10 Health Benefits of Gummy Bears and Side Effects for Kids

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Yummy! it’s first word appeared on the head every time it mentioned “Gummy Bears”. It’s a common, traditional and most popular snack in the world. Adults and kids love the taste of this sweet – chewy .

Lately there is an issue that gummy bears has such a health benefit. And in this chance, we will discussed about the health benefit of gummy bears. But first, we need to know the nutrient of gummy bears, there are:

  1. Protein
  2. Calories
  3. Sodium
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Sugar

As seen above, gummy bears has such a good nutrition indeed, even in slight amount. According to the nutrition information of gummy bears, here are some health benefits of gummy bears:

1. Fat Free

Basically gummy bears are fat free. There are no fat contains in this sweet – chewy candy. And it is benefit for person with  cholesterol problem. Gummy bears will be benefits if it included in the diet. Also read : Health Benefits of Python Fat

2. Contains of Protein

It there is no protein in other candy, different with this cute candy. Gummy bears contains a few grams of protein thanks to the gelatin content. Gummy bears, have 3 g of protein in 15 pieces, or about 5 percent of the total protein a 150-lb. person needs daily.

Protein is important for someone who need a prevention of over eating, as it holds food in the stomach and giving a feeling of fullness. Protein amount found in gummy bears, is less than any other foods, such as yogurt.

3. Simple Carbohydrate Contain

There are some health benefits of gummy bears according some studies, Gummy bears contains of calories that come from carbohydrates. In chocolate gummy bears, it contains 27 g of carbohydrates in 1.5 oz., or about 9 percent of the daily needs, based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

If gummy bears contain simple carbohydrates, there also free of complex carbohydrates, which are found in the form of starches and fiber. Minimize simple carbohydrates in the form of sugar in the diet in is helping in digestion processes.

4. Slight of Vitamins and Minerals

Some gummy bears contain no vitamins or minerals at all. But others, such as chocolate gummy bears, still contain a very slight amount of vitamins and minerals. These contain 4 percent of the daily needs for calcium and 2 percent for vitamin A in a 1.5-oz. serving.

It also contains a small amount of sodium, with 1 percent of the daily needs. Gelatin contains in gummy bears does not make a significant contribution to vitamin or mineral content. 

Side Effects of Gummy Bears

According to those explanation above, it shows that gummy bears do have several health benefits. but it’s not that significant due to the slight amount of nutrition. however, it still could be an alternative in loose weight.

But, due to the slight amount, it also has the bad side, such as :

1. Sugar may risks your health

While Gummy bears have no fat, it also contains a high content sugar, including highly refined sugars such as dextrose, sucrose  and high-fructose corn syrup. Consumes too much refined sugar could increase the insulin levels and inhibit the release of growth hormones.

This, may stop the immune system from reacting  properly. Increased insulin levels over time will result in   the risk of diabetes. Also read : Health Benefits of Patanjali Amla Candy

2. Damaging Teeth

Actually, it’s a common effect when eating too many candy or other high sugar food such as chocolate, candy, bubble gum and many others. . Also by consumes  too many gummy bears, it will lead to a teeth problem.

So, for avoiding the teeth damaging,it will be best if you brush your teeth at least twice a day, also brush them after eating sugary snacks such as gummy bears, that contains high sugar. 

3. May gaining your weight

Contrary with the benefit above, actually consumes gummy bears also risking in weight gain. Based on some studies, ten average gummy bears also contain 69 calories, 1.2 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbohydrates and no fat. It’s like mentioned before, that it has a low fat or almost have no fat, bu this also make people often think that gummy bears will not make them gain weight. Also read: Health Benefits of Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal

But in fact, whenever sugar enters the body and the calories are not burned off, it absolutely result in extra calories that  will be converted to fat. So the best thing to do is to consider the calories may getting from gummy bears as part of the recommended daily calorie intake.

4. Kids may choke

Based on American Academy of Pediatrics, gummy bears and other small sweets are a potential choking hazard. Why? as we know every small thing will swollen easily, especially by the kids. They may swollen it accidentally while playing, and it will be such a big problem. Also read: Health Benefits of Acacia Gum

So you better supervise children who are eating gummy bears or other small sweets carefully. You may  tell your kids to suck the gummy bears rather than chew them, and ask them to stay sit still while eating gummy bears instead of allowing them to run around to prevent the chance of choking. Also read : Health Benefits of Calafate Berry

Based on all those explanation, there are several benefits of gummy bears and also bad effect or risks of gummy bears. Considering that, we may want to make our own gummy bears at home to prevent every bad part from the gummy bears.

Finally,we can conclude that there are health benefits of gummy bears. even it also has several bad side. but fr prevention we may make our own gummy bears at home which technically more save for us and our family.