Benefits of Washing Hair with just Conditioner

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Conditioner is one of the basic hair products you should have because unlike shampoo which main function is to clean your hair and scalp, conditioner will add more nutrients to your hair and make it look well-moisturized, healthy and shiny. However, due to some reasons there are some people who are only applying conditioner to their hair with expectation of having better hair look which is well known as co-washing or washing the hair with conditioner only. Well, nowadays there are a lot of types of conditioner from the common conditioner you apply after shampoo up to leave-on conditioner that you could apply whenever you want without the need to rinse it. Below are the benefits of washing hair with just conditioner for you who are willing to know.

  1. Add Texture to Your Hair

There are a lot of types of hair and there are some types of hair that will look boring just because it lacks of texture. Co-washing your hair may add texture to your hair to make it look naturally fabulous.

  1. Perfect for Those who Love Wavy Hair

Some people love to have straight hair while some others prefer to have wavy hair. The additional moisturizer that added to your hair when you are only co-washing it will make your hair wavier naturally.

  1. You Don’t Need to Worry about Dry or Dull Hair

It is a common knowledge that dry or dull hair is caused when your hair is lack of moisturizer. Well, shampooing your hair too often could remove the natural sebum that reveals the look of your hair. That is why co-washing your hair could be an alternative if your hair is dry type.

  1. Easier to Style

The well-moisturized hair will be easier to manage and style. Co-washing your hair will add more moisturized to your hair to make it easier to style.

  1. Saves More Styling Products

When you are only co-washing your hair you could save more styling products because your hair will be easily managed and styled. Sometimes you need to spend more money just to prepare your hair to be ready to style but when your hair is well-moisturized you don’t need them because your hair will be ready to style whenever you want.

  1. Add Nutrients to Your Hair

The main function of shampoo is to clean your hair and scalp while conditioner is add more nutrients to your hair. If you are only doing co-washing means you add more nutrients to your hair than usual.

  1. Stops the Breakage

If you love to style your hair the heat from flat ironing or hair spray may be bad for your hair. Adding more moisture to your hair may solve the problems and you could do it with just co-washing your hair because shampoo may make it worse while conditioner may make it better.

  1. Solutions to Dry and Flaky Scalp

Dry and flaky scalp occur when your scalp and hair are not getting enough moisturizer. Sebum produce in your scalp could act as natural moisturizer but shampoo may clean it away and leave your scalp to be dry and flaky. That is why co-washing is a great solution for dry and flaky scalp.

  1. Goodbye to Daily Tangled and Knots

One of the thing that shows you are really have great hair is when your hair is not easily get tangled or forming the knots. It means your hair is optimally moisturized and co-washing could add the moisturizer that your hair strongly need.

  1. Absorbs Hair Treatment Products in Better Way

When your hair and scalp is well-moisturized is easier for them to absorb hair treatment products like get all the coconut oil benefits or optimize the benefits of head massage for hair growth because your scalp is ready for them.

  1. May Stimulate Hair Growth

As mentioned in previous point, before you choose specific product like health benefits of aloe vera or some herbs compounds to hair growth you need to prepare your scalp and hair first.

  1. Makes Your Hair Softer and Shinier

One of the main reasons why people love to add conditioner after shampoo is because this product could make your hair soft and shiny. However, by co-washing your hair you could make your hair even softer and shinier.

  1. Perfect for Curly Hair

Curly hair is closely associated with frizzy hair. That is why adding more moisturizer to the hair is essential for curly hair to make it easier to manage.

  1. Saves Time

Co-washing method is totally is highly recommended for you who don’t have enough time to wash your hair because you could save a lot of time significantly when you should skip the shampooing part.

Things to Consider Before Skipping Shampoo and Only Using Conditioner

So, now you know that skipping shampoo and using only conditioner may give you some benefits. However, still shampoo has essential role to clean and refresh not only your hair but also scalp while conditioner is probably giving more benefits to your hair but not to your scalp. Below is the list of considerations you should know before you decided to skip shampoo for sometimes.

  • It is important to choose the right product for your conditioner if you want to skip shampoo. You cannot just use regular condition and it is highly recommended to use cleansing conditioner type.
  • For those with dry scalp, the nutrients in conditioner product may give the benefits but for those who have problems with oily scalp, extra time to wash your scalp from conditioner is required.
  • In some situations like after swimming, relying on only conditioner is not recommended because the active compounds contained in conditioner are not strong enough to wash away all the chlorine from your hair. So, instead you could rely on the benefits of washing hair with aritha for natural hair treatment.

Well, if you are considering to co-washing your hair and skipping shampoo perhaps some considerations mentioned above are super important to know. Though the benefits of washing hair with just conditioner is more than the things you should consider but still it is important to choose the right product because the regular conditioner may give you the look you want but not give your scalp it wants.