10 Must Try Benefits of Fattoush Salad for Body and Skin

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One of the ways to keep a healthy living is by consuming the benefits of fattoush salad. This salad is known made of fried pita, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. Not just a portion of healthy food but it also good to support with the body beauty. Therefore, this salad also one of the favorite menu among women who loves to take care of their appearance.

Fattoush salad is actually Lebanon salad and more to Suriah meal. Along with the time, people across the country start to know this kind of salad. Furthermore, many Lebanon restaurant introduces this appetizer on their menu. The unique taste and the health benefit from this meal making it one of the recommended food on diet.

Fattoush Salad Recipe

Making a homemade fattoush salad is actually not difficult. Therefore, if feel interest in making this famous Mediterranean dish, read below instructions and follow step by step.

  • First, start with preparing the feta bread. If it is difficult to make, then choose instant feta bread that can easily find in the store. But the best is toast your own feta bread.
  • Prepare the vegetables and other ingredients. Make sure to choose the fresh ingredients to provide a strong flavor of the salad.
  • Cut off all the vegetables in smaller pieces and mix together.
  • Prepare lemon water and enough olive oil.
  • Take a plate and put the mix vegetables first. Sprinkle the feta bread and last, pour the lemon water together with the olive oil.
  • A final touch, add sumac berries spice to bring the authentic taste of fattoush salad.
  • Now the salad is ready to serve and consumed with preparation for less than 15 minutes.

For more details on the benefits of fattoush salad, mainly for a better body and skin, check out on below lists:

1. Healthy Digestive

It is normal that salad always contains a high number of fiber. Therefore, this salad will help to manage a better digestive system that will improve the intestinal bowel movement. Therefore, the digest rate can increase and avoid a further problem such as constipation. This actually the same way as the health benefits of otaheite apple seeds in producing a healthy digestive system too.

2. Weight Management

When the digestive system is improved, it will help to manage the weight on the body too. Therefore, it is no longer a secret that salad is the best menu for those who wish to reduce their weight perfectly. Combine with a healthy habit and exercise, it will help to support the weight loss faster. This is why this dish is favorite healthy dish during a diet.

3. Improve Metabolism

Other benefits of fattoush salad including to manage better body metabolism system. It can help to increase the body metabolic rate in changing the food into needed energy for the daily activities. This is the same health benefits of mesclun salad that works to increase body metabolism too.

4. Avoid Fat

When the digestive system and the metabolic system is getting better, the body can absorb nutrient in an optimum way. Therefore, it is another way to avoid fat forming in the body. Making the muscle lean and manage the body healthy too.

5. Body Shaping

Not only avoid fat, but this also helps the mechanism of produce a better body shape. When the fat is eliminated and replaced with muscle mass, it will create a good body shape that can lead to a better appearance. The same way as the benefits of Zumba 3 times a week that works to shape the body too.

6. Anti Oxidant

Vegetables also are known rich with anti oxidant content. Including cucumber and tomatoes that rich in flavonoids and help to avoid the free radical effects from the pollutant or UV light. This is one of the reasons consuming salad will bring the anti oxidant agent works well in the body.

7. Younger Appearance

Through the anti oxidant level in the dish, it will help to manage a younger face and body. Since it can manage to bring a better body look and youthful appearance too. The same way as the benefits of diamond peel microdermabrasion that works to produce a younger appearance too.

8. Smooth And Silky Skin

Fattoush salad also rich in vitamin E content. This is the nutrient which will help the skin to look better. It manages to create smooth and silky skin that will look glowing and beautiful. Therefore, no wonder if salad lover will have softer skin.

9. Healthy Skin

Not only works to create beautiful skin, but it also manages to take care the skin health. It helps to avoid a further problem and skin inflammation. Such as eliminating acne and avoid skin eczema. The same benefits of soapberry for skin health that good to provide a healthier skin condition too.

10. Manage Cardiovascular

Consume salad also good for the blood circulation system. It can manage a healthy cardiovascular system of the blood and avoid further blood cod. Therefore, it also will manage to avoid any problems related to cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

Recommendation of Consume Fattoush Salad

Fattoush salad is known very healthy, however there are several recommendations that needs to attend before consuming it such as listed below:

  • Make sure to clean all the ingredients first to avoid any bacterial infection. Rinse all the vegetables with flowing water and make sure there is no dust or larva left.
  • Consume as necessary, since too much of this salad can lead to diarrhea. It also possible to produce an upset stomach for some people. Since tomatoes sometimes are too sour for the digestive system.
  • People that allergy to gluten or bread shall replace the bread or only consume the salad without the feta bread.
  • To get the optimum benefit, combine it with regular exercise and avoid smoking or alcohol drinking.

Those all the benefits of fattoush salad that apparently can manage a better body and skin health. Therefore, include this dish as your favorite daily meal can manage your health better. Furthermore, it is also a simple recipe to produce and taste quite nice. This is why this menu is perfect for those who wish an instant healthy meal before sleep at night. Happy trying!