alzheimer’s for sure. You can also check on 30 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer and Dementia for Elderly

8. Boosts Energy

Having more energy to do daily activities can be achieved by playing Sudoku. In this case, playing Sudoku can provide a sense of calm. Indeed, this game is relaxing and refreshing. Thus, you can gain more energy after playing Sudoku. In addition, to have more energy, you can do exercise regularly and eat healthy foods such as fiber, carbohydrate, and protein.

Then, here we give you the tips for playing Sudoku.

Tips for Playing Sudoku

  • To play this game, you have to visualize the numbers and look at what’s there and what’s not there. After that, you can fill out the grid as well as scan across, up, and down. By doing this carefully, you can finally solve the puzzle.
  • As the consequence, to have the enjoying moment, you can play with your lovely ones. This game will promote the brain health including memory, thinking, and logical skills.
  • In addition, if you want to have the healthy brain, you can play other games such as chess and doing meditation as well.

Now, you have known the benefits of playing Sudoku for brain health. Indeed, kind of great games like Sudoku can affect to the healthy body. This can be a way to reach a healthier life. All you need to do is playing Sudoku and learn how to solve the puzzle. Then, you will be happy and excited about winning this game!