From Skincare to Sexual Health: 6 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Raw Onions

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Onion is one of the vegetables you can find in salad. Some people might think that even the most delicious food will not taste great without any sliced onions. Besides playing an important role in making our taste buds tingle, onions also offer a lot of health benefits for our body.

Onions are packed with a lot of nutrients, such as potassium, sodium, folates, vitamin A, C, and E, calcium and many more. They can be enjoyed while eating onions both raw or cooked.

Eating raw onions is one of the simplest way of enjoying your meal as well as keeping your body cool during the summer season. However, the health benefits of raw onions are beyond that. Let’s see these 8 amazing health benefits of eating raw onions, starting from skincare to sexual health.

  • Give you Glowing Skin and Fight Aging

Onions are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, and K. All of those vitamins are needed for getting flawless skin. Not only getting rid of pigmentation, those vitamins also protect you against harmful UV rays.

You can also apply Moroccan argan oil as one of your skincare products. Read more about it and experience all these benefits of Moroccan argan oil on face and get the glowing skin!

  • Improve Your Hair Health

Not only beneficial for your skin, eating raw onions may also improve your hair health. Though there aren’t sufficient research about this, rich content of antibacterial properties in raw onion is believed to be helpful in keeping dandruff and lice away from your scalp.

There are so many other ways of improving hair health. You can try applying some dark chocolate and feel these health benefits of dark chocolate for hair by your own!

  • Boost your Immune System

Immune system is essential to keep our body healthy. Onions are rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to strengthen your immune system.

There was a study which claimed that onion’s chemical composition is strong that it helps boosting the immune system. Furthermore, it also has anti-cancer properties!

Immune system can also be boosted by consuming citrus fruits. Find more about it in health benefits of citrus fruits for immune system.

  • Maintain your Bone Health

Maintaining bone health can be done as simple as eating raw onions. One onion is claimed to have 25.3 mg of calcium. It means that you can get strong bones just by adding raw onions to your salad.

If you wish to maintain your bone health, try consuming turmeric and feel these benefits of turmeric for bones, it can even prevent you from getting osteoporosis!

  • Improve Heart Health

Onions contain flavonoids and thiosulfinates. These two help reducing bad cholesterol in your body as well as keeping the consistency of the blood right. As a result, the risk of getting heart attack or stroked reduces by many folds.

  • Give you Good Eyesight

There are many problems related to eyesight, such as conjunctivitis. Fortunately, this problem can be prevented by having raw onion.

Raw onions contain selenium, which is helpful in producing vitamin E. This vitamin will keep this painful problem away.

There are even some natural eye drops containing extracts of onion juice too!

  • Control Blood Sugar

If you are a diabetic patient, then you are suggested to put onions in your diet. Onions are low on carbohydrates and help in regulating sugar level in the body.

They are also rich in healthy fibers, which help in digesting the food by breaking food molecules. Furthermore, it also helps reducing the pace at which carbs are released in the blood. Hence, it regulates the sugar level in the body.

  • Better Sex

Who ever thought that consuming raw onions give you better sex experience? Indeed, consuming raw onions may help you improve your sexual health.

There was a study which claimed that erectile dysfunction can be corrected by eating raw onions. Furthermore, eating raw onions can also boost the level of testosterone in men.

As for women, you can also try reading these health benefits of Kegel exercise for women and you may get better sex experience too!

Despite the fact that eating raw onions give you a lot of amazing health benefits, you still need to take some cautions. As you eat them raw, make sure that you wash them properly and thoroughly. Besides, if you have severe acidity or GERD, avoid consuming raw onions. Instead, have them cooked.

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