Powerful Health Benefits of Pork Trotters Rice

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Pork is one of the most popular meats in several countries. It usually comes in many ways like bacon, sausage, ham, and many others and be served as stew or soup or any other secret recipe. One of the most classical parts that hardly been loved but actually has the taste also the benefit. Pork trotters or widely known as pork feet is one of the main dishes in countries such as East Asian, Mexico, and Southeast European countries. 

As for many people see that it is quite disgusting with pork feet, it actually consists of an abundant amount of nutrition. Even though pork trotter considered not healthy food, but it still does has some benefit. And for those who still think that pork trotters can not be consumed must read the following information about the pork trotter.

The health benefit of pork trotters

Pork trotters have been known widely for anti-aging formula. It contains an abundant amount of collagen. Particularly consisted of the of several parts such as tendon and skin having a high amount of collagen. Collagen in pork trotters contains proteins that help to keep our healthy body. The following lists will show you the benefit from taking collagen. 

Rejuvenate skin

As you may know, collagen is the main component of our skin. That collagen helps to keep the elasticity and strengthening our skin. Prevent it from dehydration and wrinkles. As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive to the environment, like pollution, weather changes, and many more.

Our body ability to produce collagen also decreases, make some of us prone to have acne. As the study says, women need 2,5-5 grams collagen to experience more healthy skin. Here are more about Health Benefits of Warthog Meat Compared to Beef and Pork

Improve muscle mass

Collagen is well-known for boosting muscle mass. Collagen consists of a protein named creatine that effectively helps muscle growing immediately after exercise. The protein in collagen also benefiting in keep the muscle strong and functioning.  Here are more about Health Benefits of Rat Meat that Amaze You

Protects any joint pain and preserve bone 

One of the benefits of collagen is to relieve any pain caused by joint pain and to make our bone keep strong. Collagen will help the bone by maintaining the elasticity of the cartilage, it is the part that keeps and protect the joint which is a rubber-like tissue at the end of the bone. 

As we ages, our bone loses its mass density that will lead to a condition like osteoporosis. Collagen will help to gain bone’s mass by giving them the structure to keep them strong.  Here are more about Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat for Excellent Protein Source but Low in Calories

Prevent heart failure

Studies said that collagen has been effecting the elasticity of our arteries. As the function of arteries is to carry blood from heart to our whole body, arteries expected to have an elastic structure to accommodate the amount of blood transfusion. Decreases amount of collagen will affect the arteries by narrowing it and lead to heart diseases like Atherosclerosis that can be a caused of death. 

Prevent hair loss

Taking the right amount of collagen can also help hair grow longer. It will strengthen hair follicles. Also can be used to cure brittleness in nails. 
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The nutrition of pork trotters

The research said that pork trotters actually contains some amount of nutritions that needed by our body. For every 100 g of boiled pork trotters contains this following nutritions, such as

  • 259 calories 
  • 33 mg of calcium
  • 18,8g fat
  • 23,6g protein
  • 192 mg of cholesterol
  • 204 mg of sodium
  • 1,1 mg iron
  • 0,05 mg thiamine
  • 0,1 mg riboflavin
  • 35g vitamin A
  • 33g phosphorus
  • 1,5 mg niacin
  • 1,14 g zinc
  • 5 mg of magnesium 

Even if pork trotter has many benefits, should be marked that the right amount consuming pork trotter can bring the best nutrition for the body. Keep in your mind that there are several cases where pork trotter can be as bad as to our body.

For recommendation never eat an under-cooked or overcooked pork trotter or any part of pork because it is carcinogenic. Not to mention the reason why you should cook pork at the right high temperature and not eat it raw is to prevent any parasites such as worm that lives inside pork dead.