8 Health Benefits of Starbucks Pink Drink – Healthy and Yummy

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Starbucksbeverages are very popular among people worldwide. Its rich flavor drinks aresweet enough to brighten up your day. Starbucks has always prepared its productsby using high-quality ingredients.

Starbuckspink drink is one of the popular beverages you can order in their menu. It ispopular as Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher. Starbucks pink drink is made ofjuices of some fruits, such as passion fruit, strawberry and acai together withcoconut milk. This is one of the free-caffeine drinks that is best-seller. Itis very refreshing, especially when the weather is hot.

Some peoplesaid that Starbucks pink drink can boost breast milk for breastfeeding mom. To see other benefits of Starbucks products, you may read HealthBenefits of Starbucks Matcha Powder  and HealthBenefits of Starbucks Passion Tea.

Read thefollowing to know nutrition that Starbucks pink drink has and the healthbenefits it offers for you.

How nutritious is Starbucks pink drink?

In oneserving of Starbucks pink drink size Grande, you can get:

  • 140calories
  • 2.5g of fat
  • 0mg of cholesterol
  • 65mg of sodium
  • 27g of carbohydrate
  • 1g of protein

As you seefrom the list above, the cholesterol level is 0 mg, so it can be said thatStarbucks pink drink is very safe to be consumed.

Health benefits of Starbucks pink drink

As stated before, Starbucks pink drink is made from juice of some fruits, such as strawberry, acai and passion fruits. Let’s see how these fruits are beneficial for your health. Here are the health benefits of Starbucks Pink drink:


Passionfruit is one of the fruits that is rich in antioxidant. These antioxidants helpto remove some free radicals in your body. Besides, antioxidants in passionfruit is also beneficial for your body system as it enhances the blood flow tothe nervous system and your brain. Acai berries are also rich in antioxidantthat is good for breastfeeding women.

Antioxidants can also be found in some food, such as statedin Benefitsof Taro Root for Cancer.

Weight loss

Strawberryas one of the ingredients of Starbucks pink drink is also good for weight lossprogram. So, if you are planning to lose some weight, you can consume thisStarbucks pink drink. Strawberry is rich of fibers and comprises 26% of thecarb. Dietary fibers in strawberry are beneficial for feeding the friendlybacteria in your gut and it improves your digestive system as well.

Furthermore,strawberry is also low in sugar, so it will be safe for you who suffer fromdiabetes.

Good forheart health

By drinking Starbucks pink drink, you may reduce the risk of getting heart disease, the most killer disease worldwide. Strawberries are believed to have good impact in reducing oxidative stress and improve vascular function. Read Benefits of Honey for Heart Disease  and  Benefits of Eggplant for Heart Health.

Insulin sensitivityis improved

Passionfruit seeds are suggested by some research studies to improve a person’ssensitivity of insulin. By doing this, it can help reducing the risk ofdiabetes.

Boosting immunesystem

Vitamin Cin strawberry and passion fruit are also good for improving your immune system.They can protect you from getting damaged caused by free radicals.

Boostingmilk production for breastfeeding

There is no research study proving about this but some breastfeeding women experiencing the increase of milk supply after drinking Starbucks pink drink. Some women keep consuming Starbucks pink drink while they are breastfeeding because it tastes good. Moreover, it keeps the women staying hydrated and they are able to boost their milk supply. Read Health Benefits of Dill Seeds When Breastfeeding and Health Benefits of Katuk Plant for Breastfeeding.

Strengthening your bone

Coconut milk in Starbucks pink drink is also good for your health. It is rich in calcium and phosphorus that are very significant for your bone health. There is no research yet about the great impact of coconut milk on bones health, but some people have experienced drinking coconut milk regularly. They stated that drinking coconut milk prevents them from getting arthritis and osteoporosis.

You see how beneficial Starbucks pink drink is. However, you have to remember one thing, consuming Starbucks pink drink may be healthy for you, but you still need to control the amount of it. Prevent drinking Starbucks pink drink too much as everything too much is not good for your health. Read Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Thai Tea and Benefits of Cherry Juice for Insomnia Cure for other types of healthy drinks.