Benefits of Zumba 3 Times A Week – Dance Workout for Body Shape

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Zumba is a popular fitness program that combines Latin dance moves with modern pop or dance music. The popularity of Zumba increases through the years, with Zumba courses and fitness programs being offered in many fitness centres or dance studios in numerous cities of various countries.

This has made the Zumba to be one of the most fun and exciting workout programs there is, aside from aerobics. However behind all of its fun and excitement, little of us know the actual benefits obtained from Zumba, so these are the benefits of Zumba 3 times a week, which is also similar to benefits of zumba once a week for physical health.

How Zumba Works

Zumba is unique in the sense that it is an example of a well-integrated combination of fun and health. Dancing to the rhythm of salsa, flamenco or merengue music to most of us seems to be more identical to a dance party rather than being an actual workout. It is the fun offered by Zumba that makes it extremely popular around the world!

Zumba classes, which are high in energy are set to upbeat music and also choreography just like in professional modern dance. To add the fun, one does not need to have dancing skills in order to qualify for Zumba; anyone can join!

In the meantime, there are various types of Zumba courses available according to intensity levels, from the Aqua Zumba to Zumba Toning classes that incorporates weight categories for the purpose of enhanced strength training as well as calorie burning. Maximizing a Zumba session for an hour or 60 minutes could burn an average of 369 calories – that’s more than kickboxing or even aerobics, minus the pressure! All in all, Zumba offers a wonderful cardio workout, core strengthening, motoric coordination as well as improved flexibility.

Areas Targeted in Zumba

These are the areas and body parts being targeted in Zumba;

  • Core – The numerous and repetitive dance moves in Zumba strengthens the core by emphasizing the hips and midsection.
  • Arms – Traditional Zumba does not target the arms. However, modern forms of it such as Zumba Toning targets it for strengthening and toning of the arms.
  • Legs – The movements in between the choreographed positions help to build and strengthen leg muscles.
  • Glutes – Zumba creates a burning sensation as one moves to the beat, which is positive of course.
  • Back – Zumba targets the growth and durability of the back muscles, and in addition the whole upper body muscles due to intense movement during it.

Zumba in general is also categorized as a medium-intensity workout programme. The classes move at a pace of low to high density movements in order to boost heart rate as well as cardio endurance.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Zumba Promotes Weight Loss

Just like any other types health benefits of fitness exercises, Zumba promotes weight loss and calorie burns. In average, Zumba allows a calorie burn range from 600 to 1000 calories, which is of course quite a decent amount. The best part of it is that the fun offered in Zumba does not make the participant aware of his or her efforts.

  1. Zumba Supports Body Toning

Zumba requires fast-paced moves, sometimes challenging positions like squats or twists by various parts of the body to the music, which automatically improves flexibility, coordination, and also body toning without realizing.

  1. Zumba Establishes Interpersonal Relationships

Every Zumba class with 2-3 times week schedule has at least 10 people joining with 1 to 3 instructors. With that rather frequent meetings per week, one is able to establish interpersonal relationships, socialize, make friends and share the fun with their Zumba classmates or instructors, similar to benefits of talking to stranger online. 

  1. Zumba is Upbeat and Fun

Zumba uses fun, energetic and upbeat dance or pop music as a media for exercising, which also works well in combating boredom.

  1. Zumba as a Form of Recreation

Zumba is a perfect idea of a stress-free yet fun exercising solution to get rid of everyday stresses. The dance moves in Zumba also release mood-boosting endorphins. In fact, many of Zumba participants join the classes purely for fun and recreation instead for health reasons.

  1. Zumba Improves Body Coordination

The rapid dance moves of Zumba require great body coordination, which is indeed good as an investment for old age. When we are older, our nerves are gradually impaired, which could also affect our body coordination.

  1. Zumba is Suitable for All Ages

Zumba is definitely suitable for all ages because it combines a lot of fun music and energetic dance moves, and sure we know that dancing is a timeless and ageless aspect of culture.

  1. Zumba Improves the Mood

Exercising releases the mood-improving endorphin hormones. Studies have proven that of all forms of exercises, Zumba has the highest amount of endorphin release in the body. These are also the benefits exercises mental health.

  1. Zumba Builds Confidence

Zumba also works really well for building confidence, thanks to all the dancing moves required, which lowers personal inhibitions, improves posture, better coordination and increasingly feel good about yourself. Those aspects above have a direct impact on the mood and appearance, because someone who feels good have a higher confidence and appreciation for what he or she is.

  1. Zumba Accelerates Metabolism

Zumba accelerates metabolism through the calories being burnt and lean muscle mass that are being built.

  1. Zumba is Motivating

Zumba is very motivating, especially for those who are very tired of their gym or sport sessions. People who tried out Zumba often fall in love with it immediately once they are done with their first session, which of course motivates them to do more as an alternative to their everyday exercise routine.

  1. Zumba is Customizable Based on Skills

One session of Zumba does not make the participant an expert instantly. However, should he or she is insecure about their Zumba skills, they can join the beginner class first and progressively shift to the intermediate and expert classes as the skills and confidence are gained.

  1. Zumba is Fast-Paced

People often feel “boredom” when they workout because they pay too much attention to time. As a result, they risk losing focus and venture into other unnecessary activities. Fast-paced fitness activities like health benefits of Brazilian jiu jitsu or Zumba make participants focus on the dance moves entirely over a period of time, which also makes time to fly quicker because Zumba is fun as well!

  1. Zumba Generates Body Awareness

A common problem when trying out new workout steps is to realize pain in areas one is not aware of. That is because not much awareness is applied to the painful area. With Zumba, that kind of discomfort can be avoided because almost every part of the body moves, and thus had to be paid attention to.

  1. Zumba Classes are Everywhere for Every Needs

The best part of Zumba is that it is available at almost every large city on Earth, from dance studios to fitness centres, for young children to adults, for beginners to experts, and much more. All one needs is to contact the nearest dance studio or fitness centre for schedule and price rates in order to be able to join the fun club!