Top Benefits of Playing with Construction Toys – Building Skill for Children

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Giving your children toys is a good way to promote their physical and mental health. However, you should choose the right kind of toys for the children. You need to look for the one that has benefits and is suitable for their age, height, and weight as well. In this article, we will talk about construction toys which are good for children development. It is known that construction toys are beneficial to promote thinking and reasoning in children. As the consequence, if you are curious what construction toys can do for children, then you can feel free to check the benefits of playing with construction toys below.

1. Promotes Focus

The first benefit of playing with construction toys is to promote the focus on children. Children who play with construction toys will increase their focus in giving attention to how they work with the toys. They might think how they build the construction and this case gains their focus for sure. Then, if you want your children to learn how to think and give their focus on something, you can try to give them beneficial toys such as construction toys. You can also check on Refreshness Health Benefits of Children’s Yoga for Mind and Body

2. Improves Awareness

Children who like to play with construction toys also gain awareness due to their activity. In this case, children will improve their visual-spatial skills which is crucial for reading readiness while playing construction toys. Indeed, when they have to make the structure for construction, then they improve spatial awareness at the same time.

3. Learns Vocabulary

The next benefit of playing with construction toys is a way to learn vocabulary. Children will gain complexity of vocabulary through social interactions and will give them experiences making connections between spoken and written words. I this case, parents can support them by writing down what children are saying and providing authentic and rich connections between spoken language and print. Indeed, by using this way, it will promote real experiences and give children an active vocabulary learning process. Not only for that, it is also enjoyable for the children for sure. You can also check on Surprising Benefits of Mutual Communication for Child Guidance in Golden Age

4. Builds Teamwork Skill

Playing toys will be a lot of fun if the children play together with their friends. At this point, you can let your children play with their friends at school or neighborhood to gain teamwork skill. By playing construction toys together, then children will learn how to cooperate in a team. Great, isn’t it?

5. Promotes Thinking Skill

Another benefit provided by playing with construction toys is the way to promote thinking skill. When the child builds and creates the construction structure, then they improve their reasoning and critical thinking skills. This toy allows them to think divergently by creating the multitude of solutions. These skills are very important and useful to them.

They will think about what kind of construction will they made— from wood to colorful and sturdy plastic; from dowels that fit together to blocks of all sizes, shapes, colors, and forms. Not only for that, they will also learn how to build the toys from many different materials that reflect the real world — metal, soft and hard-colored plastic, all variations of wood and foam. Hence, make sure your children learn and gain excellent skills in their age by giving them the right and beneficial toys! You can also check on Benefits of Co Sleeping with Your Child

6. Promotes Problem-Solving Skills

By playing with construction toys, then children will learn how to create the structure by giving their focus, attention, and patience. When the construction structure is built, they learn problem-solving skills. They will think about when and where the blocks have to be put and the process will ace trial and error. They will also find a way to create the best structure and modify it if the building does not work well. As the consequence, this skill comes with mental development as children play with the building toys. Indeed, construction toys will help your children to improve their skills. Then, give your children to explore and play together. You can also check on Benefits of Karate for ADHD in Children

7. Builds Their Imagination

It cannot be denied that children create their own fantasy worlds and stories while playing toys. As a result, they also improve boosts cognitive, academic, language and social growth. Therefore, as you know that playing toys such as construction toys bring benefits to the children, then you will have no doubt to let them play in their own imagination. You can also check on Health Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children (Parents Guide)

8. Promotes Creativity

As explained before, playing with construction toys will allow the children to have their own imagination. Consequently, this is very useful to promote creativity. They will design imaginary things based on their own ideas. Moreover, parents can help them by join the games and use the toys to testing their ideas; solving problems using judgment, reasoning, and imagination; and learning about balance, order and the rhythm of design. Besides, asking and answering questions is also good to provide skill learning for children.

9. Promotes Math Skills

When it comes to construction toys, then children will play how to counting, adding, subtracting and basic geometry as they play with building toys. Children will also learn how to build shapes and numbers with the toys. In this case, they may use mathematical calculations to build the constructions. As a result, by playing with construction toys, they will learn more about things such as area, size, order, space, shapes, numbers, mapping, patterns, measuring, fractions, operations, estimating, negative space, adding, one to one correspondence, seriation. Such the great benefits, right?

10. Provides Academic Preparation

Parents will be glad to give their children construction toys as it will help them to prepare academic preparation. During the child’s play, they are actually preparing themselves for lessons to be learned later in their academic career. Indeed, they learn mathematical and scientific concepts from playing with construction toys. For the example, they are learning the basics of math when they are comparing the size of blocks. Moreover, they will discover the understanding of gravity and balance as well.

Now, you have known the benefits of playing with construction toys. Then, you can let your children play this toy to gain excellent skills and development for sure.