11 Health Benefits of Japanese Yam (Source of Carbohydrate)

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The Japanese yam or usually called as mountain yam, satsuma imo and kotobuki is native to China and Japan. It is a sweet yam variety that can be distantly related to potato and often used as an alternative of white fleshed potato. That root vegetable belongs to Dioscoreaceae family or they are commonly known as herbaceous vines.

As it particularly used for the source of carbohydrate, it supports for the health of the body when it consumed in large quantities, or you can read in health benefits yams. Just like the health benefits of potato, or you can read in health benefits potatoes, the health benefits are related to the essential nutrients such as protein, thiamin and vitamin C. So, here are the health benefits of Japanese yam:

  1. Improves the bowel movement

The bowel movement will improve by consuming Japanese yam because it contains dietary fiber. Furthermore, nutrient named potassium also helps to protect the digestion as well as prevent it from some diseases such as constipation.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Japanese yam contains beta carotene and Vitamin C that could be work well to fight free radicals. Since free radicals in the body reduced, it also can reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Improves cognitive function

A study confirmed that those who take Japanese yam regularly for 6 weeks can increase their cognitive abilities significantly, due to antioxidant compound. So, it also means that Japanese yam can prevent the brain from some diseases including treats Alzheimer.

  1. Supports for healthy skin

One of effective benefits of antioxidants is to support for the healthy skin. It acts as anti-aging, which comes from the benefit of vitamin C, as well as vitamin A that makes mucous membranes and skin keep healthy.

  1. Boosts immune system

The other health benefit of Japanese yam is to boost immune system while it also can be the source of energy. Furthermore, antioxidants and manganese in the yam may help the body to fight diseases and increase energy production.

  1. Supports endrocine system in female

Japanese yam gives natural alternative by the enzyme for women who reached menopause as their hormonal replacement. In addition, vitamin B6 may help woman with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), especially to reduce depression that followed by the condition.

  1. Controls blood pressure

Control blood pressure may help to be healthier since high of blood pressure can trigger some diseases in the body such as stroke. In addition, Japanese yam has the ability to control blood pressure since it contains dioscorin. It is a protein that reduces the process of angiotensin converting enzyme which can lead to the reducing of blood pressure, but increase kidney flow.

  1. Prevents heart disease

The dietary fiber contained in Japanese yam may reduce bad cholesterol or LDL. Therefore, it supports for healthy heart and prevent related conditions due to vitamin B6. It is a vitamin that has been believed to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. Supports for the growth of bone

Vitamin C in Japanese yam, or you can also read the benefits in vitamin c 1000 mg benefits, can support for the growth of bone. Consequently, those who are having problems with bone can try to consume Japanese yam to reduce the risk of the condition. However, consult the doctor is recommended to get effective treatment.

  1. Improves the blood circulation

Iron is a compound that helps the blood to carry the oxygen for all of organ in the body as well as improves the blood circulation. That also means, many healthy nutrients we consume will be absorbed well in the body and moreover, organs in the body also can improve their function.

  1. Promotes healthy hair

Effective benefits of Japanese yam for hair are to improve the growth of hair, hydrate scalp and prevent the hair from premature greying. With all of the benefits, Japanese yam will support for your healthy hair including useful as the treatment.

In addition to the health benefits of Japanese yam, the benefits of other potatoes you can also read in health benefits of green potatoes, health benefits eating purple potatoes and health benefits of baked potatoes. Furthermore, it is safe to be consumed regularly since it has no side effects to the body. The health benefits also will work successfully if you mix it with other healthy foods.