12 Health Benefits of Drinking Kacip Fatimah Coffee

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Kacip Fatima Coffee is an Arabica coffee that is very popular for women health, or other Arabica coffee you can read in health benefits of Arabica coffee and health benefits of qahwa coffee. Furthermore, it is less in caffeine than other coffees but high in antioxidant with a better taste.

Related to the nutrients contained, it has many potential health benefits including protects heart and reduces the risk of cancer. The details of health benefits of Kacip Fatima Coffee are:

  1. Treats cold

Cold commonly known can be treated by drinking Kacip Fatima Coffee. It is a kind of coffee that has the benefit to relive cold effectively, as well as flu. Or the symptoms you can also read in symptoms of flu.

  1. Prevents constipation

Since Kacip Fatima Coffee contains high of fiber, it will protect the digestive system. However, fiber is a compound that can improve the function of digestive system due to make the healthy foods slowly absorbed in the body. Consequently, it will prevent some of digestive system problems like constipation.

  1. Supports for health skin

Antioxidant and Hydrolyzed Collagen are substances that supports for healthy skin, and fortunately it contains much in a cup of Kacip Fatima coffee. Take the coffee regularly will support for smooth and glowing skin. In addition, the herb of Kacip Fatimah also recommended, to get the great benefit, while also combines it with coconut oil or the benefits you can read in coconut oil benefits.

  1. Relives depression

One of the health benefits of Kacip Fatima Coffee is to relieve depression or some of mental health problem. Furthermore, the benefit is followed by how that coffee can increase blood circulation, especially for the brain. Brain, is a center organ in the body that influences all of the other organs functions including for mental health. So, it is important to maintain the brain function.

  1. Promotes healthy women reproduction system

Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah), Oak gall (Manjakani), Ficus Deltoidea (Mas Cotek) Extract are traditional herbs that well known by Asian woman to treat women’s problem. From the three herbs, Kacip Fatima in Kacip Fatima coffee is the most effective in maintain women reproductive system. The problems that relieved by the coffee are cleansing and relieves menstruation pain.

  1. Protects healthy heart

Consume high-antioxidants foods and beverages can protect the heart. In addition, the heart problems occur because of too much fat and calories in the body. Kacip Fatima Coffee is less in calories and better consume with brown sugar than white sugar. It is because white sugar contains more calories and the most important is, it is high in mineral. On the other hand, it also prevents heart attacks or related diseases.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Another benefit of high antioxidant in Kacip Fatima Coffee is to reduce the risk of cancer. The cancer cells will be reduced by antioxidants from the removing of free radicals. Free radical tends to make the growth of cancer cells increases.  Consequently, while the coffee doing detoxification to the body as well as free radicals, it probably protect you from all of types of cancer. To treat cancer you can also read in health benefits of soursop leaves.

  1. Boosts immune system

For those who are having many activities will notice how important is to keep immune system up. In order to boost the immune system, drinking Kacip Fatima Coffee regularly is great thing to do. It can be consumed in the morning while having breakfast and probably will against diseases that come into the body. Furthermore, that benefit due to high of antioxidants contained.

  1. Improves energy

Kacip Fatima Coffee also well known as energizer. Related to the benefits of Kacip Fatima Coffee to boost immune system, the coffee also can improve energy. Consequently, it is very suitable to be consumed for those who are often having hard exercises or many activities.

Other health benefits of Kacip Fatimah Coffee are:

  1. Enhances sexual function
  2. Makes blood vessels stronger
  3. Firms and tones abdominal muscles

With those all of the health benefits of Kacip Fatima Coffee, there is a caution should be noticed that Kacip Fatima Coffee will give side effects if it consumed during pregnancy and lactation. It is probably because the coffee contains caffeine or other chemicals where are not good for the fetal and baby’s growth and development.