Impressive Benefits of Snake Oil for Natural Hair Treatment

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To have naturally beautiful hair, there are many kinds of efforts you can do. One of these efforts is by applying beneficial natural treatment on your hair. Everyone knows how egg can give the Benefits of Applying Egg Yolk on Hair, also the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair.

But do you know that you can also apply animal-based oil to get the natural and healthy hair? Well, you should try snake oil. While it might be a little bit scary or disgusting, there are many benefits of snake oil for natural hair. So why don’t you try this natural treatment for your natural hair?

Beneficial Value of Snake Oil

The Benefits of snake oil for natural hair comes from the beneficial value of this animal-based oil. One of the values is protein. The protein from snake oil helps restore natural health of hair. As we know, the use of manufactured hair product and overwhelming hair styling can reduce the natural protein in hair and lead to hair damage. Different from the other animal-based oil such fish oil with its Benefits of Fish Oils : Health & Beauty, snake oil can give more benefit for hair.

Snake oil is extracted from the fat of Chinese water snake. Chinese water snake oil is the most common snake oil variant. Besides, snake oils can also be made of boa, sea snake, and the other kinds of snake. The fat is processed and refined into a high-quality oil with high omega 3 fatty acid value. Snake oil has been known to be effective for many other health problems such as painful joints and inflamed skin in traditional health treatment method.

The Benefits of Snake Oil for Natural Hair

The application of snake oil can present some beneficial points for hair. Here are the Benefits of snake oil for natural hair you can get by regularly apply snake oil on your hair.

  1. Prevent hair loss

Snake oil has been used in traditional hair treatment to prevent hair loss. People usually apply the oil on scalp to enhance the health of hair follicles. This way, we can have stronger hair and avoid premature hair loss, and even boost the growth of naturally strong hair.

  1. Moisture hair

Oil is a good friend for hair natural beauty. Therefore, applying snake oil is believed to be effective in moisturizing hair. Isn’t natural hair strongly associated with well moisturized hair? So, you can have it by applying snake oil on your hair. Beside snake oil, there are many other natural oils which are good for your natural hair, such as Health Benefits of Argan Oil and Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Hair and Scalp.

  1. Prevent hair breakage

It has been widely known that hair breakage mainly caused by extremely dry hair. Even the dry type hair can avoid this problem only if we stay away from extreme hair styling, coloring, and instead, establish the regular hair treatment. One of the simple treatments to avoid hair breakage due to dryness is by applying snake oil.

  1. Aid shiny hair

The natural shiny hair indicates the healthy hair. applying snake oil on your hair is known to be able in restoring the natural shine of your hair. The ability of the fatty acid in forming shield around the hair enable our hair to maintain its natural shine.

  1. Improve scalp health

Hair treatment for naturally healthy hair can be done not only on our own hair, but also on scalp. Healthy scalp is important to support healthy hair. just applying small amount of snake oil on your scalp to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy. Don’t apply too much oil, or you will have greasy hair. 

  1. Avoid frizzy hair

Besides the health reason, people also apply snake oil to avoid frizzy hair. snake oil can coat along the hair length and give smooth and manageable hair. The coating will also protect your hair from harsh chemical and sunlight. so, it can moisturize your hair without making your hair frizzy. Such a smart solution for your natural hair.

  1. Aid hair growth

Besides coping the hair loss problem, applying snake oil can also aid your hair growth effectively. It stimulates the growth of your hair and strengthen it. This way, you can get rid of hair loss problem permanently and have the naturally healthy hair.

The other benefits of snake oil for natural hair are:

  1. Strengthen hair
  2. Treat baldness
  3. Protect hair

Precaution in Applying Snake Oil

As mentioned before, snake oil is derived from the fat of Chinese water snake or the other kinds of snake. Somehow, people can be hypersensitive to the animal-based oil just like snake oil. Some allergy effects are found after the application of snake oil on hair.

Some of them are inflamed scalp, itching, and the formation of dandruff. However, you don’t have to be worry if the animal-based oil is your main problem. It is because nowadays, not all snake oil products contain the real “snake oil”. They mainly only contain oil based moisturized. With the same character to snake oil. So, there is no problem with animal-based oil allergy or animal welfare issue.

In addition, the health benefits of snake oil for natural hair have not been clinically tested. Almost all the beneficial value of snake oil is based on the practical benefit of this oil.

Recommendation in Applying Snake Oil

To get the benefits of snake oil for natural hair, you can regularly do the snake oil hair treatment. You can apply this treatment 2 to 4 times a week. Pour a little amount of the oil on your palm. Rub it on your scalp and massage gently. After the massage, wait at least 2 hours to let the oil absorbed and work well. After that, wash your hair thoroughly using shampoo. Make sure that the oil perfectly removed, so it will not leave greasiness on your clean fresh and natural hair.