5 Surprising Health Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Women

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Everyone wants their body to be healthy. There are ways to achieve this, including the involvement of good nutrition and body exercise. In order to “repair” your body from the inside, consuming healthy meals and drinks like benefits of carrot juice is always recommended. You can enhance your health even more with the additional routine of exercising.

Lately, Kegel exercise is increasingly popular among both men and women even though initially, this exercise was first popular for mothers who have just given birth. However, Kegel turns out to offer a myriad of benefits that are not only good for women who have given birth.

Therefore, now Kegel is always recommended for anyone who wants to train or tighten the pelvic muscles. Don’t worry just yet, although it is referred to as exercise, actually this activity does not require a certain physical strength or endurance, making Kegel easy for anyone anywhere.

Although referred to as asn exercise,  Kegel is actually a light activity to tighten only your lower pelvic muscles. Therefore, your other body and limbs do not need to move. The lower pelvic muscles are located in the pelvic area (groin), precisely the muscles used to control the rate of urine (urine).

Originally developed by an American obstetrician, dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s, its main purpose at the time was to address the problem of urinary incontinence in women who had just given birth. 

Over time, this gymnastics has been widely proven to be able to overcome various problems surrounding the pelvis and intimate organs if done regularly.

Therefore today, obstetricians or urologists around the world have often recommended Kegel as a home treatment for various health conditions related to a person’s reproductive organs or intimate organs. So other than trying healthy ingredients like benefits of chamomile oil, you can start to move your body lightly via doing Kegel exercise.

So what are those benefits that Kegel can offer, especially for women?

Health Benefits of Kegel Exercise for Women

1.  Maintaining Body Health

By practicing kegel exercise regularly, the body’s fitness will be maintained because kegel can strengthen pelvic muscles. So, strong pelvic muscles will make our body healthier and our body will always look fit.

It’s recommended to do it in the morning, since you can also get the benefits of sunbathing at the same time.

2. Tightens Vagina Naturally

How to tighten up the vagina may be one of the things to look for after the mother gives birth. Mothers usually feel that their vagina is not as tight and elastic as it used to be before giving birth.

A loosening vagina makes many women feel not confident during sex. This is where mothers often think of finding ways to tighten their vaginas back after giving birth.

The vagina may look wider and feel looser than before giving birth. It’s just that the vaginal condition usually gets a little better in a few days after delivery.

So, you should not need to panic because it is normal to feel the vagina loosen after giving birth, for example in the period of sedophany. The vagina will be tight again when the birthing period recovers, but it is not as it used to be.

The way you may need to do it is to make a little effort to make it tight. In addition to finding ways to improve the vaginal condition, do not forget that normal postpartum and post-caesarean care should not be missed.

Kegel exercise  can be a way to tight the vagina back up after childbirth. It serves to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum (anus). As it turns out, pregnancy and childbirth are among the factors that cause pelvic floor muscles to be weakened.

Moreover, Kegel exercise can be done anywhere, including at home, so it is fitting to be done by a mother who has just finished giving birth and wants her vagina tight again. If you ever feel troubled, have these benefits of doing simple exercises.

3. Prevents Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease caused by dilated blood vessels (veins) in the rectal area. This disease arises from the lack of amount of fiber entering the body, causing the consistency of stools to become hard. 

Of course it becomes so disturbing to experience. So with kegel, the risk of hemorrhoids can be reduced because this exercise is believed to be able to strengthen the pelvic muscles that are so related to the rectum.

4. Increase Intimate Satisfaction

In order to reach the maximum satisfaction during sexual intercourse, one can do several things. Aside from having the benefits of naukasana, you can also try to do some Kegel exercise for this purpose.

Kegel exercise can increase satisfaction during intercourse because the vaginal grip will be stronger for women, and will increase genital endurance for men.

Women who regularly do kegel, they will be easier to experience sexual stimuli and can even reach orgasm simply by receiving stimuli at the right point, while men will be able to achieve a powerful orgasm due to the influence of strong pelvic muscles.

5. Supports Normal Delivery

Kegel exercise can facilitate the delivery process because it is able to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so that blood circulation around the vaginal and rectal areas lasts more smoothly. 

With strong pelvic muscles, the straining time required by pregnant women when giving birth will be shorter so that it supports the birth of the baby without much tearing the birth path.