12 Wonderful Health Benefits of Black Sticky Rice for Daily Consumption

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Not many people might be familiar with the health benefits of black sticky rice. Even not many people understand that this kind of rice is available. Except that in Asia that some of the people consume the black sticky rice as a snack. Furthermore, in Indonesia this rice is quite popular to mix with several kinds of snack and available as a desserts. Therefore, no wonder if the black stick rice is one of the most popular snack in this country.

Black sticky rice is actually a little bit different in species with the original rice. It is more sticky and taste different. Therefore, this kind of rice is able to make as a pudding or porridge. With a good combination with brown sugar and other ingredients, this rice become delicious and good to consume. However, it is noted that this kind of rice is not growing in the other countries except only in Asia. Hence, Asia is the most country to produce the rice. However, if wish to get the rice outside Asia, this rice also pack and export to various country. So usually it can find in the Asian store in all countries in western.

Nutrient Content Of Black Sticky Rice

Usually in each 100gr of this rice will contain nutrient including 160gr of calories, 1.5gr of fats, 34gr of carbohydrates, 2gr of fiber, 5gr of protein and 4gr of iron. Except than that, the black sticky rice also rich in anti-oxidants, several kinds of minerals and also vitamins. To get more details on the health benefits of black sticky rice can see in below points.

1. Anti-Oxidants

Ot is found that the black rice are rich with anti-oxidants. Therefore, it is good to avoid free radicals and even benefits to avoid early aging signs. This is the same health benefits of forest bitter berries that able to be an anti-oxidant agent too.

2. Add Energy

Consume the rice contain enough calories and fat to result some energy in the morning. Therefore, many people in Asia consume this rice as a breakfast or as an afternoon snack. It will gives enough energy for several hours to perform several activities.

3. High Protein

The rice also contain high protein that good for developing the brain and the muscle. Therefore, consuming this rice will improve the mind and the muscle mass. This is the same health benefits of red snapper fish that also contain high protein too.

4. Improve Power

Other benefits including to improve the power. As mention previously that it contains enough calories and fat. Therefore, it is good to act as a power source immediately.

5. Reduce Hunger

Consume the black sticky rice also a good way to avoid hunger. No to mention the fiber content that will help to fill in the stomach. Therefore, it is good to avoid starving. This is the same health benefits of lady finger during pregnancy that can reduce hunger too.

6. Lower Cholesterol

Consume the black rice will lead to lower cholesterol level in the blood arteries. Therefore, it is good to avoid any cardiovascular symptoms.

7. Avoid Diabetes

The low glucose will help to reduce the blood sugar level. Therefore, it is good to manage diabetes. This is the same guduchi benefits for diabetes that help to avoid diabetes too.

8. High Fiber

The health benefits of black sticky rice including contain some high fiber. Therefore, it is good for the body system mainly digestive.

9. Improve Metabolism

The rice also good to improve body metabolism. It will stimulate higher body metabolic rate in changing food into energy. This is the same health benefits of aronia berry juice that will improve metabolism too.

10. Better Digestive

As the rice contain high fiber, it is good to stimulate better digestive system. It will improve the intestine bowel movement and lead to prevent digestive problems.

11. Avoid Anemia

The rice also high contain in iron. Therefore, it can benefit to avoid the possibility of experience anemia. Furthermore, it is good to improve the red blood cell.

12. Improve Blood Circulation

As the rice good for the cardiovascular, it can help to improve the blood circulation process. Therefore, it will lead to avoid any possibility of heart attack or stroke.

How To Cook Black Sticky Rice

To cook the rice is actually not difficult. The steps are almost the same with cooking the ordinary rice. There are few steps to follow if plan to cook this rice.

  1. Cook it in traditional way in two steps. Boil the rice with water for half hour and then move the rice to the steamer. Steam it for 30 minutes or until the rice becomes so soft. Then it can use to consume or mix with the other food.
  2. Cook the rice using rice cooker. It can easily done by adding rice and water inside the rice cooker. Cook for half hours and usually it will ready to serve automatically.
  3. Cook the rice using microwave, it might a little bit difficult. However, make sure to put on enough water in the bowl and add the rice. Cook in the microwave for several minutes until the rice is ready to serve.

Cautions And Recommendation Of Black Sticky Rice

Having several benefits doesn’t mean that there is no side effects. Therefore, it is better to avoid below cautions when plan to consume the black sticky rice everyday.

  1. People with allergically conditions shall avoid consume the rice if experience any itchiness, redness skin or even nausea and dizziness.
  2. Even the glucose content is lower that the white rice, still there is possibility of getting some glucose. Therefore, avoid consume this rice with additional sugar or sweets for diabetic patient. Otherwise it will increase the blood sugar level.
  3. If experience any sickness after consume the rice, avoid continue consume the rice. It might be poisonous or some of the content is not acceptable in your body system.

Those the health benefits of black sticky rice. As one of the famous snacks in Asia and mainly Indonesia, consume this food daily is a common thing. Specially for breakfast, since it gives enough power to perform morning activity. However, make sure not to consume to much so that it would not bring any side effects to the body.