Benefits of Brushing Hair before Bed and Beauty Tips

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Are you some of those people who have a lot of rituals you should do before bed? Well, if you are one of them surely you know that brushing the hair before bed is not only just regular ritual but could give a lot of benefits not only for your hair but also for your hair. Generally, brushing your hair regularly is not only making your hair look tidier but also good for blood circulation in your scalp. To find out more about the benefits of brushing hair before bed, the list below will tell you in details.

  1. Distributes the Natural Sebum throughout the Hair

Sebum is naturally produced in your scalp. Aside from being negatively accused as the main reasons of clogged pores and flaky scalp that could cause dandruff, sebum is actually having prominent role in keeping your hair naturally moisturized. Excessive sebum in your scalp may cause those hair problems, that is why is super important to brush your hair regularly to distribute the natural sebum throughout the hair to keep it well-moisturized.

  1. Gets Smoother Hair

Smooth hair means your hair is get enough nutrients, oxygen and well-moisturized. By brushing your hair before bed could help getting smoother hair because it will increase blood circulation so your hair could absorb the nutrients optimally and enjoy all the benefits of oxygen distributed to the scalp.

  1. Prevents Tangles and Knots

If tangles and knots are problems you always face every time you wake up in the morning perhaps it is the time for you to find not only the solution but also the main root of the problem. Well, not brushing your hair before bed could cause these problems, always. So, brushing hair before bed is a must for you because it will help you reducing or even preventing your hair from getting tangled in the morning.

  1. No Frizzy Hair in the Morning

Tangles and knots are not the only problems that people face in the morning but also frizzy hair. Frizzy hair occurs when your hair and scalp are screaming for moisturizer. Well, brushing your hair in the morning may solve to problem because the natural sebum will provide the moisturized required by your hair but it is too late. That is why is better to brush it before bed instead of after you wake up in the morning.

  1. Removes Dirt and Dandruff

Some people prefer to have shower and wash their hair before bed so they don’t need to worry about dirt and dandruff in their hair and scalp. However, most people don’t add that ritual before bed but brushing hair is still important to remove dirt and dandruff which if you let it during the night may cause more dandruff in the morning.

  1. May Prevents Hair Loss

Believe it or not if you are not brushing your hair regularly, hair loss is likely to happen because loss hair will get tangled with your hair and make it worse. That is why, brushing hair before bed will remove all the hair loss and prevent the further loss, though you could also add benefits of fish oil for hair loss that you could apply to your hair before bed.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

The key to healthy hair growth is when your hair and scalp are in best condition. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the circulation to the scalp is also in perfect condition to stimulate hair follicles in growing healthy hair growth. Those who are brushing their hair before bed are likely grow their hair faster than those who don’t.

  1. Good for Scalp

Whatever the times, early in the morning, during noon day or before bed brushing the hair is good for scalp. With one condition you are using the right brush that could help stimulating the scalp and massage the scalp. That is why very important to brush your hair regularly and especially before bed because it could act as scalp massage as well for you who don’t have time to get head massage.

  1. Increases Circulation

As mentioned in some points above brushing the hair could help increasing circulation not only the blood circulation but also oxygen circulation. For the scalp, brushing activity may increase the blood circulation so nutrients and oxygen will be distributed optimally and for the hair, will increase oxygen circulation to make it easier to manage especially when you wake up in the morning. For health generally, when your blood circulation is in normal stage could reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure as well.

  1. Natural Stress Relief

The simple activity like brushing hair before bed is actually having benefit as natural stress relief. Since there are a lot of health risk of stress is important to get rid of it immediately. It is because when the blood flow optimally in the scalp could make you relax and even able to improve your mood and the result is you could have a better sleep during the night.

More Tips for Better Hair While Sleeping

Surely you realize that to have a great hair you cannot just rely on the benefits of brushing hair before bed though they may have significant role than when you don’t brush your hair before bed. However, more tips below will give you gorgeous hair and healthy hair not only while you are sleeping but also when you wake up in the morning.

  • Invest your money to satin pillow case only because it is good for your hair. With satin pillow you could say no to frizzy hair in the morning.
  • It is important to sleep with perfect dry hair. Sleeping with wet hair will make you wake up with knots and tangles.
  • It is highly recommended to do scalp massage before bed because there are a lot of benefits of head massage for hair growth and health generally.
  • Not only brushing your hair you could also adding some essential oil especially designed for hair to keep it moisturize while you are sleeping.
  • You could also put your hair into a lose bun to prevent your hair from getting tangled in the morning and you will experience less breakage.

One important thing you should know aside from the benefits of brushing hair before bed is there is no instant way for you to have beautiful and healthy hair. If brushing your hair is not part of your before bed ritual, it is the perfect time to add it because as mentioned above, brushing your hair before bed is not only good for your hair and scalp but also for your health.