17 Incredible Benefits of Onions for Babies Health

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Who doesn’t know red onions nowadays? This type of onions is actually very well-known since it is used a lot for cooking, other than garlic. Just like garlic that has lots of benefits, red onions have lots of benefits as well, not just for adults, but also for the babies.

Red onions also have lots of effective benefits when turned into medicines or other sources of health.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look of what the benefits of red onions actually are, especially its benefits for the babies. However, before we proceed, let’s get to know more first about the contents inside of red onions.

Contents of Red Onions

  • Calcium
  • Sulfur
  • Vitamin A
  • Sativin
  • Iron
  • Phosphor
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein

Benefits of Red Onions for Babies

Here are the benefits of onions for babies:

  1. Cure Flu

Babies are indeed very prone to catch diseases since their immune system can’t work maximally yet. Therefore, babies need good immune system as well as herb medicines to take care of them. This is in order to make the babies not very easily caught in diseases.

As for flu, red onions contain a lot of benefits that enables it to protect the body’s immune system from any harm. Besides red onions, the benefits of ginger are also good to cure flu. Read out some symptoms of flu so you can treat them as soon as the symptoms appear and prevent it from getting worse.

  1. Cure Coughs

Not only flue, but the red onions turns out to be able to cure coughs as well. Coughs can happen because of virus or bacteria that attacks the throat. Therefore, you can mix red onions through a certain way that can be used to be an herb medicine that can even be given to babies.

The steps are very simple, you just need to prepare 1 to 2 cloves of red onions and cut it into thin pieces then ground them. Then you can rub the grounded red onions onto the back, legs, and hands of the babies or children. Before rubbing them, you can first apply essential oils to those body parts to give a good scent and make the body even warmer that then can make the body more relax. 

Health benefits of grass jelly are actually very good too to cure coughs so you can try rubbing the red onions while consuming grass jelly too at the same time to get maximum result out of both way.

  1. Get Rid of Fever on Babies

Red onions are also good to take care of fever and decrease it on babies. The red onions have a lot of ingredients in it that are good to get rid of the bacteria that can cause the fever.

  1. Get Rid of Bloated Stomach

Babies get bloated stomach a lot. Especially when they drink too much of breast milk. When this happen, then you can rub the red onions onto their stomach. The health benefits of yakult are also good to help you with your bloated stomach. 

  1. Take Care of Colds

One of the symptoms when babies catch cold is that they’ll have bloated stomach. This can happen when the babies’ stomach is empty or get exposed to wind a lot. Therefore, you can rub the red onions to their back and stomach as well then massage them a bit to get rid of the colds.

  1. Scraping Massage for Children

It should be noted that this benefit is for the children only, not the babies. When the children are sick and wouldn’t take in medicines, you can try the red onions to cure them. You can do this by doing the scraping massage using the red onions as the replacement of the supposed oil. Besides of the scent that is less strong, the contents in red onions are also really good for scraping massage.

  1. Get Rid of Ulcer

Ulcer on babies will definitely be a big issue especially babies can’t control their hand movements yet, increasing the possibility for them to scratch places on their body where they found itchy. Therefore, ulcer needs to be treated immediately. One of the ways to do this is by rubbing red onions on the area where the ulcer is located.

  1. Smoothen Urination

There are times where babies will have a hard time to urinate either because of diseases or other problems. Therefore, you need red onions to smooth out the urination process on babies since urine needs to be let go immediately.

  1. As Essential Oil to Massage Babies

Red onions can be used as a mixture in essential oil to massage the babies. The massage for babies by using mix of essential oil and red onions will give huge benefits for the babies’ bodies. You may also read about Health Benefits of Baby’s Breath

  1. Avoid Mosquito Bites

We may have acknowledged that babies get mosquito bites very often since their skin is still so soft and how people say that babies blood are still fresh, making it good for the mosquitoes to consume them.

Although mosquito bites are worrisome, however, it can give some benefits for adults where these bites can lift up some unhealthy blood inside adults’ body. But for babies, mosquito bites are dangerous and can cause illnesses, therefore parents are recommended to use mosquito net to protect the babies.

Besides that, we can also use red onions to take care of this problem. There are actually many ways to prevent mosquito bites that you can try at home. 

Benefits of Onions for Babies

There are some other benefits from red onions such as:

  1. Cure wounds on babies
  2. As aroma therapy
  3. Protect babies’ skin
  4. Prevent eyes’ diseases
  5. Protect from many diseases
  6. Strengthen the bones
  7. Good for teeth growth

Those are the benefits of onions for babies and children health that you need or even have to know. Now that we know the benefits of it, we can prevent diseases or can easily take care of health problems that can be handled just by using red onions.

We now know what to do when babies catch cold, get wounds, or have flu and even coughs. It is also handy since we can get red onions in many places near us that can certainly makes it easier for us to make herb medicines for the children through red onions as well.