10 Unbelievable Pagoda Flower Vegetable Benefits

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pagoda vegetableAre you one of those people who love vegetables? Have you ever consumed pagoda flower vegetables? Pagoda flower vegetable benefits is a vegetable type similar to cauliflower but have a smaller size. This vegetable is most delicious sauteed. Although pan-fried, but this vegetable still has a crunchy texture and the color is also not changed. And it tastes like mustard greens. Besides good to eat, this vegetable is also beneficial to the human body. Because it has abundant nutritional content, such as:

  • Alkaloids
  • Calcium
  • Iodine
  • Substance

Based on the nutritional content, a person who consumes this vegetable will get benefits such as:

1.Treating Mumps

Have you ever had a goiter? Or is there someone around you who is suffering from mumps? Mumps, need salt to be able to shrink swelling in the neck. The type of salt namely iodine contain in pagoda flower, capable of treating the disease

2.Runner diuretic

Every human needs an anti-inflammatory agent to shed the diuretic. This is very important because it is useful to maintain body stability and health

3.Reduces swelling

Did you know that swelling will be difficult to heal if not helped by substances that can reduce inflammation? At the root of the pagoda flower, there are substances that can reduce the swelling by destroying the frozen blood. This will speed the healing process

4.As a cooling wound

When the wound will usually cause heat effects. Moreover, if the wound is burned. However, this can be overcome with the roots of the pagoda flower. Because in it there is a coolant. This substance is used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the severity

5.For people with insomnia

Insomnia is a disease that causes the sufferer to experience hard to sleep at night. Consumption of a pagoda flower can help insomniacs to sleep soundly. Take the pagoda flowers, finely mashed. Take 1 spoon and mix with sweet wine. Consumption before bed

6.Treating TBC

TBC is one type of disease that attacks the lungs. TB sufferers will often cough and in severe conditions, cough can be accompanied by sputum in the form of blood. To overcome this disease, patients need to consume the root pagoda flower. This root neutralizes anti-inflammation that injures the lungs. Read more: health benefits of eucalyptus essential oil

7.Treating hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or bloody hemorrhoids and bloody stools are very dangerous if they do not get special treatment. To treat this disease patients can consume pagoda root. Or try health benefits of binahong leaves

8.Good for people with anemia

Consuming a pagoda flower can help increase the production of red blood cells or erythrocytes produced through hemoglobin. This will be very good for people with anemia in benefits and uses of drumstick leaves

9.Good for whitish patient

Whitish is often experienced by women. This problem occurs if there are many bad bacteria in the female organ. The content of anti-bacterial in pagoda flower buffer eliminate the bacteria that cause leucorrhoea in health benefits of escargots

10.Treating ulcers

Leaves and flowers of this vegetable have anti-inflammatory substances. How, leaves and flowers washed, mashed. Mix with honey. Then paste on boils. Read more: health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach


Pagoda flower vegetable benefits have a bitter taste. But his usefulness no doubt